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AOA's Seolhyun is passionate about Song Joong Ki on 'SNL Korea'

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Yoo Sae Yoon played the role of a Seolhyun fan, who could notaccept as true with that he in truth met her in person. After checking to peer if she used to be real, he instantly went over to a cardboard cut-out of Seolhyun to be sure ITbecame okay. He then shared that he in point of fact prefers girls in 2D, taking Seolhyun via surprise.

He wasn't the just one amongstbizarre tendencies, however, as it became out that Seolhyun herself had her own cardboard cut-out boyfriend, Song Joong Ki.

In comparable news, Seolhyun wasn't readyto take part in the are living portion of 'SNL Korea' because of filming for the film 'A Murderer's E-book to Memorization'.

Song Joong Ki Takes On Fall Fashion And Discusses Post-Military Life In ELLE Korea
Song Joong Ki Takes On Fall Fashion And Discusses Post-Military Life In Elle Korea

Song Joong Ki Takes On Fall Fashion And Discusses Post-Military Life In ELLE Korea

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(Photo : ELLE Korea ) He attributed his ability to thrive in the military to advice that he received from his friend, actor Son Hyun Joo. With these words, the star of "A Werewolf Boy" was overcome his fears and approach military life with from a positive perspective.

Song discussed his recent trip with real-life pals, Lee Kwang Soo and Jo In Sung. Their journey to Thailand, which included a guest appearance on "Running Man.

The introductory article opened with the star weighing in on his first K-Drama role since departing from the military. He admitted that he selected "Descendants of the Sun" because of the story, which is a creation of "The Heirs" screenwriter, Kim Eun Sook.

Song Joong Ki and Ha Ji Won meet with children at the ‘Medical Korea 2013 Sharing Medical Treatment Commemorative Event’
Song Joong Ki And Ha Ji Won Meet With Children At The ‘medical Korea 2013 Sharing Medical Treatment Commemorative Event’

Song Joong Ki and Ha Ji Won meet with children at the ‘Medical Korea 2013 Sharing Medical Treatment Commemorative Event’

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Ha Ji Won has participated in the event numerous years, and she once again attended to donate royalties from her autobiography. Song Joong Ki made it out this year having been chosen as the honorary ambassador for Korean Medicine. Both of them will be receiving plaques thanking them for their love, support, and hard work from the Minister of Health and Welfare.

This event started in 2011 to offer free medical services to low income families abroad, and so far, the event has helped 99 international patients from 18 different countries.

The Minister of Health and Welfare said, We hope that more international patients who live in a place where health and medical treatment is expensive and not easily accessible can benefit from our free service.  We are actively working to promote this and hope that the sharing culture will grow and become more well known.

Korea’s ‘Must-See Routes’ photo-shoots featuring INFINITE, Song Joong KI and other celebrities
Korea’S ‘Must-See Routes’ Photo-Shoots Featuring Infinite, Song Joong Ki And Other Celebrities

Rapper Crown J drops song “Made It” with Korea’s first 360 VR Music Video

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If you'reacquainted with 360 VR, you'll have heard of dancer staff Bambinos 360 VR videos on Youtube that have over 7 million views. Even if 360 VR videos are changing into popular and widely known, there werent any K-pop music videos made in this mannertill now!

Rapper Crown J has released his track Made It in addition to a 360 VR music video where fanatics and audience can cross their mouse or cell phone in all direction for a new form of music video experience.

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‘Running Man’ Song Joong Ki And Song Ji Hyo Percentage A Hug
‘Running Man’ Song Joong Ki And Song Ji Hyo Percentage A Hug

‘Running Man’ Song Joong Ki And Song Ji Hyo Percentage A Hug

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Last week, more than oneresources reported that Song Ji Hyo, Song Joong Ki and other 'Running Man' participants are filming a display in China. In one of the vitalpictures released via the Chinese news media, the 'Running Man' member Song Ji Hyo and former member Song Joong Ki hugged each one other, arousing interest of the fans. In similar news, at themaximumfresh episode of the popular SBS entertainment program 'Running Man,' which aired on Jan. 10, 2016, the 'Running Man' members posed as heirs of a big mansion and played games of hopscotch, where they attempted to extend their territory. Actress Im Ji Yeon starred as a guest host, and she used to be popular right through the episode by the male Running Guy members.

