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The Most sensible 10 Funniest K-Pop Song Videos of All Time

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The Most sensible ten Funniest K-Pop Tune Videos of All Timekafox February 9, 2016 0 Has a K-pop music video ever make you burst out laughing? Probably the most nearly memorable music videos are ones with hilarious plotlines, slapstick gags, sophisticated jokes, and witty lyrics. This list has the top 10 most hilarious music videos that would accept yous smiling from ear to ear.

10. iKON Dumb and DumberDumb and Dumber via iKON is full of funny bits, adding Jinhwan in a tree hooting like an owl at 2:41 and the outcome of Bobby and B.Is combat at 1:47.

9. Large Junior Satisfied Cooking CookingCooking Cooking, by Super Junior subgroup Super Junior H, will have you smiling from ear to ear once the beat begins. The lyrics are about a guy who is forced to devour his girlfriend’s awful cooking, and the female friend is played by none other than Sunny of Girls’ Generation, who smiles and watches on as she feeds the individuals terrible meals.

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Park Myung Soo finds the percentage of proportion Jessica owns over the song 'Nengmyun'

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On February nine airing of SBS Lunar New Year special 'Fantastic Duo,' Park Myung Soo printed the percentage of proportion Jessica has over their song, "Nengmyun"!

On this day, Park Myung Soo chose his hit song "Nengmyun" right through the initialcircular and when asked the motive of his choice, he said, "I wouldn't havehigher songs."

Meanwhile, 'Fantastic Duo' is a Lunar New Year pilot series where artists to find their very best duet spousethruquite so much of rounds, making a song the artist's hit songs.

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Watch: MAMAMOO’s Whee In and Rapper Hanhui Channel Their Internal Michael Jackson on “Duet Song Festival”

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Watch: MAMAMOO’s Whee In and Rapper Hanhui Channel Their Inside Michael Jackson on Duet Song Festivalnotclaira February 9, 2016 0 MAMAMOO’s Whee In and Littles’ rapper Song Hanhui currently slayed the hearts of the target market on “Duet Song Festival” with their duvet of Park Jin Young’s “She Used to be Pretty.”

The costuming and dance steps borrow a little from Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean,” with Whee In rocking narrow black get dressed pants, a black blazer, and bowler hat. Hanhui also dresses in undeniable black and white, letting her and Whee In’s abilities take the show.

Hanhui composed her own rap for the performance, whilst Whee In becameprotecting her name as ultimate year’s champion. The duo took house a first rate 453 issues while EXID’s Solji took the general win with a entire of 477 points.

Watch: Kangnam Parties It Up With His Aunts in Comedian Making a song Performance

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Watch: Kangnam Parties It Up With His Aunts in ComedianMaking a songFunctionality notclaira February 9, 2016 0 Dozens of idol singers took phase in the Lunar New Year special of “National Idol Circle of relatives Singing Competition,” where idols wear performances with their pals and enjoyed ones.

M.I.B’s Kangnam used to beno longer least among them, performing onstage with 3 of his aunts. Together, the household proved that track (and comedy!) may justgo beyond generations as they put on an full of life performance of “Seoul Tour.”

The aunts wore brightly patterned clothing and clapped and laughed their way into the audience’s hearts. In a marvel twist, Kangnam got here out at the finish dressed as a woman in a bright crimson hanbok (traditional clothing).

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G-Friend's beyond song enters the charts back more than a year later
G-Friend's Beyond Song Enters The Charts Back More Than A Year Later

G-Friend's beyond song enters the charts back more than a year later

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The group's new song "Rough" has ruledmore than one charts since its release, achieving the primaryabsolute best all-kill of 2016 and earned them many well-merited awards on song programs. Yet their continuous, stableupward pushdoes notfinish there. The women are so popular this provide day that "Glass Bead," a song that they released over a year ago is surging back up the charts once again!

"Glass Bead," the group's debut track which used to be released on January 15 of remaining year, has entered Melon's heightone hundred this beyond February 7! It isan implausible feat for a song this is over a year old to be hiking the real-time charts once again, as the charts usuallyconstitute songs that were released recently.

