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Upcoming Korean film "Kissing Cousin"

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Added the impending Korean film "Kissing Cousin"'s page to HanCinema database"Kissing Cousin" (2015)Directed by way of Jang Hyeon-sangWith Jang In-sub, Bae Soo-eun, Moon Tae-geon, Oh Yu-jin-I, Jo Soo-hyang, Lee Hyeong-goo,...SynopsisA love that used to be so robustall through childhood. 13-year-old Tae-ok felt solidemotions of love when he first met his cousin at the circle of relatives gathering. "12 years later, my centerbegan beating again". A letter arrives from Ari whilsthe's on army duty.Release date in Korea : 2016

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Fiester Jei shoots lesbian kissing scene in new internet drama
Fiester Jei Shoots Lesbian Kissing Scene In New Internet Drama

Fiester Jei shoots lesbian kissing scene in new internet drama

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South Korean dramas dont normally take the possibility of doing homosexual themes, alternatively Lily Fever is doing just that. Now nothandiest are there intimate kissing scenes between two girls, the keysolid is a K-pop idol, Jei from Fiestar.

Jeis lesbian kissing scene is yet to air, butfanatics have noticed a preview of it and the video clip is going viral. The clip can also bevisible below, watch at your own discretion.

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Basterd Ruin New Flooring In Korean Rap Scene With 'Intro'

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The lead unmarried "All" introduces mind-boggling rap talents from the boys. The wrong pronunciation of key English words every now and then convey you lotclear of the song, yet after the primaryconcentrate its no longer much of a problem. The contrast of Voss and XID's voice is authentic and at times resembles G-Dragon and T.O.P (by no way a bad thing).

Any passion in rap has at all times ended in a scrounged up face because of the heavy use of sirens, but in "Kill Me" they arebring to a halt and save the ears from conceivable musical disaster. The track does a super homage to Snoop Dogg (or is it Lion now?) and Wiz Khalifa's song "Young, Wild and Free".

"Get Out My Way" is the susceptible link in the outrageously cool sound we've been presented, but the rap is still on point so no lawsuits here! If the name of the song is a premonition for the long term then goapart because those boys are able to take at the industry.

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Hwang Jung Eum Says Park search engine optimization Joon Acknowledged He idea He Was once Kissing a Wall Throughout Kiss Scene
Hwang Jung Eum Says Park Search Engine Optimization Joon Acknowledged He Idea He Was Once Kissing A Wall Throughout Kiss Scene

Hwang Jung Eum Says Park search engine optimization Joon Acknowledged He idea He Was once Kissing a Wall Throughout Kiss Scene

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When asked to select one memorable scene, Hwang Jung Eum said, "The Xylitol scene and the scene where Kim Shin Hyuk says to stay in mind him as he was leaving was memorable. The creator wrote it so well, I didn′t must do much. Because I just had to observe the script. I′m no longer the sort that enjoys ad-libbing. They′re words that the publisher almost certainly wrote with painstaking care, going over it tens of thousands of times more than me, so in position of do more or do less, I feel it′s right to realize precisely what′s written in the script and act. They were all memorable scenes. all the lines were truly good, and I would like to work with the writer back soon."

Hwang Jung Eum continued, "The scene where I′m crying while packing was also really good. If I stated something, Move Joon Hee, Choi Siwon and Park Seo Joon never said, ′Unnie, that′s no longer it,′ but just followed my lead. Park Seo Joon has pretty thick lips. I take into account the kiss scene. Because Kim Hye Jin is an blameless character, I said I wasn′t going to do anything, and Park Seo Joon said, ′I thought I was kissing a wall.′ I laughed a lot. I also fell asleep for the duration of rehearsal. That took place twice, so Park Seo Joon laughed."

Meanwhile, She Was Pretty concluded its run on November 11. Hwang Jung Eum proved all over again that she′s an actress you just believe and watch via her role as Kim Hye Jin, an ′ugly′ woman-turned-beauty, who rekindles a romance with her first love Ji Sung Jun (Park Seo Joon).

