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Dramabeans Faith Ep 15

Faith: Episode 13 recap by dramabeans
Faith: Episode 13 Recap By Dramabeans

Faith: Episode 13 recap by dramabeans

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Deok-heung scoffs that he wouldn’t keep something so important on his person. That’s already back in Ki Chul’s safeguarded drawer. Young tells him, “I’d like you to get it somehow and return it to the doctor.” He says that Eun-soo believes the diary to hold the answer for returning her to heaven, so perhaps Deok-heung could work with her in that goal. He reminds him that if Ki Chul were to figure out the diary’s secret himself, he would have no need of Deok-heung. And that would mean his death.

Deok-heung asks what would Young gain from this. He answers that his mind would rest at ease. Young leaves with a few warnings: These thieves might attack at any moment, and in the future Young may not rescue him, and the doctor is good with knives so he’d better not treat her badly.

Young returns to the palace, where he sees Eun-soo deep in round 1 of her get-rich-in-Goryeo scheme: She hands out soaps to the court ladies and Woodalchi men. “This time is free of charge!”

Do you have faith you studied  you'll be in a position to  consume this large tonkatsu in five minutes?
Do You Have Faith You Studied You'll Be In A Position To Consume This Large Tonkatsu In Five Minutes?

Do you have faith you studied you'll be in a position to consume this large tonkatsu in five minutes?

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Pictures of this 'wang' tonkatsu were currently shared below a blog post titled 'Get six months freed from this king-sized tonkatsu if you'llend information technology in five minutes,' making the entire foodies salivate. 

This king-sized tonkatsu, which even a mukbang superstarused to benot able to finish, is hugesufficient to make us feel completesimply byhaving a look at it. 

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Hyoyeon  has faith in the  success of  the  brand new  album
Hyoyeon Has Faith In The Success Of The Brand New Album

Hyoyeon has faith in the success of the brand new album

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On July 1, Girls Generations Hyoyeon celebrated the launch of her personal style book Hyo Style at the Espresso Room in Seongsu-dong, Seoul.

Hyo Style is the singers first style book and includes a variety of tips encompassing fashion and beauty. The book includes her best looks and reveals items from her personal collection of clothes and cosmetics as well.

Upon being asked about her upcoming plans, Hyoyeon discusses how she will be starting promotions for Girls Generations comeback. She shares, The teaser was released today. We will be returning with a summer party.

Song Jae  Rim   appeared   to  have  accused   Kim So Eun  for  making   him lose  faith  in   marriage life
Song Jae Rim Appeared To Have Accused Kim So Eun For Making Him Lose Faith In Marriage Life

Song Jae Rim appeared to have accused Kim So Eun for making him lose faith in marriage life

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Song Jae Rim told his virtual wife Kim So Eun that he would have given up on his virtual marriage life already if it werent for her.

On the May 16 episode of MBCs We Got Married, Song Jae Rim and Kim So Eun experience a temple stay. While sorting vegetables, the two of them begin to argue, and seeing the two of them look so down, the MCs in the studio worry for them, saying, Theyre arguing even more than they usually do.

However, they didnt need to worry, since shortly after, Song Jae Rim suddenly confesses to Kim So Eun, Youre cute. If you were any less cute, or if you werent Kim So Eun, I would have given up the marriage life, making her smile.

More Teachers Lose Faith in Their Vocation
More Teachers Lose Faith In Their Vocation

More Teachers Lose Faith in Their Vocation

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Teachers" morale has worsened in recent years, according to a survey conducted by the Korean Federation of Teachers" Associations last week.In the online survey of 2,208 teachers nationwide, 75 percent replied their passion for work has been dampened in the last one or two years, a surge from 63.4 percent in 2010.

When asked why an increasing number of teachers opt for early retirement, 55.8 percent cited a growing lack of respect for teachers and difficulties in guiding students.The survey also found that 22.6 percent felt stressed when there are complaints from parents, and a similar percent of respondents admitted they felt helpless to deal with violent or misbehaving students. On the other hand, some 28 percent of teachers felt the most rewarded when their students feel a sense of achievement or satisfaction, 20.2 percent when they are respected by students and 13.9 percent when they feel their job is highly esteemed.