Watch: GFRIEND’s Umji Competes in Making a song Festival With Her Good-looking Brother

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Watch: GFRIENDs Umji Competes in Making a songPageant amongst Her Good-looking Brothercrystalcove February 9, 2016 0 At the KBS Lunar New Year special program, Idol and Circle of relatives National Singing Contest that aired on February 9, GFRIEND member Umji competed with her older brother Kim Bo Geun.

Umjis brother is lately serving as a sergeant in the Marines. He made up our mindsto look on the displaywhilst he used to be on holidayso as to strengthen his more youthful sister. What drew the audiences attention become his excellent looks and singing skills. Watch Umji and her brother sing Fox below.

The Idol and Household National Singing Contest featured celebrities and their family, friends, or group of workersparticipants competing against in singing contest.

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Watch: Lovelyz’ Kei and Her Older Sister Carry out Girls’ Generation’s “Gee” on “Idol National Making a song Competition”

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Watch: Lovelyz Kei and Her Older Sister Carry outLadies Generations Gee on Idol National Making a songPageant JiwonYu February 8, 2016 0 Lovelyz Kei published her older sister on Idol National Singing Competition.

On February 8, Idol National Singing Rivalry had many stars and their friends and familyblow their own horns their singing abilities for the Lunar New Year.

During the show, Lovelyz Kei rose to the level with her older sister Kim Min Ji and conducted Girls Generations song Gee.

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Watch: EXID’s Solji Moving Functionality With Doo Jin Soo on “Duet Song Festival”

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Watch: EXIDs Solji Moving Functionality amongst Doo Jin Soo on Duet Song Festivalboxclub February 8, 2016 0 EXIDs Solji has drawn attention for her duet with vocal trainer Doo Jin Soo on MBC’s “Duet Song Festival” that aired on February 8.

The highly expected special featured some of today’s freshest stars, adding Min Kyung Hoon of rock band Buzz, A Pink’s Eunji, Block BZico, trot singer Hong Jin Young and so much of other singers teaming up with routineelectorateto accomplish a levelalong with them.

On this day, Solji and Doo Jin Soo chose to sing “West Sky” and with Solji’s emotional vocals blending with the impressive talents of Doo Jin Soo, they were in a position to win first place, with 477 votes.

Song Triplets Carry  Excellent Fortune With New Year’s Greeting
Song Triplets Carry Excellent Fortune With New Year’s Greeting

Song Triplets Carry Excellent Fortune With New Year’s Greeting

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Song Triplets ConveyExcellent Fortune With New Years Greetingboxclub February 8, 2016 0 Song Il Gook’s triplets have remodeled into lovely princes to send their new year greetings.

C-JeS Entertainment publishedan image of Song Il Gook’s 3 sons Daehan, Minguk, and Manse thru their professional social media account on February 8. In the picture, you'll see the cute smiles of the triplets as they are dressed in their fancy hanboks, posing for a photo shoot.

The triplets’ final episode on the preferred KBS display “The Go back of Superman” aired on February 7, concluding a 19-month run at theprove that garnered much attention and love from audienceall over the place the world.

What Were the Highest-Rated Song Triplets Moments on “The Go back of Superman”?
What Were The Highest-Rated Song Triplets Moments On “The Go Back Of Superman”?

What Were the Highest-Rated Song Triplets Moments on “The Go back of Superman”?

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What Were the Highest-Rated Song Triplets Moments on “The Go back of Superman”?ilmare42 February 8, 2016 0 After the loved Song triplets and their father Song Il Gook’s ultimate episode on “The Return of Superman” aired on February 7, it has now been printed which mins starring the triplets completed the highest ratings.

Each fan of the triplets has their own favourite scenes that theyve watched over and over. However, the minute that used to be the maximum viewed live to inform the taletvchanged into from last October, when the triplets played football amongst Lee Dong Gook and his children.

This highest-rated minute comprisesthe instant in which Minguk is gambling soccer and kicks a objective into the onlinebeyond goalkeeper Daebak. In step with Nielsen Korea’s national ratings, the display reached a score of 31.2 %all over that minute.

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