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TEEN Best  discuss their new song 'Warning Sign' in 'CeCi'
Teen Best Discuss Their New Song 'warning Sign' In 'ceci'

TEEN Best discuss their new song 'Warning Sign' in 'CeCi'

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And about their identifytune "Warning Sign" in their album 'Red Point', they said, "It's a genre that TEEN Heightattempted for the primary time. It is going to be a laughstaring at our level performances. For the explanation that choreography is in point of fact magnificent."

For more of TEEN TOP, watch their comeback functionality on 'M! Countdown' on January 21 and get your reproduction of the February factor of 'CeCi'!

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Teen Top’s L.Joe, Ricky, and Chunji Sign up for Instagram
Teen Top’s L.joe, Ricky, And Chunji Sign Up For Instagram

Teen Top’s L.Joe, Ricky, and Chunji Sign up for Instagram

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Teen Tops L.Joe, Ricky, and Chunji Sign up for Instagraman0ya January 20, 2016 0 Exciting news for lovers of Teen Top!

The popular boy teamsfirm TOP Media posted a message on their homepage on January 21, saying that L.Joe, Ricky, and Chunji have joined social networking carrier Instagram. The agency explained that the participants volitionnow notget started following any individual as the accounts will be used for the sole reason of communicating and sharing with fans.

This isn'tthe primary time for Youngster Top to identify individual presence in social media. The members stopped the use of all in theirnon-public social media accounts ultimate summer after Niel and Changjo were swept up in dating rumors, yet fortunately, some of them are now back to hook up with fans on a more intimate level.

Teen Best Open Up About Hiatus Activities in Album Showcase

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Teen Best open About Hiatus Activities in Album Exhibit notclaira January 19, 2016 0 On January 18, Teen Top held a showcase at the Ilchi Art Corridor for their newest mini-album “Red Point.”

“While we took a ruin from domestic activities, we were abroad,” member Chunji stated about the group’s six-month hiatus. “I did a musical while Ricky, L.Joe, and Niel filmed Chinese form appearances.”

Members C.A.P and Changjo also kept busy, if no longer as up and doing as their bandmates. “We just stayed in the basement and composed songs,” they said.

TEEN Most sensible shoot you a 'Warning Sign' in '#hashtag' interview!

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The six individuals of TEEN Peakcommunicate about "Warning Sign" and their album 'Red Point', and so theymentioned how 'beagle-y' they could also bein a position to get. They focus on the procedure they went via for the choreography to their identify track.

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Teen Best Supplies The 'Warning Sign' With Newest Tune Video

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Teen Top's outdated promotion jobwas once on June 22, 2015, which the gang released their 6th EP Natural Born Teen Top. The single titled "Ah-Ah" become the name track of the album, which the song was written and produced by Black Eyed Pilseung and Sam Lewis.

Teen Best Be offering a Subdued “Warning Sign”

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Otherwise, each and everyparticipants solo moments were thematic warning signs, with the moments where the lipstick spelled out warning being the most sensible nod. But there were also a few other striking scenes. The shot of the white furniture propped on the wall with black paint dripping down on it changed into ominously poetic. Also, the scenes with damaged shards of glass littered all over a concrete hallway with the sparkling L.Joe walking around and picking up a shard made me all forms of uneasy most commonly in worry that he was going to get a cut from the broken shards. While some scenes like the cube didnt make much sense to me, the MV with the gratifying colouring material palette certain does pack a punch. At the end of the MV, the tale too has a twist and hits reverse. I suspect it's suggesting that this reversal is the actualfact of the story, and the total lot nosotros saw preceding this reversal was just a reordering of the timeline of events.

The dance sequences were most probably my favouriteside of this video. Teen Top have a coolness to their movement, and the Warning Sign dance does now not disappoint. From the selection ofteam dance shots we get, I enjoyed the point changes, explosion of movement, and how Teen Top hit those beats so smoothly.

This recentfree up from Teen Top isnt display stopping, but it delivers in a other way. It continues to give us things that we revel in from the group, comparable to the dancing and cleanly shot video. Warning Sign doesnt have that hook that may ring on your ears, but it does feature some intriguing production during the verses. Teen Top won't take the catchy K-pop breakout hit in Warning Sign, but the prospective is brimming, and they still organize to bring on a visibleand function level.

Teen Top’s Changjo Talks About Self-Composed Song “Day” at Showcase
Teen Top’S Changjo Talks About Self-Composed Song “Day” At Showcase

Teen Top’s Changjo Talks About Self-Composed Song “Day” at Showcase

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Teen Top’s Changjo Talks About Self-Composed Song “Day” at Show off ilmare42 January 18, 2016 0 Teen Top member Changjo has shared his inspiration for the song “Day” off the group’s new mini-album “Red Point.”

Changjo co-composed the track, in addition participated in writing the lyrics together with C.A.P and L.Joe. At Teenager Top’s January 18 showcase in Seoul, Changjo says, “‘Day’ is the song I actually like the most, because I incorporatedthe tale of my own stories in it.”

He continues, “It used to be the finish of the year when I wrote it. I used to be feeling restless, as neatly as lonely and extremely empty.”

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TEEN Best returns with pop-dance tune “Warning Sign” from new EP

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The music video Serious warning call is directed via Hong Won Ki, who has been the mastermind at the back of many K-pop artists videos adding BEAST, B.A.P, K.Will, MYNAME, BTS, Song Ji Eun, T-ARA, AOA, Kim Hyun Joong, and more.

Shot in monochrome with a thought of antique and grungy style, the creates the totaltemper befitting of the track with everyindividuals emoting their own characters and colors. Whilst Warning Signal is a pop-dance track, it also includes sounds of urban RB.

Teen Most sensible Makes Comeback With “Warning Sign” MV

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Teen Most sensible Makes Comeback With Serious caution call MVan0ya January 17, 2016 0 Teen Top has returned with the alarmingly catchy Warning Sign!

On January 18 at the hours of darkness KST, their seventh mini album Red Point was released along side the tune video for Warning Sign, marking their comeback after a six-month hiatus.

The lyrics describe the frustrated emotions of a guy who notices abnormaladjustments in the habit of his girlfriend. As the song name suggests, he tells her to be wary about playing with his center any longer.

TEEN Most sensible drop a preview in their upcoming album 'Red Point'!

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Now TEEN Height has released their album preview for 'Red Point' which includes a couple songs composed via the individuals themselves! From the short listen, you pay attentionglossy jazzy tracks, piano ballads, and more vigorous numbers to get your day going.