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Gundam Dance On Ellen

Two Taiwanese girls dance Crayon Pop's 'Bar Bar Bar' on 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show'

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On May 8th, 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show' uploaded the video on their official YouTube which now gained more than 1 million views. The host, Ellen herself, was impressed as well, and invited the girls to perform the dance one more time on its next week's episode. She also handed them VIP passes to Disneyland.

Psy, Britney Spears and Ellen Degeneres ‘Horse Ride Dance’ on ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’
Psy, Britney Spears And Ellen Degeneres ‘Horse Ride Dance’ On ‘The Ellen Degeneres Show’

Psy, Britney Spears and Ellen Degeneres ‘Horse Ride Dance’ on ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’

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Britney Spears previously tweeted she was a fan of the song and had said she wanted to learn the dance while Ellen Degeneres is also a fan of the dance and song and even has a Psy’s horse dance contest going on in her show. In related news, Psy will also be performing on the ‘Today Show‘ as well as the ‘iHeartRadio Music Festival‘ coming up!

TEEN Best returns with pop-dance tune “Warning Sign” from new EP

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The music video Serious warning call is directed via Hong Won Ki, who has been the mastermind at the back of many K-pop artists videos adding BEAST, B.A.P, K.Will, MYNAME, BTS, Song Ji Eun, T-ARA, AOA, Kim Hyun Joong, and more.

Shot in monochrome with a thought of antique and grungy style, the creates the totaltemper befitting of the track with everyindividuals emoting their own characters and colors. Whilst Warning Signal is a pop-dance track, it also includes sounds of urban RB.

Dal Shabet displays their moves in 'Someone Like U' dance practice!

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The upbeat, funky song is by potential of the talented Brave Brothers and its beat will make you harking back to the dance songs from the 80s and 90s. Here iscertainlya robustunlock by Dal Shabet. Additionally it is their first track release as a 4-membered group, and the song used to be released at the day in their 5th anniversary.

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Learn the moves to CocoSori's 'Dark Circle' with new dance MV!

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If you can not go "Dark Circle" from your head, which is totally understandable, it's doubtless you'll as neatlybe informed the dance moves to it!

Rookie duo team CocoSori has now dropped the dance edition to their MV.  The moves appearundeniableample and lovable to boot, so take a glance at the MV above and get your pals to do the choreo with you!  Have fun!

Korean Police Officials Carry out Dance Regimen To important Bang's 'Bang Bang Bang'

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(Photo : YouTube user Oksana Milko) Large smashcrowned the song charts when they released their MADE Series anthem "Bang Bang Bang" final year, yet you lotin reality know you'vesuccessful song when even the Korean police are making dance cover videos of it.

On Jan. 4, YouTube user Oksana Milko uploaded a video of the Korean police dancing to the preferred boy group's name track, or even doing a impressiveactivity at following the group's hard-hitting moves.

"Seriously though, they are all such just right dancers" and "I just think, all of Korean other people can dance?" acknowledgedmultiple the top-rated comments on the uploaded video.

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'Let's Dance' to Dal Shabet's 'Someone Like U'!

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On most sensibleof educating you their candy moves for "Someone Like U", Dal Shabet also select who they believeglance the youngest out of the four contributors and play little games to turn into the choreography teacher. In any case, all four are adorable as they teach the mainportionsin their dance for "Someone Like U".

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JYJ's Junsu helps to keep his promise to lovers with a canopy and dance tutorial

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One of the 3 wishes took place to be from a male fan who complained that "the concert set list was oncetargeted too much on the feminine fans." So he stepped aheadto talk for the entire male lovers who sought after him to sing a Buzz song titled "You Do now not know Men." 

At the time, however, Junsu could notsatisfy the male fans's wishes because he did not know that distinctive song. So he promised, "I'm truly sorry. I cantrain and make certain you upload a video of myself appearing the song." 

True to his word, Junsu uploaded the video for all his dependable male fans! D'awww, Junsu looks a little shy, does not he? The singer also lecturersthe stairs to his song "OeO," which you'll watch in the clip above! 

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Little PSY drops any other insane dance duvet with “Daddy” parody

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The comedic music video displays the talented young dancer showcasing his charms viaquite so much of elaborate scenes whilst dancing along to the addicting track firstly by PSY. Accompanied by the individuals of NOM, Little PSY as he has affectionately been dubbed is going wild in the thrilland cool parody video.

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Upcoming boy staff IMFACT's Taeho presentations off his dance moves in teaser video

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He's dancing to the song "Shape Of My Heart" and it is arranged by way ofindividuals Leesang and Ungjae. Do notyou like how the members lend a handevery other out in their teaser videos?