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Sehun and Irene are in love in more, hot 'CeCi' footage interview video

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Plus, their complete photoshoot video is out, adding their interview. Either Sehun and Irene divulge what words arise to them when they call to mind love. The words incorporated gaze, promise, warmness and fluttering. They also shared how glad they were to join in in this pictorial to assist children.

The photoshoot is for Louis Vuitton and UNICEF's 'Make a Promise' campaign, and both are wearingjewelleryfrom Louis Vuitton's silver locket collection.

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Sehun and Irene make a adorable couple in 'CeCi' photoshoot video

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'CeCi' released their February 2016 factor teaser featuring Sehun and Irene at their couple shoot. Sehun is in realityjust righthaving a look and Irene looks stunning in the video, as they wear Louis Vuitton's silver locket jewellery for the 'Make a Promise' campaign.

EXO’s Sehun and Red Velvet’s Irene lock palms for “CeCi Korea”

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On January 14th, CeCi Korea released an exclusive shot of the 2 artists as a phase of their upcoming charity campaign. Dressed elegantly in black, Sehun will also benoticed casually placing his hands on Irene’s shoulder, developing a friendly yet intimate atmosphere.

As quilt models, Sehun and Irene link their little fingers into a “Pinky Promise” pose as a representation of the Louis Vuitton’s “Make A Promise” crusade for UNICEF. Profits won from the jewelries promoted might be donated to lend a handkidsround the world.

Fans angry at EXO’s Sehun for deleting Tao and Luhan’s pictures on Instagram
Fans Angry At Exo’s Sehun For Deleting Tao And Luhan’s Pictures On Instagram

Fans angry at EXO’s Sehun for deleting Tao and Luhan’s pictures on Instagram

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On January 13th, fans collected speculations that Sehun changed into reportedly deleting images of Tao and Luhan on his Instagram account, receiving negative comments for it. As the scoop spread, fans asked fellow fans, especially fans of the 2 quondam members, to forestall flooding negative comments on Sehun’s Instagram account.

The cross left fans curious as to why Sehun would delete the photos. Others, however, defended that the member also kept some photos with the members and found out that he, too, deleted some of his own old photos.

EXO’s Sehun and Red Velvet’s Irene Take part in Charity Pictorial to Lend a hand  Youngsters in Need
Exo’s Sehun And Red Velvet’s Irene Take Part In Charity Pictorial To Lend A Hand Youngsters In Need

EXO’s Sehun and Red Velvet’s Irene Take part in Charity Pictorial to Lend a hand Youngsters in Need

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EXOs Sehun and Red Velvets Irene Take part in Charity Pictorial to Lend a handKids in Want JiwonYu January 13, 2016 0 EXOs Sehun and Red Velvets Irene have done a couple pictorial to assist children in need.

UNICEF and Louis Vuitton have partnered up for a crusade called Make a Promise with Sehun and Irene as the canopyitems of Ceci Magazines February issue.

For this campaign, 40 % of the benefit of the Louis Vuitton silver locket bracelet and necklace that Sehun and Irene is noticeddressed in will passin opposition to UNICEF to help children in need.

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EXO's Sehun and Red Velvet's Irene couple up for 'CeCi'

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SM Entertainment and Jcontentree mag teamed up for UNICEF and Louis Vuitton's 'Make a Promise' campaign. The silver jewellery in the above photo is a phase of this campaign.

Sehun and Irene are maintaining onto the Louis Vuitton silver locket necklace and she's dressed in the silver locket bracelet, and 40% of proceeds crossin opposition toassistingkidsvia UNICEF.

Sehun beats his EXO hyungs at verbal war feels attractive after a shower?

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Sehun asked, "Are you good?" then added, "You're great and affectionate, so I think like they would all lose for you." Chen answered with, "They do not lose for me. I lose," causing more laughter.

They also relayed the instant they maximumideawas oncethe genuine "me." Chen said, "In my opinion, I suspect when I sleep then wake up, this isin reality me."

Sehun said teasingly, "That's just a little messy." Then he said referring to himself, "For me, it iswhen I shower," then joked, "I think when I am sexy, that's most 'me.'" Oh, Sehun. Never change.

Netizens in finding EXO Sehun’s doppelganger in China

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Heol they glancesameHow can more than 1 guy exist that looks as if SehunWe have got been blessedI would like to see him with the mask offFans idea information technologyused to be Sehun to get started with and took photographs ㅋㅋㅋI'd accept freaked out if I used to be there thinking it changed into SehunSehun is in all places O_O Source: Instiz

Messages between Lay and Sehun has EXO-Ls crying

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As the closing Chinese member in the SM Entertainment group, there were speculations that Lay may just also leave the group. However, the EXO member made yes that his neighborhood and their lovers knew how committed he turned into to the gangby way of replying to fellow organization member Sehuns SNS post. On Instagram, Sehun posted a photo of the group at an event, and left an empty seat for Lay to teach that they werent entire without him. And whilst fans were already appreciate the candy gesture, Lay made fans even more glad by replying with a lovelyremark of his own.

Lay answered Sehun on his Weibo account, saying, yoyo baby, Happy New Year, I omit you, see you in Korea~ ^^ NETIZEN REACTIONS

Koreaboo has gathered reactions from Netizens who commented at thenormal article from our Korean source. The underneath comments are the preferred comments at the time of this article being published.

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Bobby Kim Reinterprets Cho Yong Pil's Wonder 2013 Hit 'Bounce'
Bobby Kim Reinterprets Cho Yong Pil's Wonder 2013 Hit 'bounce'

Bobby Kim Reinterprets Cho Yong Pil's Wonder 2013 Hit 'Bounce'

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Previously, Bobby Kim become in the 7thround of the MBC factdisplay I am a Singer in October 2011 throughout the "Cho Yong Pil Special" and was given wonderfulreports for his rearrangement of "Trek into the Past." During the broadcast, Cho Yong Pil acknowledged to Bobby Kim, "Go forth with your own personality," encouraging him to explore his own interpretations of the music.