With actress Im Ji Yeon as a host, the Running Man members played rounds of games. On his last circular of games, Gary asked for host Im Ji Yeon's help. Gary and Im Ji Yeon played the sport together, which sooner or later lead him to change intothe overall winner of 'The Heirs' game. The SBS entertainment program 'Running Man' is one of the most smartly liked Korean Television shows' with global fame. The preferred SBS entertainment program 'Running Man' airs each Sunday night. Running Man members famous person on every weekend's episode, together with the episode's guests.

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Hwang Jeong-min, So Ji-sub and Song Joong-ki to superstar in "Battleship"

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Actor Hwang Jeong-min who holds a checklist of 35 million audiences with the videos "Ode to My Father" (14,261,582), "Veteran" (12,414,009) and "The Himalayas" (7,243,039) takes at the function of Lee Kang-ok who is tricked into being taken to Battleship Island. He believes he's being taken to Japan to be offeringcoverage to his daughter yetfinally he becomes the bold father who will do the rest to live to inform the tale and offer defense to his child.

So Ji-sub who made a quick appearance in the motion picture "The Throne" and currently starred in the drama "Oh My Venus", takes on the role of Choi Chil-seong, the maximum productive fighter in Kyeongseong. He reasonsproblemfrom time to time in Battleship Island as a result of his hot mood but he is trustworthy on the inside.

Song Joong-ki's first comeback movie is going to be "Battleship Island" as he is taking on the role of Park Moo-yeong, a solider for national independence who sneaks into Battleship Island to save a key user in the independence movement. Song Joong-ki is readyto turnan entire new aspect of him that isother from the role he played in "A Werewolf Boy".

Hwang Jung Min, So Ji Sub, and Song Joong Ki to Celebrity in a New Historic Film

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Hwang Jung Min, So Ji Sub, and Song Joong Ki to Megastar in a New HistoricMovie JiwonYu January 14, 2016 0 Actors Hwang Jung Min, So Ji Sub, and Song Joong Ki are showed to star in a new historical film Battleship (tentative title).

The production corporate of the film said on January 15, Battleship is according tothe japanese colonial generation where 400 Joseon folksattempt tobreak out a battleship to which they were forced to board. This film is directed by potential of director Ryu Seung Wan, who also directed Veteran.

Hwang Jung Min will play the role of Lee Kang Ok, who used to be scammed into boarding the battleship thinking that he's going to Japan. So Ji Sub will play the role of Choi Chil Sung, who brought peace to your entire Jongno house alongside his scuffling with skills. Song Joong Ki will play the role of Park Moo Young, who forums the battleship to rescue the folkcollaborating in the independence movement.

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So Ji Sub, Hwang Jung Min And Song Joong Ki Will Superstar In Ryoo Seung Wan's Next Film

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Song Joong Ki, whose closing picturetaskwas once the supernatural hit, "A Werewolf Boy," marks his cinematic comeback with "Battleship Island." The film follows his upcoming role in the highly expected KBS2 action drama, "Descendants of the Sun," where he stars as a U.N. peacekeeper.

So Ji Sub, who recently finished the romantic comedy, "Oh My Venus, portrays a personality amongst dark appeal, who uses crude force to get ahead. The motion picture marks his first main silver screen appearance since starring in the 2012 action thriller, "A Corporate Man."

“Running Man” PD Promises Song Joong Ki Will Go back to Guest Back After His Harm Heals

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Running Guy PD Promises Song Joong Ki Will Go back to Guest Back later His Harm Healsorionight January 12, 2016 0 Running Man manufacturer Im Hyung Taek recently promised that actor Song Joong Ki, who used to be once a member of the customaryfastened cast, will return again to take partat thedisplay in the future.

On January 11, the solid filmed a distinctfootballfit in China at the similar venue that the 2016 Asian Smile Cup might be held. Im Hyung Taek sat down with Sports Chosun once filming wrapped up to discuss the special.

Viewers were in point of facthaving a lookahead to seeing Song Joong Ki reunite with the original cast. Unfortunately, he suffered a significant leg injury and changed intonot able to take part in the special. Song Joong Ki actually regretted no longer being ready to participate in the mission, so he promised me personally, When my leg is healed, Unwellfullyget back and play in the games on Running Man.

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