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Dara Park New Hair 2012

Jessica and Jay Park recreation rainbow hair as the units for 'Adidas Originals'

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Jessica and Jay Parkare wearing roughly wild, new hairstyles. Some wild, new hair colours from eachcolourbelow the rainbow, that is! That isfor the explanation that two took section in a photoshoot for 'Adidas Originals' as the brand's models!

According to a Hong Kong news source, the 2 were shooting for the brand's 2016 Spring/Summer collection. At the back of the scenes pictures of the two units on set had been released, and those already seem like the legitimate promotional images.

That is some tough hair to tug off, yet dang, Jessica and Jay Park glance amazing, do not they? Take a glance at the released images, and a 'bonus' video down below.

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Park Myung Soo Thinks He Seems like G-Dragon With His New Hair on “Infinite Challenge”

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Park Myung Soo Thinks He Looks as if G-Dragon With His New Hair on CountlessSubject ck525 December 12, 2015 0 If there’s a will there’s a way, and Park Myung Soo discovered the method to his dream hair in a wig shop.

On the episode of MBC’s “Infinite Challenge” aired on December 12, Park Myung Soo receives court cases from audience on his loss of hair. Promising them a fuller head of hair, he heads off to shop for a wig.

Park Myung Soo visits a shop where a professionalskilled sells hand-crafted wigs. The expert recommends a front hair wig, and after Park Myung Soo’s head is wrapped, he very wellassessments the space in which the wig could be attached.

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Does Park search engine optimization Joon prefer his hair styled up or down?
Does Park Search Engine Optimization Joon Prefer His Hair Styled Up Or Down?

Does Park search engine optimization Joon prefer his hair styled up or down?

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Apparently, there has been a long discussion between the actor and the drama"s personnel just to resolve the maximum "most-like" coiffure for the nature Sung Joon. Park Seo Joon confessed, "I had a huge number of discussions with the workers contributors about my hairstyle yet ultimately, we concept that styling it up is the manner to go. We studied the other tactics shall we make the fashion glance trendy even with my complete brow showing. Because Sung Joon is a personality who is touchy to fashion, we would have liked to turn a wonderfully done up symbol for him in public places; so we put his hair up, and most effective left it down when he was home." 

The actor continued, "Personally, I love it when my hair is up. I don"t have any sharp capabilities on my face so I felt that my eyebrows must be showing. Because I don"t also have double eyelids, if I put my hair down, my face seems too plain. And for convenience"s sake, it"s greater for my hair to be up throughout filming," and relayed a funny tale of ways everybody is calling this hairdresser for the "Ji Editor-in-chief" hairstyle. He said, "I heard one user even got here all of the way from Eumseong County to Seoul to get his hair done like mine," laughing.

Some  people have admitted to having been obsessed with  Park Hyung Sik’s Hair in the show called
Some People Have Admitted To Having Been Obsessed With Park Hyung Sik’S Hair In The Show Called "high Society"
K-Pop "It Item" Alert: Park Shin Hye, Dara And Gong Hyo Jin's $1,240 Crop Top
K-Pop "it Item" Alert: Park Shin Hye, Dara And Gong Hyo Jin's $1,240 Crop Top

K-Pop "It Item" Alert: Park Shin Hye, Dara And Gong Hyo Jin's $1,240 Crop Top

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Miu Miu is known for its youthful, fun collections with rebellious inspiration. The brand"s Spring 2015 line was no exception, taking its style cues from the 1974 dark comedy Female Trouble and all-girl punk bands. The latest Miu Miu spring item to take magazine pictorials by storm is a ruffled crop top straight from the runway.

(Photo : EsquireMarie Claire Taiwan) 2NE1"s ageless beauty Sandara Park modeled the recognizable article in the April issue of Esquire. The photoshoot made headlines after Dara posed with two male models, Kim Young and Park Hyeonseop, for the very first time.

Jinusean reveal full-length album is coming + Sean talks wedding day hair on
Jinusean Reveal Full-Length Album Is Coming + Sean Talks Wedding Day Hair On "park Myung Soo"s Radio Show"

Jinusean reveal full-length album is coming + Sean talks wedding day hair on "Park Myung Soo"s Radio Show"

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Yang Hyun Suk previously mentioned Jinusean could release a full-length album only if their single did well, and it looks like that album will be coming! On April 28, Jinusean guested on KBS" "Park Myung Soo"s Radio Show" where they talked about their future album.

One of listeners of the radio show asked if Jinusean would be releasing an album, and they replied, "We will prepare for a full-length album. Our next song will show another side of Jinusean"s colors, and we think it will be a cool track. Teddy is currently working on it."

Sean also talked about his wedding day and how "memorable" is was. He said, "I got married with yellow hair. When my kids ask about that, it"s kind of hard to answer. It was around the time we were shooting the album jacket cover for "Phone Number"."

2Ne1"s Dara Reveals Her Unlikely Friendship With Comedian Park Ji Sun

2NE1"s Dara reveals her unlikely friendship with comedian Park Ji Sun

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Dara posted the above photo to her Instagram on April 25th as well as the message, "My friend Ji Sun who I can meet when I go to KBS~. Isn"t it a shame that we only meet once a year... We decided to meet more often in the future! It was good to see you, my friend~." Both Dara and Park Ji Sun were born in November of 1984, so they"re same-aged friends.

Dara dines in with Park Shin Hye!

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According to the tweet of Lee Hyo Sup who uploaded the photo, they were eating together with Etude"s CF director Kwang Kwingie and some managers. It happened that Dara and Park Shin Hye were Etude"s models before. The photo was taken at Park Shin Hye"s family restaurant according to fans.

Fans are trying to figure out it the two are up for a collaboration project or just is it just a simple friendly gathering to catch up. Either way, fans are very delighted to see them together.

Sandara (Dara) Park and Thunder (MBLAQ) Show Their Sisterly Love.
Sandara (Dara) Park And Thunder (Mblaq) Show Their Sisterly Love.

Sandara (Dara) Park and Thunder (MBLAQ) Show Their Sisterly Love.

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On November 25th, MBLAQ released their anticipated album, “Winter”; Dara immediately left her sister brother a encourage message on her personal Twitter account, which read, “Sigh..ㅠ.ㅠ,” alongside an emoticon of a thumbs-up sign, as well as “Doong songwriter…the song is so good. wow…” with three more thumbs-up emoticons. Posted with both of these tweets were screen captured images of Dara streaming the tracks “Spring, Summer, Fall, and…” and “The Words, It Will Be Okay.

As this new mini album is composed of self-composed songs by the MBLAQ members themselves, the 2NE1 member especially complimented the work of her younger brother, who took part in composing “The Words, It Will Be Okay.”

Known to have a very close sibling relationship in the music industry, Dara once again proves to be a supportive older sister for Thunder with these encouraging messages.