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Dr Jin Ep 12 Review

Album & MV Review Jaejoong - 'NO.X'

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"Good Luck" is every other rocker, starting out with a bluesy hard-rock beat and guitars to match. The bass in here makes it apparent that it's playful, and it just about has a danceable beat. It's a pleasingtransfer from "Love You To Death." There is a frenetic power to it, and the refrain has lovely much the similar melody as the verses, so there is no build, just a bridge. I admire how his tenor hits some prime notes and also offers the States some candy song snaps. On this track, he's bored with her insistence that she's right.

"Blame" takes us on a shuttle to the '70s with a Santana-like cushy rocker with organs and electric guitars. It's noticeably slower, and showcases Jaejoong's vocals nicely, with wistful croons and a few explosive moments. The message is fairly simple, in spite of some great imagery: he blames himself for a breakup.

"Welcome To My Wild World" opens to blazing guitars and an without problems chanted hook. The English is awkward --the chorus is an approximation of the title -- but it still does notforestall information technology from being a super pop-punk tune. There's a time exchange about 2:19 that is awesome and most probablywill give youthe motive of this pandemonium. The song is playful and accessible, and here he sings about a wild time, most probably being under the impact of alcohol and belligerent.

SB Week in Review, 2/6 to 2/12

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Serious News Singer Insooni has been accused of tax evasion.Jun Min-woo, often referred to as Little Psy, kicked the bucket this week. Our condolences to his buddies and enjoyed ones.Following the North Korean rocket launch, Presidents Park Geun-hye, Barack Obama and High Minster Shinzo Abe plan to satisfy in Washington for safety talks. Comebacks Debuts AOA sub-unit AOA Cream debuted with Im Jelly Infant and proved that revenge is best possible served. pink?He is alsopolishing off his armycarrier at the moment, yet that didnt stop JYJs Jaejoong from freeing his new album, No. X on February 12. As well as the 12 new songs, enthusiastscan be tided over with the liberate of the MV for romance You More.Mamamoo dropped their pre-release unmarried 1CM and a hilarious tune video to boot.Yoon Jong-shin teamed up with Seventeens vocal line (Jung-han, Woozi, DK, Seung-kwan and Joshua) for Chocolate. Just in time for Valentines Day, too! Teasers Announcements Jo Kwon of 2AM released the primary teaser video for Crosswalk starring EXOs Suho. This might bethe 2d one JYP/SM collaboration this year.Exciting news! Spica announced their plans for an April comeback following a two and a part year hiatus three and a half if it's essential the time since their final mini album in 2012. Label mates Nicole and Eric Nam will also be returning over the following couple months.Rookie staff April announced their fanclub name. Hello, Fineapples. Let the grimselect up lines begin.Rainbows gearing up for their Prism comeback, and feature released the 1stneighborhood teaser image.Hara (KARA) will be acting as the lead in KBSs upcoming drama Babysitter.JYP and American comic Conan OBrien are making ready something together. Confidently well have more main points soon. Other News A Pinks Eunji joined Instagram! SNSDs Sooyoung also becomeprobably the most showtime idols to register for Tumblr.Actress Jun Ji-hyun gave birth to her first kid this week. Congrats!Congratulations also areso as for Park Shin-hye, Yuri and Sooyoung (SNSD) who all graduated from Joongang University this week.EXO embarked on their North American excursion this week. Unfortunately, member Kai was oncenot able to protected a visa in time for the Dallas concert. Leisure assured, all turns out resolved in time for him to make the Vancouver show. Will any readers be attending one of the shows?

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MV and Song Review AOA Cream - 'I'm Jelly Baby'

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Hyejeong gets a text and hugs her telephone to herself in gladdomestic dog love, but her mood darkens temporarily when she and the alternative girls see the boyfriend walk by with every other girl. They become into magical girls (ala 'Sailor Moon') and prank him to coach him a lesson; they freeze time and kick him, spook him by acting and then without notice vanishing, magically mess with his espresso, and more. No longer content to stay up for karma to do its job, these girls mete out hilarious punishment themselves.

The lighting tricks are in factbeautiful amusing, if now not amazing. I lovethe style their accessories magically pop into being, and the sparkly effects around their eyes are a pleasing touch too.

The cloth wardrobe had me laughing, because their magical lady uniforms appear to be ballet outfits, whole alongside cute, fluffy tutus. This is par for the path in that genre, though, where the garb is more adorable than cool. The other costumes were definitely made for the male gaze, replete with naked midriffs and legs, but the attractiveness of AOA Cream is that they wear the ones so well.

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Review: South Korean Rapper Hwaji Succeeds With A Sweeter Sound On 'Gypsy Girl' From His New Album 'Zissou' AUDIO

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The majority of the fabricat the 13-song LP "Zissou," released Feb. 2 by way of Korean underground hip-hop artist Hwaji, might beregarded as experimental, no less than by Western standards.

