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Kim Soo Hyun’s Part Sister Kim Joo Na Sheds Tears on “Produce 101”
Kim Soo Hyun’s Part Sister Kim Joo Na Sheds Tears On “produce 101”

Kim Soo Hyun’s Part Sister Kim Joo Na Sheds Tears on “Produce 101”

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Kim Soo Hyuns Part Sister Kim Joo Na Sheds Tears on Produce 101”leejojoba January 22, 2016 0 On January 22, the primary episode of Mnet’s “Produce 101” aired. In it, actor Kim Soo Hyun’s half sister Kim Joo Na performed.

Kim Joo Na grabbed people’s attention when it changed into public that she’s the half sister of Kim Soo Hyun. She spoke of the instant when that realityused to bepublished saying, “My mother urgently woke me up announcing that there’s a piece of writing about us.”

Kim Joo Na added dropping tears, “I was upset. It’s a misunderstanding. It’s okto talkunwell of me, yet bringing up my parents… I used to be so upset.”

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K-Pop Destinations: Finding Jeju, South Korea's Island Paradise Part 2
K-Pop Destinations: Finding Jeju, South Korea's Island Paradise Part 2

K-Pop Destinations: Finding Jeju, South Korea's Island Paradise Part 2

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(Photo : Aisyah Roslan)But even so the sweeping coastlines, Jeju Island is whereto move if you need to have to spend a while precisely to convene with nature. One such position that we visited called Sangumburi Craterwas just gorgeous, especially in autumn where you'll be ready toto find an abundance of Eulalia flowers, sometimes called silver grass, which supplied many photo opportunities. It became windy whilst nosotros were there so that you could run intoan entirebox of them blowing gently in the breeze was a sight to behold indeed. It was a very simple walk uphill to the website of the crater and the view was truly gorgeous, especially when shall we visitone of the most fall foliage from the lookout. (Note: Frontrate to Sangumburi Crater is 6,000 KRW for adults and 3,000 KRW for children)

(Photo : Aisyah Roslan)Every other nature site we visited was Seosokkak Estuary, where sea water meets brand new water. The maximum special thing about the estuary is that you might ride transparent canoe to revel in the picturesque view. However, it was drizzling while we were there so the operation for the canoe ride was closed. It was still a gorgeous sight though, but you ought to definitelystopover at when the sun is out to completely enjoy what the appeal has to offer.

We also were given to visit Udo Island, a small island off the Jeju coast, which it sounds as if got its call from its exclusive shape this isstated to seem like a cow mendacity down. To get to Udo Island, we had to take a 10-minute ferry ride from Seongsan Harbour to Cheonjinhang Harbour. Upon arrival, we took a shuttle bus, one of the perfecttechniquesto transport around the island. Trafficmay additionally opt to hire scooters or, possibly more interesting, mini automobilesthat mayhandiestare compatible two passengers. Just ensure thatyou've your driver's license ready!

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WINNER's Mino And Taehyun Take part In UNICEF Crusade With Louis Vuitton
Winner's Mino And Taehyun Take Part In Unicef Crusade With Louis Vuitton

WINNER's Mino And Taehyun Take part In UNICEF Crusade With Louis Vuitton

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WINNER could also bein the route of their "disruptive youth" segment amongst their maximumcontemporary comeback style, yetit turns out that that the men are still naturalat the insider.

According to reports, WINNER's Song Mino and Nam Taehyun are giving back to charity viataking part in UNICEF's "Make a Promise" crusade on Instagram. The campaign calls on users to upload a photo of themselves creating a pinky promise and use the hashtag "#MAKEAPROMISE." Enthusiasts can take a glance at their charity Instagram post below.

The "Make A Promise" UNICEF campaign is a partnership with Louis Vuitton. For each and every sale of the special pendant and bracelet, $200 might be donated to UNICEF on the purchaser's behalf. The pendant and the bracelet either feature the Louis Vuitton logo on most sensible of a lock, which both Mino and Taehyun recreation in their Instagram photo.

EXO’s Xiumin to take part in Golden Disc Awards Functionality as Planned
Exo’s Xiumin To Take Part In Golden Disc Awards Functionality As Planned

EXO’s Xiumin to take part in Golden Disc Awards Functionality as Planned

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EXOs Xiumin to take part in Golden Disc Awards Functionality every bit Plannedorionight January 21, 2016 0 In spite of the harm he suffered at the 2016 Idol Superstar Athletics Championships, EXOs Xiumin might be attention tonights rite at the Golden Disc Awards.

On January 21, a representative from Xiumins agency, SM Entertainment,told XportNews, Xiumin will be attending the ceremony tonight. He'll exist performing, as he sought afterto turn the fanatics his struggling with spirit; however, in attention of his injury, his performance will be minimized.

Xiumin had an unlucky collision with combined martial arts fighter Kim Dong Hyun right through a futsal match, where he suffered an injury to his leg. Regardless thatnot anythingused to be broken, Xiumin is latelydressed in a comfortablesolidto be offeringcoverage to the injury.

