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Gangam Style In English

2014 Style Icon Awards Highlight: CL Puts On A Killer Performance In English On Diplo's 'Revolution'

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(Photo : OnStyle ) CL emphasized her vocals during her 2014 Style Icon Awards performance. 2NE1s CL collaborated with renown DJ Diplo for a stage which featured Revolution from his 2013 extended play album. She performed verses in Korean "MTBD" prior to launching into "Revolution." "MTBD" highlighted CL"s rap skills, of which she is widely recognized.

The second part of her stage at the 2014 Style Icon Awards placed an emphasis on her vocal competency. CL performed Revolution followed by Dirty Vibe, with Diplo providing the instrumental backing as a DJ.

CL shined during her delivery of Revolution but the absence of G-Dragon from Dirty Vibe was notable. CL and G-Dragon are featured together on Dirty Vibe, the hard-hitting electronic dance track from the commercially successful Skrillex album Recess. Diplo is also credited on Dirty Vibe.

2NE1 Leader CL Mingles With A$AP Rocky At 2013 Style Icon Awards [VIDEO]: YG Leader Interviews Rapper In Fluent English!

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CL of 2NE1 mingles with A$AP Rocky. (Twitter) 2NE1 may be have delayed their comeback to the disappointment of Blackjacks, but it doesn't mean they're seeing any less of its leader CL, especially with international celebrities like A$AP Rocky.

At the 2013 Style Icon Awards at CJ EntertainmentMedia center, A$AP Rocky arrived in Korea for the first time and was introduced by his friend CL of 2NE1 before performing for the audience.

"I appreciate [Style Icon Awards] for understanding urban culture and street fashion, because people like me get to be iconic, and usually I get my respect from people who love or have taste for high fashion or art," says A$AP Rocky during an interview after receiving the Global Icon award according to YGLadies.

Psy"s "gangnam Style" Chosen By The Collins English Dictionary As Word Of The Year

Psy"s "Gangnam Style" Chosen by the Collins English Dictionary as Word of the Year

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The word joined the ranks of such influential words as ′Sandy′, the name of the hurricane that swept through America, and ′Eurogeddon′, the word that refers to the European economic crisis and connects it with ′armageddon′.

It introduced Gangnam Style as a song that spawned numerous parodies from around the world, and mentioned that its music video became the most viewed video on YouTube in November.

Psy, "i Don't Have Any Plans To Make A Gangnam Style English Version"

Psy, "I Don't Have any Plans to Make a Gangnam Style English Version"

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Psy, I Dont Have any Plans to Make a Gangnam Style English VersionPsy revealed that he has no intentions of making a "Gangnam Style" English version.

Psy stated, "I don't want to confuse the 160 million people who have already watched my video. There will be no English version." His video is currently over 200 million views.

He continued, "I don't think this song has anything to do with the language aspect of it. It's just the dance and the sound and the visuals that make it fun and attract people's attention."

PSY: "No English Version of 'Gangnam Style'"
Psy: "no English Version Of 'gangnam Style'"

PSY: "No English Version of 'Gangnam Style'"

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Although the track has gone viral, performed on the MTV Video Music Awards stage, and attracted the attention of worldwide music superstars such as Katy Perry and Britney Spears, PSY revealed that there will not be an English version release of his hit “Gangnam Style.”

Local news agencies reported that PSY has disclosed this in an interview with MTV and posted on their web site. The rapper of the moment stressed that there were more non-verbal elements to the track, such as its music and the famous dance move that has already appealed to a wide audience, and that there would be no need to confuse them with an English version.

At the time of the interview, the “Gangnam Style” video posted on PSY’s official YouTube channel has had 160 million views. As of press time, PSY’s “Gangnam Style” records more than 218 million views.