But it's miles when this talented MC strips down his sound to a couple of simple, soulful (albeit more straight-ahead) components on the music "Gypsy Girl" that he produces the album's largest highlight.

Recalling strains of master rap manufacturers like J Dilla, Pete Rock, Ali Shaheed Muhammad or any person else who made magic with electric piano loops, "Gypsy Girl" sets a tone that issimple to wander off in. You maybe canin finding yourself attaining for the replay button to staythe sensation going.

MV & Song Review MAMAMOO - '1cm Pride'

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Their previous release, "I Omit You," catapulted them into a most sensible spot and truly highlighted their team spirit and more-than-powerful vocals. That song made lovers wonder "What can not MAMAMOO do?" Now this song is rather underwhelming and lowers the anticipation for their full-length album if it'll continue featuring tracks very equivalent to this. The track does give the group a probability to exhibitanythingthe variousin position of being a fantastically harmonized ballad for each track. The hottaste besides puts a halt at the limits Moon Byul's voice may face upwhen put next to the other members' robust vocals. Yet at the similar time, if they sought afterto actually spark something brand new and new, the song will have been produced better. Take a glance at the MV to get a snatch of what I amspeaking about! 

You would think the a bit of quirky but whiney "MAMAMOO" lines would be catchy, but it more or less merely comes off as annoying. MAMAMOO typically push a trend between classy and usual but fun, but sadly, this song turns out too childish. The MV scenes and beauty are enjoyable, but the sound itself isn't for them. Hwa Sa's jazzy voice is helpingsupplement the song at least, especially with her smooth-talker style, but even then, it form of feels Moon Byul's rapping just isn't equally prominent in this 'hip-hop rap' track. That shift in music with a random spoil down in opposition to the finishwas onceno longer doing it for me either. 

The song is funny and the MV is even more humorous. It's delightful to look the contributors parading around with their particular person profiles and trying out their height in hilariously artfultactics on the scale, beneath the limbo bar, etc. It gets even funnier as Solar pulls off her 'Unpretty Rapstar's' Jessi impersonation! Still, it's not that the mannerbecamean entirecrisis and horribly done, it just appears like a stretch for them to tug off this rap idea when they so without problems mastered a pretty concept prior to this song. Here is a obvious case where MAMAMOO was born with an without problems adaptable identity and haven't anywant to soul seekthrumore than a fewideas like other idol teamsceaselessly do. It's a song you either like or don't-- end of story.

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Spottoon Review Cat and Dog Drama Dream Cast!

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The plot centers around an brooding actor named Seul Woo and young woman named Young Woo who were arranged to be married when Young-Woo was once just a baby. Now all grown up, the time has come for their marriage to take positionalthough they are necessarily strangers and general opposites of each and every other. Seul Woo begrudgingly accepts the cheerful Young Woo as his wife yet equallythey start their married life, Seul Woo in truthreveals himself falling in love with Young Woo. Alternativelya massive number ofheadachesget up that threaten their relationship.

Seul Woo is serious and just a little tortured. He comes from a damagedcircle of relatives alongside a vapid, money-hungry mother. Since one can dream, our first select is Kim Soo-hyeon-I! His ultimate drama, "Producers", become way too short! Our 2ndselection is Yoon Doo-joon from BEAST and the Let's Consume drama series.

Young Woo is blameless and bright. She was brought up in an excessivelybasic Korean ambiance and she has been faithful to Seul Woo ever since she was a child. Her positivity can hardly ever exist broken.

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SB Week in Review: 1/30 to 2/5

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My favorite 2012 rookie group Nuest is creating a Korean comeback! Their fourth mini-album Q is drops at the 17th.Mamamoo is gearing up for the unencumber of first studio album, Melting, on the 26th.B.A.P update: the gang has been teasing their upcoming mini-album, Carnival, that may drop on. Check up on the album duvet and symbol teasers released so far! There is also a video teaser up for B.A.Ps upcoming international tour, which kicks off in Seoul on the 20th.Rainbow has revealed the names for their new mini-album and identify track: Prism and Whoo respectively. Try out more block-colour teasers like Jae-kyungs (above) here.Brave Girls may be making a comeback with five new members and music Deepened. As discussed remaining Sunday, f(x) now has a fandom name: MeU, or μ!Seventeens vocal unit will be next to feature in Yoon Jong-shins per 30 days project, with the Valentine-themed Chocolate.Real men will be airing a new female squaddies special. Showedvisitors include FiestarCao LuAfter SchoolNanaLee Chae-young and Gong Hyun-joo.AOAs latest sub-unit, AOA Cream, is going the paranormal girl course alongside members Yuna, Hyejeong and Chanmi.Fantagios new boy group Astro is expected to debut on the 23rd.Exo leader Suhos debut film One Way Trip (AKA Glory Day) is decided for a March release. The film also stars Ji-soo (Sassy Go Go), Ryu Jun-yeol (Reply 1988) and Kim Hee-chan (The Producers)Crooner Dean is operating on a new album!Block B is related to be getting ready a comeback; and while March is being touted, Seven Seasons is yet to confrm a date.And finally, SM announced its highly ambitious new group, NCT. Read Eriannes in-depth research here. Other News

