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Rainbow Free up Tracklist And Audio Teaser For Upcoming Album 'Prism'

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(Photo : DSP Media)Rainbow has kicked pre-comeback promotions into primeequipmentby potential offreeing an audio teaser and tracklist for their upcoming fourth album Prism.

On Feb. 11, Rainbow uploaded a picture containing the tracklist via their respectable Facebook page. Prismwill consist of six songs, adding the identifymusic named "Whoo."

In addition, the Rainbow individuals also played a very powerful role in the composition of songs for the album. The lyrics for "Whoo" and "Click!" were co-written by Rainbow's leader, Move Woori whilst the youngest member, Hyun Young, wrote the lyrics and composed "Eye Contact" all on her own. However, credits on the track are given to her English name, Heidi.

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EDM duo Crispi Crunch's Cheezy to free up first unmarried as a solo artist!

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According to the singer, "We Are Reside is a genre of modern pop this is collaborated with manufacturers from 'Punch Sound' member SHINKI and 'O.D.O.D crew' member VACK." 

This is indisputably a release to appear out for if you are either keen on Crispi Crunch or a lover of EDM. Ensure youtest back since the song will be out tomorrow! 

In case you would possibly beno longeracquainted with Crispi Crunch, you'll get a patternin their hilarious antics below.

Seven K-Drama Actors Who Also Play The Piano
Seven K-Drama Actors Who Also Play The Piano

Seven K-Drama Actors Who Also Play The Piano

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Kim Sun Ah is understood to k-drama lovers for her winning roles in such dramas as "My Beautiful Kim Sam Soon," "I Do I Do," and "Masked Prosecutor." But she's also talented in languages and music. She can discussJap and English fluently. She mastered Japanese, when her household lived there, and English, when she went to university in the U.S. She attended Ball State University in Indiana as a piano major.

Kim startedgambling when she was five but later admitted she didn'ttrain every bitnormally as she must have. Her peers sometimes practiced 8to ten hours a day.

"Gunman of Joseon's" Nam Sang Mi had a few courses as a kid justmade up our mindsto sweep up on her talents in 2009 after completing her role in the SBS drama "Gourmet." She described it as a amusing hobby.

K-Pop Teams Free up Hanbok Dance Versions Of recent Singles To Celebrate The Lunar New Year

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Both groups are actively selling their current singles at theprimary network songdisplayseach and every week. Stellar released the music video for "Sting" on Jan. 17 and CocoSori made their debut on Jan. 4.

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Thousands of Visa-Free Site visitors Vanish from Jeju

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Recent safety breaches at Incheon Foreign Airport, which saw 3 foreigners entering the rustic illegally and vanishing into the night, have exposed a much broadertrouble alongside immigration safeguards. One not unusual modus operandi of unlawful immigrants is to arrive as tourists and then justremain and glance for work. Jeju Island has grow to bea chief conduit for illegal access after the island approved 30-day visa-free entry to travelers from 192 countries in 2006. In 2000, more than 1,000 illegal extraterrestrial beings were stucklookingto cross into Korea through sea, yet now the maximum populardirection is by plane, a police officer said.On Jan. 13, 59 Vietnamese tourists who got here to Jeju as a phase of a excursionteam disappeared. Thirty-one are still unaccounted for. Between 2011 and 2015, some 7,187 tourists who entered Korea visa-free due to this fact vanished. Investigators say they come with around 3,000 Chinese who are feared to have slipped across to the mainland.

A really extensivechoice offolks too abuse their 72-hour move visa. Police say those overstays are generally planned and pre-arranged by brokers, whilst shady underworld organizations be offering illegal aliens jobs. The agents use Chinese or Vietnamese cellular messaging services and products to steer transparent of detection. Some trip agencies in Thailand and Vietnam ratherbrazenlydraw inshoppers by providing tourist visas to Korea and telling them to concealwhen they get here, a spokesman for the Seoul Metropolitan Police Firm said.According to immigration authorities, there were 212,596 illegal aliens in Korea as of June closing year. One out of 3 is Chinese, followed by Vietnamese, Thais and Filipinos. A majority entered Korea on E-9 (non-professional employment) or B-2 (tourist/transit) visas and failed to leave when their documents expired. But handiest 150 out of the country's 2,000 immigration officials had been allocated for tracking down and arresting illegal aliens. If illegal immigrants come to Korea just to discover work, the difficultycould also benow not that grave. But if terrorists organize to infiltrate the country, the repercussions may neatly be enormous. Chung Yoon-shik at Kyungwoon University said, "It's almostnot possible to stay out all illegal immigrants, but we want totougheneducation of airport workforce and nurture more mavens in immigration screening".

Piano Prodigy Returns for Concert in Seoul

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Pianist Cho Seong-jin is back in his house country for the primary time since his win at the World Fryderyk Chopin Piano Festival in Poland ultimate autumn.He and five other Chopin winners are acting in a gala concert in Seoul on Tuesday. At a press event, the prodigy statedhe'll existfreeingsome other album with classical label Deutsche Grammophon. His first solo album used to be released in November at the same label and integrated 30 tracks of are living performances. It posted listing sales here with more than 80,000 copies sold last year alone.Cho said that he may beoccupied with the opportunity to record a functionality for his approaching album with maestro Chung Myung-whun in Dresden this April.

Korean film "Free Romance Generation"

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Added the Korean film "Free Romance Generation"'s page to HanCinema database"Free Romance Generation" (2015)Directed via Lee JunWith Park Ha-yan, Jang Chang-myung, Baek Ji-hoon, Yoo Soo-min,...MoreSynopsisThe formidable love tale of a girl who supports free romance!Jane is 10 years into a courting and runs an lingeriebuying groceries mall. She is uninterested in her boyfriend and concentrates more on her paintingstill one day she asks a anonymous photographer named Hyeong-sik for some images to be taken. Hyeong-sik concurs to her after seeing her body. The 2persist withevery other with the excuse of 'work'. In the end, Jane starts romancing with Hyeong-sik too...Release date in Korea : 2016/02/04

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Seventeen Individuals To Free up 'Chocolate' Collaboration With Yoon Jong Shin
Seventeen Individuals To Free Up 'chocolate' Collaboration With Yoon Jong Shin

Seventeen Individuals To Free up 'Chocolate' Collaboration With Yoon Jong Shin

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As Valentine's Day is simplyround the corner, it seems like Yoon Jong Shin will make the day of love a bite more sweeter with the assistance of Seventeen.

Seventeen's vocalists, Jonghan, Woozi, Joshua, Dokyum and Seungkwan will lend their voices for Yoon Jong Shin's Monthly Projectcollaboration. The music titled "Chocolate" is the easiest way to ring in Valentine's Day.

"We've at all timessought after to have a chanceto take part in the 'Monthly Project' releases and are glad that we were given the danger to do so. We are excited and nervous, all at the similar time," they said.

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Kim Hyung Jun is the following Double S 301 member to free up teaser video

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Kim Hyung Jun is the ultimate member to unlock his 3rd teaser video for SS501 sub-unit Double S 301.  Can you're feeling his "Pain"?  The video is dark with sturdy contrasts, emphasizing his stable and good-looking features, whilst the song is dramatic and melancholy.

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