Eun Jung  has  stunned people when  claiming  that public has  faith  in  many stuff that  are  not  true
Eun Jung Has Stunned People When Claiming That Public Has Faith In Many Stuff That Are Not True

Eun Jung has stunned people when claiming that public has faith in many stuff that are not true

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Actor Baek Sung Hyun, who acted with Eun Jung in the drama Queen Insoo, fellow T-ara member Hyomin, and Spica′s Yang Ji Won, who was training to be a T-ara member, appeared as guests to share more about Eun Jung′s life.

[Exclusive] Soompi Hangs With the Dramabeans Team!
[Exclusive] Soompi Hangs With The Dramabeans Team!

[Exclusive] Soompi Hangs With the Dramabeans Team!

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girlfriday: Clearly the field is growing and everyone is out there doing a blog, a video blog, some kind of reaction to K-pop or K-drama. But I don’t think it changes our perspective because we just put our heads down and do what we do. There are always going to be people who pop up, especially when there’s a popular drama, you know, My Love From The Stars comes out and everyone is blogging about it but then they only do that one show and disappear. This happens year after year so interest waves like that.

Who are your personal favorite bloggers? Has anyone caught your eye? javabeans: I feel really bad, because my answer is no. The thing is though, when we write, we need to formulate our own opinion first as a rule and I don’t read spoilersI hate when people talk about things before I’ve seen it. So I don’t read anything until I write my recap about it. But once I write my recap I’m just really tired, I’m done.

javabeans: So I’m not going to read my recap again, much less go out and read a bunch of other recaps. I do like to kind of know what’s going on, but I just don’t have the time. We work ourselves into the ground just doing our own thing so we don’t really have the time. I would actually like to hear about other bloggers and if someone is really good I’d like to really hear about it (girlfriday: Mmhmm!) but…

KARA asks fans to keep the faith at recent fan meeting
Kara Asks Fans To Keep The Faith At Recent Fan Meeting

KARA asks fans to keep the faith at recent fan meeting

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Speaking to a packed stadium of 15,000 fans, leader Gyuri said that they had something to say. "It"s been a while. A lot of things have happened, and we felt that we should tell you face-to-face if we had a message," she said. "There is one request we have for you, and that is for you to keep trusting us. Even if it"s hard now, please have faith in us. We will work very hard so we don"t hurt each other."

Sin Min-ah chose
Sin Min-Ah Chose "gyeongju" Because Of Faith

Sin Min-ah chose "Gyeongju" because of faith

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"Gyeongju" is directed by Zhang Lu who has swept the Cannes, Berlin and Venice International Film Festivals which can be called the festivals of the world. The synergy between Zhang Lu and Sin Min-ah can be expected to be amazing.

Netizens say, "I can't wait to see what Park Hae-il and Sin Min-ah are going to be like", "I wonder what Sin Min-ah is going to be as this new character", "I wonder about the story", "I enjoyed this director's past flicks" and more.

“Three Days”: Episode 2 Recap by Dramabeans
“Three Days”: Episode 2 Recap By Dramabeans

“Three Days”: Episode 2 Recap by Dramabeans

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Team Leader Ham doesn’t waste any time ordering them to follow up on the colonel’s case, but then Chief Secretary Shin storms in with Cha-young in tow. The already tense relationship between the security team and Chief Secretary Shin gets dicey when Team Leader Ham has to admit that the president has gone missing on his watch. He makes sure to add that they still have no evidence that President Lee is dead. Well that’s not exactly comforting.

It turns out that Cha-young already followed up on the colonel’s murder after she spoke with Tae-kyung, but the results of her investigation are alarmingly different from Tae-kyung’s version of events.

The CCTV outside the colonel’s house shows only one man entering the house that evening: Han Tae-kyung. Uh-oh. Tae-kyung swears he saw another man leaving the house before he entered, but the footage shows no one else, and there was no USB drive either.