Park Seo Joon And Hwang Jung Eum Work Hard At A Kissing Scene

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The scene shows Park and Hwang filming a scene in which he pushes her against the wall for a kiss. The scene was shot more than once as Park couldnt quite push her hard enough. Maybe he did not want to hurt her. They both seem tired after weeks of filming and he seems concerned about her and protective. Even if viewers were rooting for Team Chi Si Won, the affectionate way he treats her might make viewers want to ship them in real life.

Park Bo Young admitted to having felt furious when Yeo Jin Goo has kissing scene
Park Bo Young Admitted To Having Felt Furious When Yeo Jin Goo Has Kissing Scene

Park Bo Young admitted to having felt furious when Yeo Jin Goo has kissing scene

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Actress Park Bo Young had an interview on June 10 to discuss her new film The Silenced. During the interview she was asked about Yeo Jin Goo due to her past comments about wanting to film a romantic movie with him.

The actress comments, Yeo Jin Goo is a third-year high school student right now. He only has a few months left to become an adult, but Im not sure what to do. [I] have a lot of rivals. I will study acting and work hard so I can work with Yeo Jin Goo.

After questions about Yeo Jin Goos prior kiss scenes, the actress says, It is okay to film a kiss scene with a minor? Yeo Jin Goo previously had a kiss scene with actress Ha Yeon Soo on tvNs Potato Star 2013QR3.

Yoon Soy,
Yoon Soy, "the Kissing Scene With Kim Rae-Won Took Two And A Half Hours"

Yoon Soy, "The kissing scene with Kim Rae-won took two and a half hours"

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Yoon Soy claimed that the kiss scene with Kim Rae-won in a drama was actually her first kiss on the SBS TV show, "Flirty Boy and Girl".

Upcoming Korean movie
Upcoming Korean Movie "sad Scene"

Upcoming Korean movie "Sad Scene"

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Added the upcoming Korean movie "Sad Scene""s page to HanCinema database"Sad Scene" (2015)Directed by Woo Moon-giWith Lee Na-young, Ahn Jae-hong,...SynopsisA sad breakup between a sound staff called boomman and an actress who were secretly in love.Release date in Korea : 2015

[Video] Teaser video released for the Korean movies
[Video] Teaser Video Released For The Korean Movies "not That", "sad Scene", And "hear My Song"

[Video] Teaser video released for the Korean movies "Not That", "Sad Scene", and "Hear My Song"

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"Not That" (2015)Directed by Kang JinaWith Lee Mi-yeon, Baro,...SynopsisThe story begins when an actress is sitting alone in a theater, expecting a surprise date, then a strange young guy sits next to her and starts drinking her Coke.

"Hear My Song" (2015)Directed by Shin Yeon-shickWith Krystal, Seo Joon-yeong,...SynopsisA film about a top star who releases an album.

"Kill Me, Heal Me" Behind-the-Scene stills of kissing scene between Ji Seong and Park Seo-joon featuring hilarious action acting

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In the revealed stills, Ji Seong as the reckless high school girl, Ahn Yo-na, an alternate personality of Cha Do-hyeon is trying to kiss actor Park Seo-joon. Ji Seong impressed the spectators with such an enthusiastic performance resembling action acting charging towards Park Seo-joon and trying to kiss him relentlessly despite Hwang Jeong-eum"s efforts trying to stop him.

The kissing scene was filmed in the surrounding area of Hongik University street in Mapo-gu, Seoul on February 15th. The scene drew attention since it was known the scene was unscripted.

Thanks to the natural acting by Ji Seong, who changed facial expression, voice tone, intonation and behaviors channeling a school girl, and the tasteful real reaction by Park Seo-joon, the filming location was full of laughers. The staffs on that day impressed by Ji Seong"s acting said, "His acting as Yo-na was so real we were confused whether they were male couple or male and female couple".