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Orange Caramel’s Lizzy Says Selling as Solo Artist Made Her Lose More Money

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Orange Caramels Lizzy Says Selling every bit Solo Artist Made Her Lose Additional cash JiwonYu January 12, 2016 0 At thecontemporary broadcast of Sugar Man on January 12, Orange Caramels Raina and Lizzy gave the impression as visitors and mentioned their reviews of going solo.

During the show, MC Yoo Jae Suk asks Orange Caramel what the variation is between promoting as a set and promoting alone. Raina answers, You are making more benefit (promoting alone). However, Lizzy chimes in and says, I latterly checked my account and I discovered out that promoting by myself made me have debt. I must just advertise as a workforce from now on, and laughs.

Meanwhile, Orange Caramel carried out the song You in My Mind's eye during the display and was onceselected from the panel of judges. Lizzy teared up saying, I never won first position since my debut. Im so touched.

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Orange Caramel's Lizzy prefers staff activities over solo activities?

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On this episode, the MC had commented, "Maybe you'll exist replaced by skill of Red Velvet," which the Orange Caramel members firmly answered with, "We have not graduated yet. We might bein a position totrain even tougher and be active soon." Do they mean they are going to be making a returna while in the close to future? We certain hope so!

When asked what about solo activities were greater than workforce activities, Lizzy answered honestly, "It used to be a con because my solo trot album failed. It is more high quality to be active as a group."

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Two X"s Minju & Surin dance to Orange Caramel"s "Catallena"

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Filmed inside their dorm, the two cute and adorable girls flawlessly dance to the beat and fun dance steps of the song while on their comfortable clothes.

Block B, VIXX, Orange Caramel, and Others Confirm To Perform Onstage At SBS Awards Festival
Block B, Vixx, Orange Caramel, And Others Confirm To Perform Onstage At Sbs Awards Festival

Block B, VIXX, Orange Caramel, and Others Confirm To Perform Onstage At SBS Awards Festival

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The 2014 SBS Awards Festival will be Korea’s first end-of-the-year broadcast content festival. Not only will it encompass the three major broadcast award ceremonies (music, entertainment, drama), it will also feature exhibitions of popular SBS shows and meet-ups with celebrities, among many other events.

SAF will take place for free from December 20 to December 31 at the Coex Hall in Seoul. The tickets can be requested via SAF’s official homepage or their official social media channels.

The SBS Gayo Daejun will be taking place on December 21, while the SBS Entertainment Awards will take place on December 30. The SBS Drama Awards will be held on December 31. All ceremonies will be broadcasted live on SBS.

A Pink play the "Idol King Game" + dance to 4minute, Orange Caramel, and Girl"s Day on "Weekly Idol"

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Lastly, as the episode came to an end, the girls of A Pink were greeted with warm slices of pizza that they had asked for in the beginning of the episode. Chorong said, "Thank you for calling us every time we have a comeback. I think it"s really great that we receive so much energy before our comeback [whenever we come here]. We will work hard on our comeback with the energy that we received here."

Orange Caramel flaunt their blossoming beauty and vocals on "Weekly Idol"

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DefconnandJung Hyung Donwere jokesters as usual, complimenting Nana and Raina and picking on Lizzy. During the infamous "Random Play Dance" challenge, Lizzy and Nana showed nearly perfect synchronization, leaving the two MCs speechless. However, Nana and Lizzy"s luck fizzled out in the end, and as punishment, they were forced to take funny selfies. The selfies were not released on air to protect their image as girl group members.

The girls were then given another chance to perfect the "Random Play Dance," and once completed, they were awarded with a king crab meal at their request.

Music & Lyrics: Orange Caramel and My Sushi are Dada!

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The MV mashes various fairytales into its narrative completely changing the roles of the protagonists. Snow White rides a broom, Red Riding Hood bites into the apple, and most importantly, Red Riding Hood is portrayed as a personal hero for the child. This creates chaos and fragmentation not only on the visual level but also on the narratorial level. Fairytales, which are often trusted narratives, are ripped apart, and their pieces randomly put together by OC all the while with a sweet smile on their faces. Surrealism invests itself in such bizarre representations and free associations. The line “An alarm goes off in my tear duct” is textbook surrealism as the textual, visual and performative is in a state of free play.

“Shanghai Romance” and “Lipstick” belong to the transitional phase of OC. Their videos have a ridiculous storyline, and their excessive make-up and bizarrely unique outfits show a complete disregard for traditional aesthetic pleasure and formal beauty. This should of course resonate with our sentiments on any K-pop group – ridiculous storyline, over-the-top visuals except they project themselves to be otherwise.

It’s with “Catallena” and “My Copycat” that OC finally comes to an agreement with their Dadaist and Surrealist inclinations. It is interesting to note that in both these MVs OC uses Dadaist methods to achieve a surrealist reality.

GOT7′s Jackson Is Afraid of Orange Caramel’s Nana?
Got7′s Jackson Is Afraid Of Orange Caramel’s Nana?

GOT7′s Jackson Is Afraid of Orange Caramel’s Nana?

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While the other members went ahead and moved in to the house, other members such as co-JYP Entertainment artists Park Min Woo and GOT7s Jackson as well as g.o.ds Park Joon Hyung were able to talk with each other.

Im scared of Nana noona (older sister). I dont know why but Im scared (of her), Jackson shared to Park Min Woo and Park Joon Hyung.

Park Min Woo, who has already spent some time with Nana in the house during Season 1 of the show, assured Jackson, Nana is not a scary person. Shes kind. Ill introduce you (to her).