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Park Seo Joon Is The Perfect Model In Milan For One Korea
Park Seo Joon Is The Perfect Model In Milan For One Korea

Park Seo Joon Is The Perfect Model In Milan For One Korea

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Witch"s Romance actor Park Seo Joon looked simply modelesque in the streets of Milan, Italy. The star posed in the streets of the city known for its effortless street fashion and couture runway shows while wearing silky winter coats, trendy slip-ons and graphic t-shirts. His pictorial will be featured in the July issue of One Korea.

One of Park"s standout pieces was a red scarf with script from Burberry"s Spring 2015 menswear collection. The scarf can be seen below making its runway debut.

Zion.T comfortably rests his head in the lap of a nude model for "W Korea"

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The singer"s style in the video is the typical Zion.T fashion: suits with a colorfully mismatching set of patterns, a pair of chic shades, pointed black and white loafers, and tousled hair that makes one think that the singer just got out of bed when in fact he probably took three hours to get it to look that way.

Near the end, Zion.T rests casually in the lap of a wholly nude model, his head being the only thing that is preventing the exposure of the model"s privates.Watch the video for yourself, and bask in Zion.T"s quirky style!

Charming model-turned-actor Ahn Jae Hyun featured in both Korea and Thailand
Charming Model-Turned-Actor Ahn Jae Hyun Featured In Both Korea And Thailand"s Issue Of "ceci"

Charming model-turned-actor Ahn Jae Hyun featured in both Korea and Thailand"s issue of "CeCi"

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As it had been a while for the model-turned-actor to pose for a magazine pictorial, he was said to have been slightly nervous before the shoot. But as soon as the photoshoot began, all fears disappeared and he naturally posed like the pro he is.

Ga In   appeared  to have  made  out with   Model Kim Won Joong while   filming for   W Korea
Ga In Appeared To Have Made Out With Model Kim Won Joong While Filming For W Korea

Ga In appeared to have made out with Model Kim Won Joong while filming for W Korea

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Brown Eyed Girls’ Ga In is featured in a new cozy couple pictorial with model Kim Won Joong for the May issue of fashion magazine W Korea.

In the spread, Ga In and Kim Won Joong lounge around in casual denim pieces from clothing brand Levi’s summer line.The two display such an impressive chemistry that they look like a real couple just enjoying their lazy weekend at home.

Meanwhile, Ga In recently made her solo comeback with fourth album “Hawwah” last month on March 12 and recently started as a new cast member on variety show “I’m Going to School” with SHINee’s Taemin.

Ga In becomes a denim couple with model Kim Won Joong for
Ga In Becomes A Denim Couple With Model Kim Won Joong For "w Korea"

Ga In becomes a denim couple with model Kim Won Joong for "W Korea"

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In the photos, she had a "couple" photoshoot with model Kim Won Joong as the two wore "Levis" denim. The artsy photos show the two with serious faces as they casually lean on each other.

TAHIT model for MAXIM Korea
Tahit Model For Maxim Korea

TAHIT model for MAXIM Korea

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[Vogue Korea] Jessica and Krystal Model For
[Vogue Korea] Jessica And Krystal Model For "lapalette" Spring Handbag

[Vogue Korea] Jessica and Krystal Model For "LAPALETTE" Spring Handbag

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The magazine shared the photos on their Instagram on the 29th, showing the lovely sisters modeling handbags from "LAPALETTE"s 2015 pre-spring collection. The two showed off their impeccable fashion-forward styling and charisma in matching outfits with sophisticated prints.

'Vogue Magazine Korea' Unveils G-Dragon & Belgian Model Hanne Gaby Odiele's Photoshoot

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In the picture released, G-Dragon is seen rocking a wavy hairstyle dressed in punky and urban outfit. As a well-known accessory enthusiast, G-Dragon is seen wearing a long beaded necklace to emphasize his unconventional fashion style.

5 Reasons to Watch ‘Korea's Next Top Model’ [Blog]

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1. The Competition, Challenges, and High Quality Production Americas Next Top Modelspast cycles have focused more on creating drama among the contestants than on the actual competition. KNTM, on the other hand, focuses on the development on the models. Yes, there is the occasional drama and love lines, especially now with guys added to the competition, but it doesnt overshadow the main purpose of the show: the competition. The models stories have been very engaging and are very relatable to the viewers. That drama was shown in a very emotional challenge for the models and was very compelling.

Moreover, the shows challenges so far have been very creative, and the quality of the production has even triumphed over the original American version. From creating the shows title credits, to posing in a genderless fashion photoshoot, KNTMhasnt ceased to surprise the viewers. The sets and photoshoots done so far have been visually stunning and inspiring. Just look at the opening title for the show; its amazing!

2. Host Jang Yoon Joo Jang Yoon Joo does a very good job hosting the show; she is very entertaining and her personality seems original (unlike other countries where the host tends to copy Tyra Banks personality). Her charisma really shines through the show, and her constructive criticism seems real. Even if she scolds one of the models, you can really tell she genuinely cares about them. She makes the perfect combination of role model, friend, and host.

Beenzino Drops “How Do I Look” Video Tie-in for “Korea’s Next Model: Guys and Girls”

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Hip hop star Beenzino has released a music video for the track, “How Do I Look?” The song is taken from the five-track EP, “Up All Night.” It was uploaded by OnStyle, as a tie-in with the cable channel’s upcoming reality show, “Korea’s Next Top Model: GuysGirls,” which will air on Saturday nights at 11pm, beginning August 16. The video features some of the contestants who will appear on the new show, and the action takes place on a set designed to look like a laundry shop.

“Up All Night” is Beenzino’s follow-up to his full-length studio album “11:11,” which was released in May this year. “11:11” included collaborations with some of the biggest names in Korean urban music, including Zion.T and Jay Park. The new EP also features no shortage of collaborations, however. The title track sees Beenzino work with Mayson The Soul, while another song featuring Don Mills is also included.