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Stellar dance their way into your hearts with practice session video for 'Sting'

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If you were unhappy yousdid not get to look much of the choreography for Stellar's new song, "Sting," from their MV, leisure assured!  You can be told the moves now because they dropped their dance train video.

The song is upbeat and cheery in spite of their taunting lyrics asking if the things they say "sting" the individualthey aretalking to, and the dance suits that well.  The ladies give peeks at their bodies with sophisticatedblouse lifting in the refrain to upload to their teasing lyrics.

Dal Shabet displays their moves in 'Someone Like U' dance practice!

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The upbeat, funky song is by potential of the talented Brave Brothers and its beat will make you harking back to the dance songs from the 80s and 90s. Here iscertainlya robustunlock by Dal Shabet. Additionally it is their first track release as a 4-membered group, and the song used to be released at the day in their 5th anniversary.

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Rookie lady crew I.C.E does Christmas-themed dance practice session of 'Over U'

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The theme is Christmas as you'll be in a position to tell with the tree, decorations, and their outfits (Santa hats and reindeer antlers!).  The ladies are cute, smiling brightly as they dance to their catchy track.  See for yourself above!

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Check out Kris' moves in his 'Bad Girl' dance practice!

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Well, this video is as close as we may get with Kris leading the dance train to his freshunmarried "Bad Girl". It is a little not easy to see from the attitude the video is taken , yet Kris is straightforwardsufficient to spot - he is the tall guy that is towering above all and sundry else (what else is new?).

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MONSTA X turn out to be vampires in Halloween edition of 'Hero' dance practice

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The boys welcomed the vacation with costumes in an adorable choreography video. MONSTA X brought you the rooftop version in addition the fastened version for their newest comeback track, and this Halloween special unquestionably adds to the attention candy.

TWICE can lend a hand you know their names in 'Like OOH-AHH' dance practice

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The JYP Entertainment girl staff debuted previous this month with the song and went directly to bring in five million perspectives for the MV soon after. when you remember, TWICE battled via the competitive fact program "Sixteen" so as to debut, and now the contributors are ensuring you know their names.

Seventeen get into switching portions in 'Mansae' dance practice

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The boys get into adorable uniforms for this choreography practice, which they take to the front of a school. Seventeen have a little more a laugh with this version, appearing their cuter side. The customary MV brought in one million perspectives in exactly 3 days, and it seems like Seventeen are making certain to thank their fanatics with a couple of dance practice videos.

JJCC get lively in new 'Where You At' dance practice

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JJCC got here back with the music as a 7-member group, and adding 2 new contributors made for a more impressive dance functionality via the boys. They already taught their moves before, which you would possibly have followed along to, yet this new clip is particularly for fanatics who need some eye candy.

24K take it back to university for 'Superfly' dance practice!

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As up to now mentioned, "Super Fly" is one of five songs from their 4th album, and the song was once written via member Daeil himself. The choreography best adds to the catchy, hip hop track, and the lads installed their all right through practice. the faculty uniforms undoubtedly creates a other taste to the dance!

Lovelyz sneeze 'Ah-Choo' in dance practice

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The girls, dressed casually in garments so they are ready to rehearse with comfort, dance in unison to their so-sweet-it-causes-cavities choreography. Smiling the complete time, which takes effort when dancing so vigorously, the ladies display no signal of exhaustion and each and every sign of professionalism, finishing up the choreo with perfection.