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Eun U Blah Blah Mp3

Sunny Days in any case drops 'Blah Blah' MV

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The MV displays a lady objectified as a beautiful doll this is helpless in the hands of a man, who tries to regulate her like a puppet till the string chafes her wrists from his abuse and she manages to damage free, bored with his laws and nagging that finally translate to just "blah blah blah." Her expression as she enjoys the freeing rain falling onto her face outdoor is actually precious.

GP Basic's Zion reveals solo single 'Blah Blah' MV ft. Swings!

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GP Basics leader,Zion,is back with her powerful voice. But this time, she's solo.She released the music video of her latest RB hip-hop song, 'Blah Blah', throughLOEN EntertainmentsYouTubechannel.

'Blah Blah' has cheerful brass and vintage but strong drum sound written by Rymer and MasterKey. It features Swings.

eun-U releases her second single “Blah Blah”
Eun-U Releases Her Second Single “blah Blah”

eun-U releases her second single “Blah Blah”

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The second digital single titled Blah Blah was released  on July 13th and was written and composed by Choi Hee Chan (2E LOVE), Ahn Hee SinJung Ki Young, and Maljuk Street Musical History. It is an exciting dance track that fits well with summer and its simple melody, that make the song easy to sing along with, and eun-Us cute and refreshing voice makes this song a true masterpiece. Another track titled One Two Three is a medium tempo track about a girl counting one two three, a magic spell that will make the man she has feelings for fall for her.

The music video for her title track Blah Blah is based off the movie Transformers and the plot is about the futures singer eun-U, who got her heart stolen by a man she coincidentally met, and her bodyguard robot that transforms into a car at the tap of her hand.

eun-U releases 2nd digital single + "Blah Blah" MV

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In May of this year, eun-U (Jung Eunbyul) made her debut as a singer with her 1st digital single, which included the track "How Do I Live" and "Good Boy," making a cross over from actress to singer. On July 13th, she has released her 2nd digital single with "Blah Blah" as the title track.

The title track, "Blah Blah," is a song that can be easily sung along with and has an easy melody to follow with a cute overall feel. The track was composed and written by 2LOVE, Ahn Heeshin and Jung Kiyoung.

The music video for "Blah Blah" was also revealed today, which takes on a "Transformers" concept as its motif. The large robot acts as eun-U's bodyguard.