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Ha Ji Won News Update

Girls’ Generation News Update: Girls’ Generation Concert World Tour 2013 Kicks Off Tomorrow! New Dance Performance Unveiled [VIDEO]

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Girls Generation News Update: Girls Generation concert world tour to kick off tomorrow!Girls' Generation News Update: Girls' Generation concert world tour 2013 "GirlsPeace" will kick off tomorrow in Seoul for two days. A new performance of Japanese single "LoveGirls" will be unveiled at the concert tomorrow.

In anticipation for the Girls' Generation concert world tour, Girls' Generation member Taeyeon made an update to her Instagram account, saying "2013 Girls' Generation World Tour opens this week. 'LoveGirls' first performance will be unveiled at the Seoul concert on June 8. Everybody grab a whistle and let's do the shampoo dance. So exciting. See you this Saturday."

Girls' Generation World Tour 2013 will be the fifth concert tour and the very first world tour by the nine-member girl group. The announcement for the world tour was made earlier in April of 2013.

[Update]Comeback News -Info & Teasers!

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And for the 1st of our agonizing 10 days, Taeyeon has revealed her video message for the comeback. We will be expecting messages from each of the girls. Keep tuned for updates!

Hello, this is Girls Generations Taeyeon. The music video for our new song Dancing Queen was released; have you all watched it? This is evidence that there is not a lot of time left until our comeback. Please give I Got A Boy lots of love, too. Im the first member to be sending you all greetings. From now on, until our comeback, each member will be delivering greetings to you all. So please anticipate and love Girls Generation until the day of our comeback. Thank you. Right now is, Girls Generation.

Second day of waiting -Yuris Teaser! // Meanwhile, take a look at the teaser photos for their comeback below!Update: Quite a great transformation, no?Source: wonderfulgeneration About these ads Share on Tumblr Like this: Like3 bloggers like this.

Lee Hi is determined to make a comeback following news of her album completion

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On January 21st, the firmshowed that Lee Hi is in the general stages of her 2d album production, leaving enthusiasts to watch for her much awaited comeback. However, it was once clarified that whilst the album is kind of finished, an legitimateunencumber date has no longer been set. YG Entertainment is expected to announce it officially soon.

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Fans get an update of 2NE1's Park Bom after '2015 MAMA'
Fans Get An Update Of 2Ne1's Park Bom After '2015 Mama'

Fans get an update of 2NE1's Park Bom after '2015 MAMA'

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On January 20, Yang Hyun Suk's restaurantSamgeori Butchers posted the message, "2NE1's Park Bom paid a discuss with to our eating place today. Please stopover at us steadily in the future!" A photo of Park Bom keeping a pig balloon, which is a mascot of Samgeori Butchers, used to be also shared.

Park Bom has made herself scarce ever since her amphetamine scandal in July of 2014, and it turned intoa bit of of a controversy when she carried out alongside 2NE1 at the '2015 MAMA'.

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Soompi and Big name  Day through day News Announce Exclusive Partnership
Soompi And Big Name Day Through Day News Announce Exclusive Partnership

Soompi and Big name Day through day News Announce Exclusive Partnership

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Star Daily News is a leading Korean entertainment media corporatethat focuses onall of thenewest news, photos, and videos at the leading K-pop and K-drama stars. Established in 2010, Star Daily News has advanceda name as a faithful news outlet that abides by a strict tenet of journalism standards. As such, Star Daily News abstains from posting unfounded rumors or hidden camera photos. Instead, their area of expertise is high-definition photos! Star Daily News givesfamous personpictures up to 1800 pixels wide, differentiating them from other Korean media outlets.

Star Daily News may be a reputable source for exclusive celebrity interviews and coverage. Their domestic partners come with Naver, Daum Television Pot, and KakaoTV. Soompi is more than happy to turn out to be their first world partner, handing over their high-definition images to a worldtarget audience of millions.

