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Jung Joo Ri and husband welcome first little one into the family!
Jung Joo Ri And Husband Welcome First Little One Into The Family!

Jung Joo Ri and husband welcome first little one into the family!

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On December 4, Jung Joo Ri's reps revealed, "Jung Joo Ri gave birth to a healthy boy at 1PM today. Eitherthe mum and baby are in excellent condition, and she had a herbal birth. Their son is 3.58kg (7lb 11oz)."

As prior to now mentioned, Jung Joo Ri married her seven-year boyfriend, who is a non-celebrity administrative center worker, this beyond May. She's lately starring in tvN's 'Comedy Giant League'.

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Spoiler 'Sweet, Savage Family' Jeong Joon-ho, charismatic boss outdoor house vs doting husband at home
Spoiler 'sweet, Savage Family' Jeong Joon-Ho, Charismatic Boss Outdoor House Vs Doting Husband At Home

Spoiler 'Sweet, Savage Family' Jeong Joon-ho, charismatic boss outdoor house vs doting husband at home

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Drama "Sweet, Savage Famiy" is a comedy circle of relatives drama depicting the lifestyles of a household head, who lives two the different lives as a chairman of a robust crook undertaking and an unnoticed husband and a dad inside of home.

Korean drama of the week
Korean Drama Of The Week "my Husband Got A Family"

Korean drama of the week "My Husband Got a Family"

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Now he has a family! Now she has in-laws! Grandmother-in-law, mother-in-law.. That's not it. Three sisters-in-law! The whole package just rolls into her life!! Growing up, Hong Yunhui had suffered enough from family conflicts between her mother and her paternal grandmother! She doesn't want to get married so that she wouldn't have any in-laws to cause trouble. However, she meets the perfect matchA Korean-American adoptee currently working at a general hospital in Seoul! He's smart and his family lives in New York. Isn't he the perfect bridegroom? It seemed like Yunhui could go on with happy honey moon life forever. However, fate isn't usually that kind. Her husband finds his biological family! Which means Yunhui now has in-laws. What is worse and unbelievable is that her in-laws are the next-door neighbors who pick fights with Yunhui all the time. Yunhui's life with in-laws starts like this. Every day is like a war. Living with enemies as one family.. Would it ever be possible?

A dramatic reversal in this drama occurs when, for the husband, his forgotten family and for the wife, her in-laws, comprising her husband's grandmother, parents-in-law and three sisters-in-law, appeared suddenly before them.

Hong Yun-hi, the wife and the protagonist in this drama, is a woman who had grown up in a family in tussles everyday due to conflicts between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law.

Wonder Girls Sunye Homecoming in Korea with Husband 'Family Visit'
Wonder Girls Sunye Homecoming In Korea With Husband 'family Visit'

Wonder Girls Sunye Homecoming in Korea with Husband 'Family Visit'

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Wonder Girls Sunye Arrives in Korea with Husband ‘Family Visit’Wonder Girls' Sunye has arrived in Korea with her husband on May 6, according to sources close to the newlyweds.

Sunye marched down the aisle back on January 26. Her husband is a Canadian-born Korean missionary and the two of them have been enjoying their first few months of marriage in Canada.

According to the acquaintance, Sunye is visiting Korea to spend time with her immediate and extended family members. She is also meeting with old friends whom she has not had seen since the wedding and enjoying a relaxing vacation at her mother country.

"gag Concert" And "my Husband's Got A Family" Are Winners

"Gag Concert" and "My Husband's Got a Family" are winners

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Within the same category other shows to have performed well were: "The Sun and the Moon" (MBC, 32.9%); "Ojak Brothers" (KBS, 30.7%) and "My Daughter Seo-yeong" (KBS, 28.4 %).

Meanwhile in the variety show category "Gag Concert" was the winner with 20.6 percent of viewers' ratings while "Good Sunday" (SBS, 15.9%) and "Infinite Challenge" (MBC, 14.9%) also scored well.

[Guest Post] Drama
[Guest Post] Drama "my Husband Got A Family" Review

[Guest Post] Drama "My Husband Got A Family" Review

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What makes the last sister's love story work so well is that, even before there's any hint at romance, they have excellent repartee. In comedic terms, he's the goofy guy and she's the straight woman. He guns for a reaction, and she doesn't give it to him. To be clear, though, she doesn't deadpan. Rather, she makes the jokes funnier by reacting to his statements as if they were legitimate queries, and responding to situations in a way that makes perfect objective sense even if it defies the narrative logic that he (and the audience) are expecting. At one point a plan to get close to her by watching a scary movie together fails, because she just watches in a studied manner while eating popcorn even while everyone else in the theater is screaming. Their collective inability to correctly quantify their interactions only magnifies the humor. A later scene imagines a comically adorable montage of their potential married life. Part of the montage involves her shrieking at a sc ary movie while he hugs her close.

