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Gangam Style Lyrics Translated

PSY's "Gangnam Style" has been translated into 19 different languages
Psy's "gangnam Style" Has Been Translated Into 19 Different Languages

PSY's "Gangnam Style" has been translated into 19 different languages

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Translations for "Gangnam Style" that or either completed or are in-progress include English, French, Dutch, Spanish, Bulgarian, Swedish, Italian, Indonesian, Ukrainian, Arabic, Chinese, Portuguese, Romanian, German, Korean, Thai, Russian and more.

BIGBANG Releases Music Video for "BLUE" + Translated Lyrics!

BIGBANG finally unveiled its highly anticipated music video for "BLUE!" From Daesung's car accident to G-Dragon's use of marijuana, 2011 was a tough year for BIGBANG. However, they were able to overcome the hardships and returned as an even stronger team. 

Please check out our exclusive BIGBANG showcase for more updates regarding the upcoming fifth mini-album "Alive" and more Soompi exclusives! 

Foreigners react to the horrors suffered by ability of 'comfort women' all the style through war time

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Thus, one Korean YouTuber took topics into their own hands to teach foreigners on one of the most horrors the relaxationgirlsperseveredthru a documentary. The video, stuffed with graphic imagery and the uncooked testimonies of the restconvenience women, is one that may make you get emotional--but that is more or less the point. I believe it may neatly bejust a little sensational and dare I say near propagandistic. 

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★TRENDING Lovers Agree with EXO Left A Hidden Message To EXO-Ls In Song Lyrics

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24kstocksShare on FacebookShare on Twitter Have you wondered who EXOs songs lyrics were committed to? Some fans believe EXO could beseeking topainting their love to all their faithful fanaticsthroughout the lyrics in their songs

You looked so stunning like a mysterious black pearl below the moonlight. At that moment I knew I had to run to you and make you my angel.

Love is looking forward to you lotto name me, baby so I will shower you with “kisses and hugs” and stay telling you how much I love, love, love” you.

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5 Most up to date Korean style Instagrams you want to observe today
5 Most Up To Date Korean Style Instagrams You Want To Observe Today

5 Most up to date Korean style Instagrams you want to observe today

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You most certainlyhave no ideathose people, yet yous should. They are one of the crucialmaximumfreshest and applicable Korean units of today. Ridiculously attractive, charming, and manifestly fashionable, these five models will teach you a thing or two about type and newest trends.

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Teen Style Suggests EXO, BTS And UNIQ As Replacement Features For One Direction Fans
Teen Style Suggests Exo, Bts And Uniq As Replacement Features For One Direction Fans

Teen Style Suggests EXO, BTS And UNIQ As Replacement Features For One Direction Fans

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In opting for EXO, author Alexis Hodoyn explained that there might be a lot that Directioners proportion amongst EXO fans, often referred to as EXO-Ls, especially in terms ofwasting members. EXO is recentlyselling equallymost effective nine members, down from the 12 individualsthe crowd debuted with, after Kris, Tao and Luhan departed over the last couple of years. The publisheris goingdirectly tocompliment EXO's "intricate choreographies and stellar velvety vocals" as using their large following.

Meanwhile, UNIQ used to be highlighted for their developingrepute in China, multilingual making a song abilities, and slick hip-hop and dubstep concepts.

EXO, BTS and UNIQ were three K-pop boy bands out of the 12 that the list highlighted as conceivable successors to the only management throne, adding other male acts comparable tofive Seconds of Summer, FLY and Mexican boy band CD9.

CL has a dance celebration to 'Hello Bitches' at Big apple Style Week

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To the sound of "Hello Bitches," units pose and strut with flair and dancers blow their own horns all their most up to date moves at the dance floor.  Of course, in the middle of it all, is the glamorous and charismatic CL, owning the room.

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American Mag  Teenager  Style Spotlights EXO, BTS and UNIQ
American Mag Teenager Style Spotlights Exo, Bts And Uniq

American Mag Teenager Style Spotlights EXO, BTS and UNIQ

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For EXO, the magazine says that their strength lies in “their intricate choreographies and stellar, velvety vocals,” highlighting their assortedvariety in track styles that they’ve embarked on since their debut. For BTS, Teen Vogue states that, “In a genre where idols are criticized for being inauthentic, BTS breaks the stereotype viaputting in place the legwork.” Teen Vogue speaks just as glowingly for UNIQ, pointing out that their song “Eoeo” is a “body-roll-worthy jam with punchy rap deliveries and a slick sax.”

Get That K-Pop Look: HyunA's Out And About Leopard Style
Get That K-Pop Look: Hyuna's Out And About Leopard Style

Get That K-Pop Look: HyunA's Out And About Leopard Style

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Graphic tees are the recent thrift tees. Preventdressed inthe ones torn aside shirts that put it at the market 5Ks or chili cook-offs from towns you've gotten never heard of. Instead, pay a little more for quilaity shirts that have compatibilitysmartly and elevate a message (like love!) that you'll be ready tocompletely defend. These are the kind of t-shirts you likesuch a lot that you are going to never send them off to be somebody else's thrifts.

Skinny jeans were about for what turns out like for all time now, yet these frayed ends that leave merely enough ankle appearing are the maximum recent iteration of this vintage look. In conjunction with going with everything, they're also the very best pair of pants for each and every shoe lover - they fullyblow their own hornsanything else from a stiletto to a sneaker wedge to the best boot.

If HyunA were out at the club or walking the red(ish) carpet, this outfit mayeffortlesslydisplay off a couple of chunky red pumps or leopard stilettos. But cuz she's just running some pepero errands, these black booties are the perfect choice. Versatile, comfortable, and still super stylish, here's the shoe you will never feel sorry about buying.

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Nam Goong-min's courting with best style Jin A-reum

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A media quoted a source from the biz and reported that Nam Goong-min and Jin A-reum have been seeing each and every other for 7 months. It appears they met as director and actress in a briefmoviefinal year.

Nam Goong-min recently starred in an SBS drama called, "Remember" as Nam Gyu-man. Jin A-reum is a version and advertisement star. She also starred in a couple movies.