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[Video] SUJU′s Heechul Wondered If He Should Quit Singing After His Voice Cracked in ′U′
[Video] Suju′s Heechul Wondered If He Should Quit Singing After His Voice Cracked In ′u′

[Video] SUJU′s Heechul Wondered If He Should Quit Singing After His Voice Cracked in ′U′

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"I stopped singing after the voice crack in U," said Heechul. "I asked the agency to get rid of my parts. During Sorry Sorry, I thought about quitting as a singer because I was so apologetic to the members and the fans."

"There were a lot of Super Junior fans who cricitized me then too because I was the ′solo activities′ Kim Heechul who went on stage and ruined the performance for everyone. I didn′t read internet posts during that time."

[Video] SuJu promotes new songs

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Ten members of the boy group Super Junior gathered in southern Seoul yesterday to promote their seventh album "Mamacita". "Before, it was important to be No. 1, but now we learned it is happiness that we get to work with good people", said Lee-teuk, the leader of the group.

SM Entertainment Announces Plan For New Boy Band With 'Unlimited' Contributors VIDEO
Sm Entertainment Announces Plan For New Boy Band With 'unlimited' Contributors Video

SM Entertainment Announces Plan For New Boy Band With 'Unlimited' Contributors VIDEO

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NCT's principleis notthe 1st fourth dimension that SM Entertainment has planned for rotating members. In 2005, Super Junior '05 debuted with the plan for members to check in for and leave additional timevia so-called graduations. Because ofthe recognition of the common twelve members, SM announced that Super Junior would no longer be a rotational project group and added a 13th member, Choi Kyuhyun, to create the overall line-up.

The unlimited boy band NCT will be SM Entertainment's first male group since EXO in 2012, who formerly debuted as EXO-M and EXO-K with each and every group specializing in promotions in China and Korea respectively. NCT will be SM's first idol group because the 2014 debut of Red Velvet.

"We will in point of fact localize Hallyu via this activity," eNewsWorldreported Lee saying. "SM Entertainment will actualize its long-held dream of a 3-step Hallyu project this year. We would like we can glance back in this moment and smile in twenty years in 2036.

This video is for the haters who have told Korean ladies to 'open their eyes'

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As a sequel to sw yoon's video 'Korean Ladies Read Hate Comments', the video 'Korean womentry and open their eyes' has also been released. If you have gotvisible this video - great, you'll be ready to watch it back if you'd like, and while youhave notconsidered IT yet, you may be in for a treat.

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Super Junior’s Ryeowook Speaks With “The Little Prince” in Solo Debut Track Video

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Super Juniors Ryeowook Speaks With The Little Prince in Solo Debut Song Videoorionight January 27, 2016 0 In spite of everything of the teasing, Super Juniors Ryeowook has at last dropped his long-awaited solo debut album and music video for The Little Prince!

Inspired by way ofthe unconventional with the similar name, The Little Prince is a song about a guylittered with a painful love having a communique with the Little Prince. The music video includes a muted colour palette and stunning backdrops, following Ryeowook as he works via his troubles.

Ryeowook will make his first solo debut levelat the January 28 broadcast of Mnets M!Countdown. Hes also set to be the following solo artist to hang a concert in SMs The Agit series, which could be held at the SMTOWN COEX Artium from February 19 during the 21.

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IMFACT Needs You to Be Their “Lollipop” in Debut Track Video

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IMFACT Needs y'all to Be Their Lollipop in Debut Tune Videoorionight January 26, 2016 0 Star Empires latest boy-group IMFACT has released their debut music video for Lollipop!

IMFACT is the primaryworkforce in six years to debut beneath the Big name Empire label, which is house to ZE:A and Nine Muses. Sooner than the unlockin their music video, Star Empire released a black and white jacket photo by the use of IMFACTs reliable social media account along the particular person and music video teasers.

The teams debut mini-album, also titled Lollipop, will feature 4 songs, with member Woongjae collaboratingwithout delay in the lyrics and composition of the name track. The music video dropped on January 26, whilst the mini album was once released on January 27.

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Video Added Korean drama 'Moorim School' episode 6

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"Moorim School" (2016) Directed via Lee So-yeon-I Written by Yang Jin-ah Network : KBS With Shin Hyeon-joon, Lee Hyun-woo, Seo Ye-ji, Hong Bin, Eugene Jung, Sin Seong-woo,... 20 episodes - Mon, Tue 22:00 Often referred to as "Moorim Institute", "Martial Arts School" Synopsis More than a fewlecturersand scholarsacquire at a college for quite so much of reasons and face a distinct lesson on existence and keep in touch with each and every other. Broadcast beginning date in Korea : 2016/01/11

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★VIDEO BTS Attempts To Dance Along To EXID, G-FRIEND And TWICE’s HIT Moves

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The trywas oncea phase of their short segment to entertain and have interaction with their fans where a wheel becomebecame to decide the song they're going totry to cover. The finish result was a medley of songs as the participants randomly dance along to recent girl neighborhood hits causing laughter.

Review: Why Gfriend's 'Rough' Is The K-Pop Woman Group's Easiest Providing Yet VIDEO

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But Gfriend's genuineability is in their addicting dance moves and healthy music videos. "Rough" comes as a 3rd in a music video series from the crowd that presentations the members of Gfriend going from startingcollege ("Glass Beads"), going on holidaythroughoutfaculty ("Me Gustas Tu") and finally, leaving school in "Rough." Much likethe alternative two music videos, "Rough" functions the organization incorporating ballet moves and top kicks into their dance.

"Rough," or "Time Flies" in Korean, is the lead single off of GFRIEND's new EP, "Snowflake." Let's hope it is just the start of a flurry of new material.

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Akdong Musician And Katie Kim Duvet WINNER's Upcoming Unmarried 'Sentimental' VIDEO

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(Photo : YG United)The look ahead to WINNER's comeback is nearly over with the gang to set to free up a new mini album "Exit: E" on Feb 1.

After covers from Lee Hi, Taeyang, and a press release about G-dragon, the following batch of YG Entertainment artists have published covers of WINNER's upcoming unmarried "Sentimental." The primaryduvet comes from Akdong Musician and the 2d one comes from newly signed YG Artist and K-pop Star four winner Katie Kim.

"The covers are so other depending at the artist, so they arenow not even spoilers. I cannot wait tillthe real release," acknowledged Stephanie Akenga.