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KARA Gyuri Coupled With Baek Ji Young's Boyfriend Jung Suk Won
Kara Gyuri Coupled With Baek Ji Young's Boyfriend Jung Suk Won

KARA Gyuri Coupled With Baek Ji Young's Boyfriend Jung Suk Won

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The two will portray a couple who love but who cannot be together in the music video. The music video spans between fantasy and reality and the two actors are expected to show charisma and very emotional acting. They were spotted having great teamwork and on-screen chemistry.

'White Day Dream' incorporates a tango rhythm with a very epic sound that makes you feel like you're watching a musical. Gyuri's powerful vocal abilities will be shown off and her acting turn will also get a spotlight in the music video.

The solo music videos for Han Seungyeon and Kang Jiyoung will also be revealed on Friday through their YouTube channel( and music portal sites.

A rookie woman  team member falsely accuses her boyfriend of rape to keep away from  consequences  through her sponsor
A Rookie Woman Team Member Falsely Accuses Her Boyfriend Of Rape To Keep Away From Consequences Through Her Sponsor

A rookie woman team member falsely accuses her boyfriend of rape to keep away from consequences through her sponsor

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According to the police, on Would possibly 15th ultimate year, 'B' beat 'A's boyfriend 'C' more than one times, causing injuries comparable to rib fractures that might take four weeks to heal, or even stole his sim card from his telephone to thievefootage of 'A' in 'C's phone. However, after investigation, the police decided that there used to be no photo valueciting in 'C's phone.

'C' sued 'B' for mugging, and on June 25th of last year, in an try toduvet up her members of the family amongst 'B', 'A' accused 'C' of raping her in January. However, investigations published that 'A' and 'C' have been in a relationship, and she sought afternot tomost effectivecanopy up her relations with 'B' yet also to threaten 'C' with the fees to cancel his ratesopposed to 'B'.

The prosecutors said, "Making false accusations and mugging are crimes which are heavily punished. Their intentions were also very bad, so we've got taken them into custody for investigation."

fight like a girl rookie
Kim Tae Hee unearths what she likes maximum about 3-year boyfriend Rain
Kim Tae Hee Unearths What She Likes Maximum About 3-Year Boyfriend Rain

Kim Tae Hee unearths what she likes maximum about 3-year boyfriend Rain

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The actress discussed what she likes most about Rain, sharing, "Firstly, we are in the similar line of work, so we keep in touch well. Whilst you first get started dating, you'll be in a position todisplaybestthe nicefacet of yourself once youin realitysought after to. When time is going on, you spotevery other in the development youcombat and movethrunot easy times, and he is been the form ofconsumerwho is been patient and kind-hearted. We're eithercapable of make up for what the opposite lacks."

As for where the big name couple go on dates, Kim Tae Hee revealed, "Our dates are very normal. We devourscrumptious things and communicate a lot. Our personalities match. I am the quiet type, yet he enjoys speaking and is a laugh to be around so we never prevent talking."

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KARA officially disbands as Goo Hara, Han Seungyeon, and Park Gyuri’s contracts expire

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Share on FacebookShare on Twitter Previous suspicions of KARAs disbandment have come true as 3individuals Goo Hara, Han Seungyeon, and Park Gyuris contracts with DSP Media have expired without renewal.

The three contracts expired on January 15th and without a renewal, the three girls are not artists of DSP Media. The firmis related to respect their resolution and hopes for the maximum productive in their long termoccupation endeavors.

Heo Youngji is still below contract with the agency and may continue promotions as a solo artist as she is the newest member who joined following the KARA Project .

Gyuri, Seungyeon and Hara officially leave DSP Media

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About Youngji, the agency said, "She will displayan easieraspect of herself as this company's artist. She will be able topaintingstough and we can do our highest to lend a hand Youngji in her growth. Lastly, we sincerely thank the numerousenthusiasts who have given beneficiant love and assistagainst Gyuri, Seungyeon and Hara for the beyond 9 years, and we ask for a lot of support toward the members someday every bit well."

