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Baek Ah Yeon teases for her
Baek Ah Yeon Teases For Her "don"t Be Like This" Comeback With Sheet Music

Baek Ah Yeon teases for her "Don"t Be Like This" comeback with sheet music

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The image she released is sheet music, but it"s unique because regular music notes were replaced instead with her lyrics that she handwrote for the teaser image. "Don"t Be Like This" is the first song that she"s releasing that she composed herself.

She worked on the song together with composer Shim Eun Jiand wrote about her own experience. The song is a sweet love song that shows off the unique color of her voice.

Akdong Musician’s Lee Chan Hyuk Still Can’t Write Sheet Music
Akdong Musician’S Lee Chan Hyuk Still Can’T Write Sheet Music

Akdong Musician’s Lee Chan Hyuk Still Can’t Write Sheet Music

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Akdong Musician‘s (AKMU‘s) Lee Chan Hyuk has composed great songs such as “200%,” “Melted,” and “Give Love,” but it was revealed that the older one of the duo still can’t write sheet music! In a recent interview, the AKMU member commented that even after debuting under YG Entertainment, he still does not know how to write music scores. Then how does he compose all these great songs?

When reminded that in the during “Kpop Star 2” he could not write music scores, Lee Chan Hyuk expressed, “I still can’t write it. Usually I compose our songs through the guitar and then I record it. I write the lyrics on my laptop. After entering our agency, it has become easier since there is someone to arrange my music. I don’t even know how to operate the music arranging machine. The person who arranges the music finds the tone and then arranges the song. When that person lets me listen to many different tunes, I say, ‘This one!’ and I am allowed the select the tunes. After constantly working that way, we end up arranging the songs.”

Bumkey teases upcoming music with Dok2, Microdot, and Sanchez for “backindadayz”

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The album titled U-TURN, his leading musicis named backindadayz and on my ownbeneficial properties rappers Dok2, Microdot, Sanchez, and dh-style. He reminisces over his education days in the name track with all five artists appearing off their robust friendship in the music video.

According to BrandNew Music, because here is Bumkeys first full-length album, he has pour a huge number of effort and sincerity whilsthanging it in combination .

Rapper Crown J drops song “Made It” with Korea’s first 360 VR Music Video

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If you'reacquainted with 360 VR, you'll have heard of dancer staff Bambinos 360 VR videos on Youtube that have over 7 million views. Even if 360 VR videos are changing into popular and widely known, there werent any K-pop music videos made in this mannertill now!

Rapper Crown J has released his track Made It in addition to a 360 VR music video where fanatics and audience can cross their mouse or cell phone in all direction for a new form of music video experience.

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WINNER's 'Exit Circulation : E' music list is out!
Winner's 'exit Circulation : E' Music List Is Out!

WINNER's 'Exit Circulation : E' music list is out!

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Also incorporated is their pre-release "Pricked", in addition "Immature" and "I'm Young"! And as you'll see in the track list image, a minimum of one member took phase in the introduction of every song. We are so impressed!

Plus, WINNER will have 3 MVs in total, for their two title tracks and for "I'm Young". We cannot wait. Remain tuned on February 1 for the release!

Performances From Shinhwa's Hyesung, Dal Shabet, Turbo, And More All through The January 16, 2016 Episode Of MBC's 'Music Core'

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(Photo : Twitter )MBC's Music Coreis back with wonderful performances from some of your favourite K-pop stars. Superlevel settings and loud fan chants were observed and heard all through the reside broadcast.

The stars who made their comeback were Turbo with "Again," Shinhwa's Hyesung go back alongside "roco drama," and Melody Day's Yeoeun with "Let's Disregard It."

'Music Bank' Highlights: Suzy & Baekhyun Win #1 At the January 15, 2016 Episode Functionality Recaps

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(Photo : Twitter )KBS'sMusic Bankis back with wonderful performances from some of your favourite K-pop stars. Tremendouslevel settings and loud fan chants were observed and heard all over the are living episode.

Your nominees for the Jan. 15 episode were K.Will and Suzy Baekhyun. The winner was once Suzy Baekhyun for their duet unmarried titled "Dream." Congratulations to them.

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Watch: “Music Core” 1.16.16: Shin Hye Sung, TURBO, Dal Shabet, and More

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Watch: Tune heart 1.16.16: Shin Hye Sung, TURBO, Dal Shabet, and Morekokoberry January 15, 2016 0 Todays episode of MBCs Music Core functions performances from Shin Hye Sung, Kim Jang Hoon, TURBO, Dal Shabet, Fortunate J, HALO, Street Boyz, Purfles, Royal Pirates, INCHOO, Little one Boo, Rooftop Area Studio, Yeo Eun, and Lee Ye Joon.

♬ Legend of Legend- Shin Hye Sung 『Roco Drama』,『End』- Kim Jang Hoon 『Leaving For The Airport (Duet. EUN GA EUN)』,『I am a man』- TURBO 『AGAIN』,『Love is White Love』

♬ Middle ♡ Attack- Dalshabet 『Someone like U』- Lucky J 『No Love』- HALO 『Feels Good』- Road Boyz 『Be my love』- Purfles 『Bad Girl』- RP 『Run Away』- INCHOO 『Snapback』- Baby Boo 『12 oclock』

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Music & Lyrics: The delicate Nuances of “OMG”
Music & Lyrics: The Delicate Nuances Of “omg”

Music & Lyrics: The delicate Nuances of “OMG”

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Track Lyrics: The sophisticated Nuances of OMGWritten by ability of Lo On January 15, 2016There are few wordswhich are equallyright away one-dimensional as either OMG or Oh my god. It's miles the verbal hallmark of shallow, materialistic womensmitten bybuying groceries and gossip the arena over. And of course, it has shown up many, time and again in K-pop. Yet are thosemore than one songs, all proudly named after the shallowest word in existence, as shallow as they seem?

The most reasonable OMG is from TTSs debut mini-album. It'sregularlythought to besome of themore potent tracks by the subunit, and it's the textbook example of oh my god as the safe haven of mocking girls. The lyrics are, on their own, somewhat sweet. In fact, theyre a little too sugary.

Yet when paired with the vocal performances of TTS, the overly saccharine lyrics develop into into natural sarcasm. The consistent flattery of the guys charm, air of mysteryand tool are biting, catty words from a pack of mean girls reveling in their antics. And each time you get started to feel an ounce of sincerity, an easy oh my god, totally dripping with disdain clears it appropriate up.

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Suzy and Baekhyun’s collaboration song “Dream” continues to rock the chart with Music Bank win

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Aired on January 15th, the 2peak tracks of this weeks Music Bank chart integrated Suzy and Baekhyuns Dream and K.Wills You Call It Romance featuring Davichi. The rankings were close as the two more youthful idols took the trophy house with 4,229 issues over 4,207 points!

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