There's plenty of comedy elsewhere, as well. Yoon-Hee's aggressive, forceful personality is a direct instigator and factor behind many of show's movements, even when she's interacting with single episode cameos. The stability she has with her husband is an important backdrop to the show- in many ways it's an idealized relationship, but in terms of comfort and stability rather than excitement or romance, though they certainly have their fair share of that, too. Several sequences involve the annoying sister imagine her relationship with the overbearing Yoon-Hee in the Joseon era, where Yoon-Hee plays a convincingly cruel sister-in-law. Who, thanks to the Josen era's highly conservative sexual norms, has a ridiculously coquettish relationship with her normally openly affectionate husband. I can go on about little moments like this indefinitely, and can remember the plotting of entire scenes. Even in a foreign language, the comic timing is that well-done.

There are at least a dozen sub-plots going on that I could count, and they often interact with each other, begin, and conclude in ways that are difficult to predict. It oftentimes feels as if this is actually several different television shows that just so happen to share the same characters. All of this combined to make the characters feel more real to me- we all sometimes have funny days or depressing days, and sometimes the whiplash can be pretty bad but you know what? We all have days like this. In modern American narrative criticism the term "melodrama" is practically a slur- so it's been a strange trip watching this show and realizing that I identified with these characters more than any others I've ever seen on television before. Even the ones who were acting like idiots, I at least understood why they were acting like idiots.

"my Husband Got A Family" Dominates At Korea Drama Awards

"My Husband Got a Family" Dominates At Korea Drama Awards

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The awards ceremony was held October 2nd, with the hit drama having received the Grand Award (or "Daesung") for its lead actress Kim Nam-joo. The remaining five awards were for Best Work Of Art, Best Writer Award, Best Child Actor Award for Kwak Dong-yeon's performance, Male Excellence Award for Lee Hee-joon's performance, and the Special Award for acting.

Some other dramas that got nods were "Deep-rooted Tree", "THE CHASER - Drama"",The Rooftop Prince", "Ghost - Drama", and "Golden Time".

[KBS2TV My Husband Got a Family] Kwak Dong-yeon transforms into a character from the hit drama “Boys over Flowers”
[Kbs2Tv My Husband Got A Family] Kwak Dong-Yeon Transforms Into A Character From The Hit Drama “Boys Over Flowers”

[KBS2TV My Husband Got a Family] Kwak Dong-yeon transforms into a character from the hit drama “Boys over Flowers”

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On the September 2nd episode of “My Husband Got a Family”, Kwak Dong-yeon transformed into Ku Joon-pyo from the hit drama “Boys over Flowers”. In the episode, Kwak’s character Jang-kun is an actors playing a genius who studied abroad in a drama. He sported Ku Joon-pyo’s signature curly hair with a grey fox muffler, imitating his walking and action. In an advertisement for home study materials, he shouts out, “studying was the easiest for me!” expected to bring heaps of laughter among the audience.

To look like Ku Joon-pyo, Kwak added curls to his hair and found a muffler made of fox fur, similar to the one that was used in the drama “Boys over Flowers”. The staff members were said to have been surprised to see Kwak looking exactly like Ku Joon-pyo. Although Kwak was embarrassed about his looks, when he went into filming, he completely got into character showing off his comic side playing the Ku Joon-pyo character making everyone on set laugh.

[Spoiler] CN Blue Kang Min-hyuk
[Spoiler] Cn Blue Kang Min-Hyuk "thanks To "my Husband Got A Family""

[Spoiler] CN Blue Kang Min-hyuk "Thanks to "My Husband Got a Family""

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4 part band CN Blue (Jeong Yong-hwa, Lee Jong-hyeon, Lee Jeong-sin and Kang Min-hyuk) member Kang Min-hyuk's name has been displayed on portal sites regarding his draft card.

He is dragged out of the house by his sister Cha Yoon-hee (Kim Nam-joo). He declared to her, "I will marry Mal-sook before I go to the army".

F.I.X releases "Where Is My Love" MV for KBS drama "My Husband Got A Family" OST

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The members of F.I.X have released an OST track titled, "Where Is My Love," for the KBS drama "My Husband Got A Family." The OST album for the drama was released on August 17th and also includes tracks by Girl's Day, Byul, Yozoh, Sweet Sorrow, Yoon Joonsang and M4.

Currently, "My Husband Got A Family" has recorded some of the highest ratings of over 40%. Its OST singles are also doing well on online real-time charts with each release.

In the ballad track "Where Is My Love," F.I.X showcases their sweet vocals. The official music video for the track was also revealed, showing various scenes from the drama.