February 4th saw South Korean primefacultiesdanglecommencement ceremonies for their senior students. Idols graduating from Seoul College of Appearing Arts were given the maximum attention: Jiho of Oh My Girl, Yuju and Eunha of G-FriendEunjin and chaeyeon of DIASoojung of Lovelyz and DK of Seventeen.Congratulations to the entire new graduates from all schools! (Instagram, Korea Herald, Lonely Planet, My Daily, Naver12, Osen, Sports Donga, BestSuperstar News, Television Daily, Twitter123. Photographs via: DSP Media, SM Entertainment, Dice Entertainment, TS Entertainment, FNC Entertainment)

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Album & MV Review WINNER - 'Exit: E'

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If the alternative two MVs were sober in tone, this one is decidedly not. We've got the boys lazing around, sleeping, or doing other things in a wide variety of multicolored, cluttered rooms. It's a top-down view to boot. They sing while they eat, they carry out in a studio, and it looks for the entireglobal like it's no longer serious at all.  The scene adjustments between the rooms were genius, as itnearlygave the glance of they built the sets in combination and sothey mightcross the camera and display them in an identicalarea (though I'm positive it was just a few CGI magic).

This was one who had me laughing, simply becauseit is so crazy. With dayglo sets, cluttered rooms, crowded rest room stalls(!) and exaggerated antics, this is your treatmentonce youdiscovered the other two videos depressing. Is there really the rest to it? Not really, but it's fantastic to see this sort of chemistry from the boys. One could only hope they have lightened up some since their debut.

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Drama Review 'Cheese In The Trap' - Episode 10
Drama Review 'cheese In The Trap' - Episode 10

Drama Review 'Cheese In The Trap' - Episode 10

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We're entering the 2nd onepart of the series and by capacity of chance for us, this episode used to bestuffed with adorableness and the complete lotbecome sweet. My middle was pleasantly warm all over and it is allthank you to Eun Taek-Bora and In Ho-Seol.Whilst Seol and Yoo Jung are still on their 'break' and keeping their distance, Seol and In Ho continue at a stablespeedof having some quality time with each and every other. Ranging fromgambling the piano together, reading at the library, to even walking back from home, they spend an excessivequantity of time together.

Yoo Jung will have to feel threatened by this since Seol does notappear to be she is completely off put by spending time with In Ho. She in truth enjoys their mini get togethers and she even gets him drugs for his cold. How sweet.

But simply because they are in a time out, doesn't suggest that Yoo Jung is totallytaking out Seol to the side. He still cares for Seol in his own way, which was to punish Min Soo and Young Gon for harassing her. He is going on manipulating situations, hanging pawns left and appropriate to create the very beststate of affairs - the object that Seol warned him no longer to do. Boys will never learn.

Drama Review 'Murim School' - Episode 8
Drama Review 'murim School' - Episode 8

Drama Review 'Murim School' - Episode 8

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Soon Duk is bothered by potential of the kiss and the intent, and so is Si Woo. Chi Ang is angry at what he sees as Si Woo's betrayal. Yet beyond their little dramas, the college is abuzz about the box trip, the primary one in the history of the school. Soon Duk's stepmom gets a cruise price ticket every bit a thank you gift from Chi Ang's mom, but it takes Soon Duk to convince him to take it and enjoy. Chae Yoon begins to collect more bits and pieces of his memory, and we be informed information technologywas once the principal who raced into the burning area and stored Chae Yoon's daughter, scuffling with off mysterious attackers with swords.

The magnificencego back and forth turns unhealthy when Wang Hao's men kidnap Soon Duk, thinking she is Sun Ah, so as to get the secret to the treasure. They gain this knowledgethru a mole, the meditation teacher Bub Gong. The scholars race to save her: Nadet tracks her by manner of GPS, Chi Ang and Sun Ah head into the building, calling her name, and  Si Woo crashes Chi Ang's motorcycle into the autowearing the abducted Soon Duk and rescues the girl. Chi Ang fights a hidden assailant in the room she became held in, simplest to be slashed in the intestine and rushed to the hospital...

It's appealingto peer where this display has evolved. It went from primeidea action prove to more of an emotional teenager drama piece. Frankly, I do not feel betrayed, since I believe the characters may use more dimension, and it makes the drama feel like more than just filler. Here isa lovelyusual slice -- I have notnoticedanything elsefairly like this before, as it takes one of the tropes and turns them on their ear.

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