Will PSY release an English version of "Gangnam Style"? + interview with MTV
Will Psy Release An English Version Of "gangnam Style"? + Interview With Mtv

Will PSY release an English version of "Gangnam Style"? + interview with MTV

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As of now, the official music video for "Gangnam Style" has had over 212 million views on YouTube, but PSY doesn't plan to change any of the lyrics to appeal to his new fanbase. He commented, "The Korean version is what everyone fell in love with, after all. The thing is, already like 160 something million people saw the video all over the world, so if I change it now, like 160 million people [will get] confused." PSY went on to explain that for this track, the nonverbal cues, dance moves, and how it looks and sounds was the point of the story, and that verbal parts were not that important.

The artist then announced that he would soon be releasing another single, this time in English. "After I can be somebody in the U.S, and then of course I have to release now the single, and that will be in English. I [have all my] equipment and media stuff in Korea so I have to go back and I got to write another song and then I have to bring it here."

PSY will also be bringing back some of his older dance moves from past Korean singles. Before the horse dance helped him receive huge popularity, the bird dance from his debut song "Bird" also has a significance. He stated, "I've done this 12 years, and I've done these kinds of moves my entire career, so actually I have several more left. So, I'm going to make some new songs with my old moves."

Big Bang's T.O.P Heads To Paris In Taste For Dior Style Show
Big Bang's T.o.p Heads To Paris In Taste For Dior Style Show

Big Bang's T.O.P Heads To Paris In Taste For Dior Style Show

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T.O.P used to be spotted at incheon Global airport dressed in a sky blue blouse alongside a jacquard knit and slenderare compatible pants all beneath a army cashmere long coat.

Dior Homme is the menswear department of Christian Dior SA, the French clothing store and is under the ingenious direction of Kris Van Assche since spring/summer 2008.

Aside from T.O.P attending the Dior Fashion Show, him together withthe alternative Big Bang individuals are these dayscompletingthe japanese leg in their MADE world tour.

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Psy's 'Gangnam Style' MV surpasses an out of this world 2.5 billion views

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The MV for Psy's mega break 2012 hit "Gangnam Style" has officially surpassed 2.5 billion views. It is soloopyto look how much the view count is still emerging even finallythose years.

This new view count fulfillmentgot here soon after the MV for Psy's latest gain "Daddy" hit its next milestone of a one hundred million views.

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Kwak Si Yang and Kim So Yeon Dish on Kiss All the style through 2015 MBC Entertainment Awards

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Kwak Si Yang and Kim So Yeon Dish on Kiss Right through 2015 MBC Entertainment Awardsnotclaira January 17, 2016 0 The January 16 broadcast of We Were given Married presentations what went on in the back of the scenes of the MBC Entertainment Awards, where the 3 couples (Kwak Si Yang and Kim So Yeon, BTOBs Yook Sungjae and Red Velvets Joy, and Kang Ye Won and Oh Min Suk) weara unique performance.

Behind the scenes, the 3 couples are awkward as they meet for the primary time sooner than going directly topercentage their impressions of one another every bitobserved on TV. Kwak Si Yang takes everyone throughwonder when he suggests that whoever wins Highest Couple will have to kiss.

It is revealed that Kwak Si Yang and Kim So Yeons kiss was oncenow not spontaneous, but planned in advance. I watched the clip a couple of times, Kwak Si Yang says. I saw that I automatically puckered up right before the moment. It become all so hectic. I felt like Identification done anything catastrophic on are living broadcast.

Interview #3 Si Wan, "I pitied Hwang Kwang-hee all the style through the "Infinity Challenge" acting lesson"

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"Thinking of My Older Brother" is in keeping with the cause of a lacking children's choir all the manner through the Korean War. The filmpresentationsthe ability of a small song that began in a position where all hope was lost. Si Wan takes on the role of lieutenant Han Sang-ryeol who is harm but slowly recovers thank you to the children's choir.

Ko Ah-seong plays Park Joo-mi, a instructor who jumps into the war to give coverage to the children. Lee Hee-joon played 'the Hook' who threatens the security of the children. Jeong Joon-won and Lee Re played Dong-goo and Soon-yi who sign up for the choir.

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