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Uee Talks Kiss Scenes With “High Society” Co-Star Sung Joon
Uee Talks Kiss Scenes With “High Society” Co-Star Sung Joon

Uee Talks Kiss Scenes With “High Society” Co-Star Sung Joon

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She started out saying, “I filmed a kiss scene with Sung Joon for the drama’s teaser video. There were pros and cons to our a large number of kiss scenes. Right via the clicking conference, Sung Joon said, ‘I filmed such a lot of kiss scenes that I don’t feel the rest anymore,’ which angry me. I’m a girl, too… Later, though, he told me he didn’t mean it that way. [The plus facet is,] since we had such a lot skinship with each and every other, we was buddies very quickly. Being with Im Ji Yeon and Park Hyung Sik made the ambience even more enjoyable. Anyway, Sung Joon is terribly captivating either as a guy and an actor.”

Uee continued, “This was once the first drama that I wore heels in. It was once the primary time a guy referred to me as ‘small,’ too. I couldn’t refute, though. [Sung Joon] is terribly tall. We had a little bit of rivalry, too. Sung Joon told me he began exercising to overcome me [in frame size]. I told him, ‘I’m a girl,’ yet he told me my large shoulders are not easy to beat, which offended me (Laughs).”

Lastly, she said, “There was once a scene where I had to act like i used to be kissing Park Hyung Sik to make Sung Joon jealous, yet we were so close that our feelings didn’t come via on camera. The manufacturer told us to ‘Be more lovey-dovey,’ yet we just kept sighing in its place of sharing a loving moment. It wasn’t simple to get in character.”

Tvxq"s Yunho Takes Us Behind The Scenes Of His Drama For "high Cut" Magazine

TVXQ"s Yunho takes us behind the scenes of his drama for "High Cut" magazine

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Yunho also talked about how he cried during TVXQ"s last concert before his enlistment. He said, "Honestly, I worried to myself "What do I do if I start crying?" As I was singing, I was choked up with tears twice. I thought that if I cried at the last concert, it would be as if I was closing that singing career chapter of my life. That"s why I [waited to] cry after the concert in the waiting room."

As he thought back to his nearly 12 years as part of TVXQ, he said, "Whenever I cried or laughed, or had a hard time on stage, whenever I felt a catharsis, I"ve realized Changmin was always there. It"s to the point where I think Changmin is a another mirror to who I am inside."

You can see Yunho in the 153rd issue of "High Cut" or check out his photos right down below! And don"t forget to watch the web drama "I Order You" because we won"t be able to see him for a while after that!

This Is What Happens Behind the Scenes of “Angry Mom” with Kim Hee Sun in High School

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MBCs Happy Time, which often shows bloopers from dramas, recently released a special reel for the MBC Wednesday-Thursday drama Angry Mom, where you just know Kim Hee Sun is thinking at some point, What in the world am I doing..?

You have to hand it to Kim Hee Sun, she looks great, but she doesn’t look like she’s 18, although watching her act as if she is in order to infiltrate a high school is priceless and awesome to watch.

It is undoubtedly no easy feat, kind of like trying to fit into pants you wore twenty years ago, and while Jo Kang Ja (Kim Hee Sun) pulls off an ahjumma in high school quite well in the drama, Kim Hee Sun often (probably) thinks its ridiculous, like we all do.

FNC artists are hilarious and awkward behind the scenes for their "High Cut" photo shoot

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You"ve seen FNC Entertainment"s skinship-heavy photoshoot for "High Cut" magazine featuring F.T Island, CNBlue, AOA and more, and now its time for a short but sweet behind-the-scenes video!

The released photos had the FNC artists look effortlessly sexy and confident, but the clip above shows that what went down during the shoot was a little different!

Epik High launches Behind-the-Scenes Clip of “Spoiler” and “Happen Ending” MV
Epik High Launches Behind-The-Scenes Clip Of “Spoiler” And “Happen Ending” Mv

Epik High launches Behind-the-Scenes Clip of “Spoiler” and “Happen Ending” MV

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YG Entertainment has lauched a behind-the-scenes video of hip-hop group Epik High‘s latest hit songs “Spoiler” and “Happen Ending.”

On November 2. YouTube channel uploaded the video of Epik High.The clip attracts audiences by  not only  extra scenes  but it aslo attracts with comments by  the Epik High members.

[Video] Added 30s trailer and gambling scenes preview video for the Korean movie
[Video] Added 30S Trailer And Gambling Scenes Preview Video For The Korean Movie "tazza: The High Rollers 2"

[Video] Added 30s trailer and gambling scenes preview video for the Korean movie "Tazza: The High Rollers 2"

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"Tazza: The High Rollers 2" (2013)Directed by Kang Hyeong-cheolWith Choi Seung-hyeon, Sin Se-kyeong, Kwak Do-won, Lee Honey, Yoo Hae-jin, Kim Yoon-seok,...SynopsisDae-gil has been skilled with his hands and has shown a strong desire for winning ever since he was a child. He will succeed his uncle and jump into the world of Tazza, risking his life in competition.Release date in Korea : 2014/09/03

Seo In Gook Picks the Kiss Scenes as the Best Scenes in “High School King”

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When asked which scenes from the drama he thought were the best, he picked his two kiss scenes with Lee Hana, commenting on how these scenes cant be found in any other dramas.

The kiss scene he refers to are the pull-up bar kiss scene and the cast kiss scene, both of which caused quite a stir among viewers for their uniquely romantic element when they aired.

Seo In Guk sings "Finding Myself" with scenes from his drama "High School King"

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Seo In Guk, the main character of the drama, sings of his love in the newest OST. The OST is about his feelings for the female lead, and is composed by the singer-songwrite Ra.D and d.ear.

Seo In Guk"s beautiful voice almost talks through the song, and the lovely chorus makes the song even sweeter. The MV for the song combines scenes from the drama and BTS cuts from Seo In Guk"s recording, so check it out above!

Wheesung Reveals “I Don’t Want to Know” MV Featuring Scenes from Cha Seung Won’s “Man on High Heels”

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Wheesung has collaborated with the film “Man on High Heels” for the music video of his touching ballad “I Don’t Want to Know.”

After returning to the scene with his third mini album “The Best Man,” Wheesung has been performing well on the charts with his title track “Day and Night.” Now, he has teamed up with one of this year’s most anticipated movies for a thrilling music video.

The music video for his song “I Don’t Want to Know” was released on June 5. Wheesung’s emotion-packed voice and the dramatic scenes from the movie are a perfect match, and the video certainly raises the expectations for the film starring actor Cha Seung Won and Oh Jung Se.

Cha Seung Won takes on action-packed scenes in thrilling trailer for upcoming movie 'High Heel'

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This is the first time in six years that Jang Jin and Cha Seung Won have reunited for a new production as they previously worked together on "Murder, Take One" (2005) and "My Son" (2007). Fans of the previous works are eager to see how the two will collaborate once again!

lthough he has a very tough and masculine exterior, he is a softhearted man on the inside. This sounds like it will be an interesting dichotomy to play out in the movie.