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Korean Celebrities And Athletes Take part In ‘2016 Asian Smile Cup In China’
Korean Celebrities And Athletes Take Part In ‘2016 Asian Smile Cup In China’

Korean Celebrities And Athletes Take part In ‘2016 Asian Smile Cup In China’

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Last week, more than oneassets released the footage of the Korean celebrities in the box for the '2016 Asian Smile Cup In China.' In the photos, the favored SBS entertainment program 'Running Man' individuals played soccer with others. In similar news, at themaximumcontemporary episode of the popular SBS entertainment program 'Running Man,' which aired on Jan. 10, 2016, the 'Running Man' members posed as heirs of a big mansion and played games of hopscotch, where they attempted to make bigger their territory. Actress Im Ji Yeon starred as a guest host, and she was once popular right through the episode through the male Running Guy members.

With actress Im Ji Yeon as a host, the Running Man members played rounds of games. On his last circular of games, Gary asked for host Im Ji Yeon's help. Gary and Im Ji Yeon played the sport together, which sooner or later lead him to grow to bethe general winner of 'The Heirs' game. The SBS entertainment program 'Running Man' is some of themost smartly liked Korean Television shows' with world fame. The popular SBS entertainment program 'Running Man' airs each Sunday night. Running Man members superstar on every one weekend's episode, along side the episode's guests.

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Mayor of Seoul for my part responds to fan relating to Junsu's absence from 'Seoul Track Awards'

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One userimmediately addressed Park Won Soon on social media, writing the mayor, "After a general 47 days of subscription-based voting, we request an legit apology and a valid cause ofno longer sending an invite to the recognition award nominee according to unfair grounds."

Park reportedly responded, "We are latelytaking a look into it. I vividly be mindful seeing Junsu at the 'December' musical." He later tweeted, "I'm also partial to Junsu."

나도 준수씨 팬입니다"@rumiggy: @wonsoonpark @xiahaerang @SMA25th @seoul_eds @sportsseoul1 이제부턴 나도 시장님 같이 응원합니다.jyj勝"

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Kris (Wu Yi Fan) to take part in NBA All-Star Famous person Basketball Game

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Kris (Wu Yi Fan) to take part in NBA All-Star Superstar basketball harmonicar January 14, 2016 0 Former EXO member Kris Wu (Wu Yi Fan) can beplaying the National Basketball Arrangement (NBA) All-Star Celebrity Game 2016 on February 12, 7 p.m. EST. Kris will be collaborating every bit a member of Team Canada, and should exist facing off opposed to the All-Star Celebrity team from the United States. The sport volition take position at the Ricoh Coliseum in Toronto, and could be aired continue to exist ESPN.

The Canadian team will be headed via Grammy Award-winning artist Drake, who will act as head-coach with reinforce from Steve Nash and José Bautista at the sidelines. Meanwhile, Kris will be joined on the court by actor Stephen James; Arcade Fires Win Butler; HGTV stars Drew and Jonathon Scott; pro tennis player Milos Raonic; Tracy McGrady; and Natalie Achonwa.

The American team will be coached by actor Kevin Hart. His team will include Jason Sudeikis; Michael B. Jordan; Anthony Anderson; Bryshere Yazz Gray;  Nick Cannon; Chauncey Billups; Muggsy Bogues; Marc Lasry; and Elena Delle Donne.

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EXO’s Sehun and Red Velvet’s Irene Take part in Charity Pictorial to Lend a hand  Youngsters in Need
Exo’s Sehun And Red Velvet’s Irene Take Part In Charity Pictorial To Lend A Hand Youngsters In Need

EXO’s Sehun and Red Velvet’s Irene Take part in Charity Pictorial to Lend a hand Youngsters in Need

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EXOs Sehun and Red Velvets Irene Take part in Charity Pictorial to Lend a handKids in Want JiwonYu January 13, 2016 0 EXOs Sehun and Red Velvets Irene have done a couple pictorial to assist children in need.

UNICEF and Louis Vuitton have partnered up for a crusade called Make a Promise with Sehun and Irene as the canopyitems of Ceci Magazines February issue.

For this campaign, 40 % of the benefit of the Louis Vuitton silver locket bracelet and necklace that Sehun and Irene is noticeddressed in will passin opposition to UNICEF to help children in need.

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Spoiler 'All About My Mom', The part of terminal sickness in tale line brings up the ratings to the top

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According to the viewership scorethrough Nielsen Korea on January 3rd, the 42nd episode of 'All About My Mom' recorded 33.3% in the national viewership rating, followed by SBS '8News' (7.9%) and MBC 'News Desk' (6.4%), which have been broadcast all the style throughthe similar airtime.

Compared to the 27.6% ranking of the former 41st episode, it's miles up by 5.7%. 'All About My Mom' refreshed its easiest viewership rating with 0.9% up compared to the old highest rating that the 38th episode accomplished on December 20th with 32.4%.

On the 42nd episode of 'All About My Mom', San-ok (Ko Doo-sim) used to be diagnosed with the lung cancer, a terminal sickness alongsidesimplest six months left in her life.

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Watch performances from the '2015 MBC Tune Festival' (Part 2)!

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This year's performers include:Lovelyz,Red Velvet,MAMAMOO,BTS,Girls' Generation,Ailee,G-Friend,Wonder Girls,INFINITE,A-Pink,AOA,B.A.P,BTOB,B1A4,CNBLUE,EXO,GOT7,MONSTA X,SHINee,TEEN TOP,VIXX,2PM,4minute,EXID,J.Y. Park,Baek Ji Young,Seventeen,SONAMOO,Shin Seung Hoon,Oh My Girl,Tae Jin Ah,Hong Jin Young,Dynamic Duo x Crush,UP10TION, andZion.T.

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