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Global We Got Married EP 10 Making Film: Taecyeon Is An “Ahjumma Killer,” Gui Gui Gifts Taecyeon’s Manager Taiwanese Suncakes

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Global We Got Married EP 10 Making Film: Taecyeon, Gui GuiIn "Global We Got Married" Episode 10 "making film," the videos released on the show's official Youtube website showed behind-the-scenes footage of Taecyeon and Gui Gui filming for episode 10 of "Global We Got Married."

While filming for the scenes where Gui Gui and Taecyeon had to prepare for the housewarming party, Gui Gui apparently gifted Taecyeon's manager delicious suncake pastries from Taiwan. Gui Gui wanted to thank Taecyeon's manager for buying slippers for her during their honeymoon in Jeju Island.

While decorating their home in preparation for their housewarming party, Gui Gui, nicknamed the "game addict," was playing around with Taecyeon as the two tried to blow up balloons with helium. Gui Gui proposed that the loser of "rock, papers, scissors" should suffer the punishment of having a balloon popped right next to their ear.

Hongki and Fujii Mina head to Japan to film ‘We Got Married: Global Edition?
Hongki And Fujii Mina Head To Japan To Film ‘we Got Married: Global Edition?
'Masquerade' well-received in global film industry
'masquerade' Well-Received In Global Film Industry

'Masquerade' well-received in global film industry

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The plot revolves around Korean history in the year 1615 when the nation falls into disorder and is under political turmoildue todomestic power struggles. Gripped with panic and fear of assassination, King Gwanghaegun is getting more violent and aggressive with each passing day. In order to avoid assassination, the king directs the chief royal secretary to find him a double to fill in for him. Haseon, a beggar who has a surprisingly similar appearance with the king and a smooth tongue and a talent for copying the king's way of speaking, is selected and taken to the palace ignorant of the reason. One day, the king is poisoned as feared and Haseon takes the throne pretending to be king while Gwanghaegun recovers in secret. Things get complicated when Haseon begins to voice his own opinions and people start to notice the sudden changes in the king's behavior. The affection and appreciation that the fake king shows towards even thelowest ofservants touches the people, and also the audiences.

The plot of the Korean film "Masquerade" combines true historical eventsthat took place during the Joseon Kingdom with some imaginative twists(photo courtesy of CJ Entertainment).

Jeonju film festival puts indie films before global blockbusters
Jeonju Film Festival Puts Indie Films Before Global Blockbusters

Jeonju film festival puts indie films before global blockbusters

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As a partially competitive film festival, JIFF has three competition sections: the international competition with 10 feature-length films in the running; the Korean film competition with 13 films; and the Korean short film competition with 17 shorts. The international competition features films by first- or second-time directors from around the world. Since last year, this competition has included Korean films, as the organizers say that the quality of Korean indie films has risen vastly in recent years so that they can now compete at an international level.

"This year, we selected 'Padak', the debut animation film by Korean director Lee Dae-hee, for the international competition section. Korean indie films have been really strong since a couple of years ago", Lee said.

First-place winners of the competitive sections will get a prize of $15,000 - $10,000 from Woosuk University and an additional $5,000 from the festival.

f(x)’s Luna Has a “Dream” of Flying briefly MV for Upcoming Film

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f(x)’s Luna Has a Dream of Flying briefly MV for Upcoming Movie notclaira February 5, 2016 0 f(x)’s Luna, who will soon be making her feature film debut in “Lightning Man’s Secret,” has released a quick clip of her OST song for the film. The song is known as “Dream,” fitting in with her persona Han Na, who dreams of flying like the eponymous superhero Lightning Man.

The video cuts scenes of the singer recording in the studio with some shots of her character in the film. Along side her friends, who are all dressed in colorful, cartoonish costumes, Han Na builds herself a jet-powered backpack and takes to the air to the skies. When things don’t move every bit planned, she has to be rescued by way of Lightning Guy himself.

In the song, Luna gets an opportunity to blow their own horns her robust vocals, emerging to a piercing top note as her character soars in the skies.

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Just out on Blu-ray Korean film "Northern Prohibit Line"

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Korean film "Northern Prohibit Line" is to be hadto reserve on Blu-ray with English subtitles from YESASIA.

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Photos Press screening for the approaching Korean film "Homecoming"

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Press screening for the approaching Korean film "Homecoming" (2015)Directed by capability of Cho Jung-raeWith Kang Ha-na, Choi Ri, Son Sook, Seo Mi-ji, Oh Jee-hye, Jeong In-gi,...Crank in : 2015/04/15Crank up : 2015/06/23SynopsisJeong-min, Yeong-hee and other ladiesvery equivalent to their young age are forcefully dragged to a provider club by the Mokdan River and raped by Jap soldiers. By the finish of the war, Yeong-hee survives by herself and becomes an old lady. Thru a 16 year old exorcist who has a beyond like her, they eitheraccumulate the souls of deficientconveniencewomen who died on foreign land.Release date in Korea : 2016/02/24

Photos Exhibit for the approaching Korean film "Missing You - 2016"

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Showcase for the impending Korean film "Missing You - 2016" (2015)Directed by ability of Mo Hong-jinWith Sim Eun-kyeong, Yoon Je-moon, Kim Seong-oh, Oh Tae-kyeong, Jeong Hae-gyoon, Ahn Jae-hong,...Crank in : 2014/12/22Crank up : 2015/03/29Also referred to as "Waiting For You"SynopsisA mystery about a serial killer and the ones tracking him down.Release date in Korea : 2016/03/10

Rising Celebrity Choi Woo Shik Poses for optimum  Film Magazine
Rising Celebrity Choi Woo Shik Poses For Optimum Film Magazine

Rising Celebrity Choi Woo Shik Poses for optimum Film Magazine

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Rising Megastar Choi Woo Shik Poses for optimumFilmMag leejojoba February 5, 2016 0 Actor Choi Woo Shik was onceselected every bitone of the crucial “11 Emerging Stars of 2016 in the Movies” in the February factor of Max Movie magazine.

During the interview, Choi Woo Shik spoke about receiving Very best Rookie Award at the 36th Blue Dragon Award. He commented, “I rigidity out about doing an easieractivity in my next project. Yetthank you to the popularity I received, I'm given possibilities to problem myself more.”

Choi Woo Shik lately rose to the head as the up and coming actor thru his paintings in the film “Set Me Free.” He gained a overall of six awards for his work in it, receiving highlight from the movie industry.

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Photos Added new stills and unencumber date for the Korean film 'Eclipse'

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Directed via Jeong Hee-seongWith Choi Tae-joon, Kim Si-hoo, Moon Ga-yeong, Han Jeong-woo,...SynopsisYoon-jae moves to a new topfaculty and starts placing out with Se-joon, a mysterious student. This motion picture will bring out bloodless sweats as tension never results inthe commonexistence of a high school student.Release date in Korea : 2016/03/24

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