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K-Pop News Weekly Best 3: KARA Disbands, TWICE's Tzuyu Below Fire, JYJ's Junsu Wins Peak Award
K-Pop News Weekly Best 3: Kara Disbands, Twice's Tzuyu Below Fire, Jyj's Junsu Wins Peak Award

K-Pop News Weekly Best 3: KARA Disbands, TWICE's Tzuyu Below Fire, JYJ's Junsu Wins Peak Award

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The feminine K-pop quintet disbanded previous this week, following the end of the contracts of 3 members. Goo Hara, Park Gyuri, and Han Seungyeon did now not renew their courting with DSP Media, and the day that the contracts expired, the corporate announced the end of the era. Ultimate member, Heo Youngji, will remain below the firm to pursue a solo occupationwhilstthe 3 other KARA individualspass onto new paths.

Chou Tzuyu, a member of JYP Entertainment's ladystaff TWICE, apologized on Friday for her alleged help of Taiwan's independence. The video message followed day's of outrage from China, after Tzuyu's loyalty to the People's Republic of China turned into questioned. Preceding Tzuyu's video apology, JYP Entertainment issued a commentary supporting a one-state China.

The 16-year-old got here under fireplace later on she was scene waiving a Taiwanese flag in a photoshoot, and because of her legitimate profile declaring her nationality as "Taiwanese" instead of "Chinese."

Lee Kwang Soo poses with Jo In Sung and Sung Dong Il in newest Instagram update
Lee Kwang Soo Poses With Jo In Sung And Sung Dong Il In Newest Instagram Update

Lee Kwang Soo poses with Jo In Sung and Sung Dong Il in newest Instagram update

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The 3buddieswere givenin combination to celebrate the realization of 'Reply 1988,' which used to bea giganticgood fortune for its twenty-episode run. In the photo, Sung Dong Il has on his best smile, a big cake in hand which is hooked up with a note that reads, "'Reply 1988,' thank you. You all worked hard.'" Lee Kwang Soo, who is taking a look as satisfied as will also be surrounded via his friends, wrote the precise same words on his Instagram post. 

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Netizens react at news of fan-favorite actor’s army discharge

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After emerging to repute from starring in popular drama series including King of Baking, Kim Takgu and Flower Boys Next Door, Yoon Shi Yoon quietly enlisted in the marines to satisfy his required armed forces service. Upon hearing the scoop of his go back to civilian lifestyles and most likely to the industry, however, netizens celebrated the theory of seeing him on screen once again.

Koreaboo has amassed reactions from Netizens who commented at thecustomary article from our Korean source. The under comments are the maximumsmartly liked comments at the time of this article being published.

8725, 88 He has all of thecorrectstipulations to turn intoa success if he chooses the correct piece of work. Personality, visuals, military, acting ability.I hope all is going well for him

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Courts update with sentence of comic Lee Kyung Shil's husband for sexual assault

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Prosecution took under considerationthe reality that the defendant's sexual attack was opposed to the wife of an acquaintance, his acknowledgement of the assault in court and denial of his habit in the media, and the plaintiff's emotional misery in arriving at Choi's sentence.

Choi himself reportedly saidall over the hearing, "My middle is apologetic for raising a societal fear and I relay my apologies to the victim and the victim's family."

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Yoo Yun Suk talks about Jung Woo's wedding news
Yoo Yun Suk Talks About Jung Woo's Wedding News

Yoo Yun Suk talks about Jung Woo's wedding news

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"Jung Woo did not give such a lot as a trace to me, either," he statedrelating to how surprisingthe marriage news was.  "We have a set KakaoTalk chat room for 'Reply 1994,' yeteach persondiscovered out first during the reports.  I didn't pay attentionthe rest in specificprior to that. I didn't even receive a call for participation to the wedding.  I heard that they arebest having their circle of relatives there."

Meanwhile, Jung Woo and Kim Yoo Mi, who have dated for 3 years, could be tying the knot on January 16!  They simply announced this three days before the fact, so there isn't any wonder there isnumerous buzz around it.  Congratulations in advance!