Hani showers boyfriend Junsu with compliments and stocks tale on how they met

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The singer said, when asked about Junsu, "I looked thruthe entire comments after our courtingchanged into public and there were more comments speaking around Junsu's style than the rest else. Every person was pronouncing that 'his fashion encompasses all 4 seasons (as in it is very odd)' but in my eyes, he looks cool." 

Hani then gave the at the back oftale on how she were givento fulfill Junsu, explaining that it was all thank you to noted hacker / programmer Lee Doo Hee. Hani said, "I met Lee Doo Hee via 'Dream Team' whilst Junsu is pals alongsideplayers and pc people. Lee Doo Hee stuck Junsu having a look at one of my videos. So Doo Hee told Junsu, 'I know Hani.' And Junsu asked Doo Hee to inform me that he isan overlygiant fan of me. Afterwards, we passto speakonce I saw his musical," and added, "Junsu is a in point of factfirst rate person. Among the wholeother folks I know, he exudes the maximum bright energy." 

KARA’s Park Gyuri in Talks to sign up in Song Il Gook on “Jang Young Shil”
Kara’s Park Gyuri In Talks To Sign Up In Song Il Gook On “jang Young Shil”

KARA’s Park Gyuri in Talks to sign up in Song Il Gook on “Jang Young Shil”

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KARAs Park Gyuri in Talks to check in for Song Il Gook on Jang Young Shilan0ya January 13, 2016 0 KARAs Park Gyuri might connectthe solid of KBS ancient drama Jang Young Shil starring Song Il Gook, in step with her agency DSP Media.

Her representative revealed on January thirteen that she is taking into account a role in the drama. The negotiations are still ongoing, yet if she finally ends up joining the drama, she can reportedly be gambling a royal bodyguard of Jang Young Shil (Song Il Gook).

Meanwhile, Park Gyuri, Goo Hara, and Han Seungyeons contracts with DSP Media are expected to expire at the finish of the month. Some of them seem to be considering joining new agencies, but no official announcements regarding contract matters or team disbandment have been made yet.

KARA's Gyuri in talks to join in  historic drama 'Jang Young Shil'
Kara's Gyuri In Talks To Join In Historic Drama 'jang Young Shil'

KARA's Gyuri in talks to join in historic drama 'Jang Young Shil'

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On January 13, the firm stated, "Gyuri's starring in 'Jang Young Shil' is currently in the speaking stages. It hasn't been showedas to if she'll be starring. She's in talks to play the guard of Jang Young Shil."

Hani admits she was once keen on her boyfriend Junsu when she became a student

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EXID's Hani is setto discuss her public dating with JYJ's Junsu for the primary time on 'Radio Star'. As though they wish to create more anticipation, the display has given a little more detail on what is to come!

During the recording, the MCs brought out pictures of Hani and Junsu stuck on dates. The MCs asked Hani about her relationship, and she wasn't flustered yet composedly spoke back their questions.

Not most effective that, but she confessed that she was oncepartial to Junsu since she became a student. Hani will also communicate close to her first affect of Junsu and in the broadcast.

Yuri's ex-boyfriend Oh Seung Hwan symptoms with the St. Louis Cardinals

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Oh have become a unfastened agent after his 2nd season with the Hanshin Tigers in Japan's Nippon Pro Baseball (NPB) and nine years with the Samsung Lions in the Korea Baseball Organization (KBO).'In either Korean and Japskilled baseball, he sports a occupation 1.81 ERA, 2.1 walks per nine innings, and 10.7 strikeouts per 9 innings.

Oh's signing with the Cardinals marks him as the 3rd South Korean to signal amongsta significant League Baseball (MLB) team this off-season, following the Minnesota Twins' Park Byung Ho and the Baltimore Orioles' Kim Hyun Soo, both of whom were element of the KBO prior.

Ilgan Sports has also reported that the price of the contract signed by way of Oh encompasses a club option that maybuild up its worth to 11 million USD.