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New York Post Calls U-KISS Rapper AJ 'Korea's Justin Bieber' In Profile Of His Academic Pursuits At Columbia University
New York Post Calls U-Kiss Rapper Aj 'korea's Justin Bieber' In Profile Of His Academic Pursuits At Columbia University

New York Post Calls U-KISS Rapper AJ 'Korea's Justin Bieber' In Profile Of His Academic Pursuits At Columbia University

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Yet in his first semester of college, just when he felt completely anonymous in New York City, AJ was reminded of U-KISS's international reach when he ventured downtown to the enclave of Korean restaurants and markets on 31st Street in Manhattan known as Koreatown.

"Since I missed Korean food desperately, I went down to Koreatown by myself, and one night after I had a dinner, there was one person [who told me] 'I'm a KissMe!'" AJ recalled.

Kim So-hyeon-I unveils new profile image

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Kim So-hyeon-I is utterly charismatic in the black outfit from head to toe and with the loose messy hairstyle. Her thick makeup and robust red lip colourglance hot.

She looks comfy when striking the pose. With her hands crossed, she straightly looks into the camera lens. The lovablesymbol at her more youthful years isn'tobserved here.

Kim So-hyeon-I will play a genius pianist Yoon Yoo-seul, who has long gonethrua sad accident, in KBS 2TV's 'Drama Special - Page Turner' also co-starring Ji Soo.

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K-Pop Classics: Hallyu Forefathers Search engine optimization Taiji And Boys Bring Hip-Hop To Korea At the 1992 Tune 'Nan Arayo' VIDEO

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Whilstit all started every bit a South Bronx sensation, it did not accept long for hip-hop to take grasp worldwide. Along side his group, Boys, Seo Taiji used to beone of the most showtime artists at the Korean peninsula to admire its potential.

Back in 1992, Seo Taiji and Boys released their first single, "Nan Arayo." It will be the initiatorydamage hit in a long string of successes for this shapeshifting artist, yet IT also stands as a robust example of the way rap trackmay just remain compelling as it started to dovetail with mainstream pop.

Seo's profession began at age 17 as a member of the pioneering Korean steel ring Sinawe, but it became alongside Seo Taiji and Boys, a boy band with metal and hip-hop influences, where he discovered an target audience that stayed with him thru his quite so much of incarnations.

Fans in uproar as JYP Entertainment allegedly adjustments Tzuyu’s profile birthplace to “China Taiwan”

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This update turns outin keeping with JYP Entertainments newestobservationin regards to the young idols movements amongst a postponement at theteams Chinese activities following the trending tag #boycottJYP on Weibo. Furthermore, it appears noteworthy that whilst other contributors nationalities or birthplaces are listed in English, Tzuyus is in Chinese which has been interpreted as a signal to China.

The edits made to her profile is alsoobserved as a passto soothe Chinese netizens and broadcasting agencies yet simultaneously has persisted to anger more than a few Taiwanese, Hong Kong, and Korean fans. Many commenters have expressed their sympathies for Tzuyu who, in spite of her young age, has been pit in a highly touchy and political space.

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JYPE assures Tzuyu isn't a Taiwanese independence demonstrator Tzuyu's CFs for Korea's 'Y6 phone' are suspended

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Hello, everyone! Here is JYP Entertainment.Recently in the web world, there were reports that our agency's artist Tzuyu is a 'Taiwanese independence demonstrator'. We are very sorry to folks who accept felt uncomfortable because ofthoseunfaithful reports.1. Our artist Tzuyu understands and respects the primary of 'One China' . Taiwan is Tzuyu's homeland, and Tzuyu has an unbreakable tie with Taiwan, but that does not mean all Taiwanese individuals are 'Taiwan independence demonstrators'. Tzuyu hasn't ever made a remark on Taiwan's independence, and the online public opinion that Tzuyu supports Taiwan independence is now not true.2. She supports either Korea and China in attaining an amicable state, and she understands and respects China as one. We say that we willnow notsettle for a scenario where our corporate internally harms the friendly family members between both countries.If we as an firm were missing in managing our artists, we are very sorry, and if there are those who were harmas a result of our extend in responding to Chinese netizens, then we make an apology once more.We thank you curious about supporting JYP Entertainment, and we are hoping yous all will stay giving JYP Entertainment love and attention. From now on, we'llcarefullymaintain an eye in this situation, and save youanything like this from taking place again. We hope you all will keep giving a good deal of advice. We express regret once back for this conditionand mayinstalled effort to paintings eveningmore difficult in 2016.

And there is some more unlucky news. Up till now, JYP Entertainment had maintained their stance that not anythingwereshowedat the rumors of canceled endorsement deals.

This is sudden because Korean netizens are typically on Tzuyu's aspect on this political matter, and the 'YG phone' has even been nicknamed the 'Tzuyu phone'.

EXO’s Sehun and Red Velvet’s Irene lock palms for “CeCi Korea”

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On January 14th, CeCi Korea released an exclusive shot of the 2 artists as a phase of their upcoming charity campaign. Dressed elegantly in black, Sehun will also benoticed casually placing his hands on Irene’s shoulder, developing a friendly yet intimate atmosphere.

As quilt models, Sehun and Irene link their little fingers into a “Pinky Promise” pose as a representation of the Louis Vuitton’s “Make A Promise” crusade for UNICEF. Profits won from the jewelries promoted might be donated to lend a handkidsround the world.

7 Reasons Why Faculty In Korea Is hard As Hell
7 Reasons Why Faculty In Korea Is Hard As Hell

7 Reasons Why Faculty In Korea Is hard As Hell

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In other countries, students are taught to stand out and be yourself. This isn't the case in Korea. Their dreams are to are compatible in with others in order to steer transparent ofinstances of bullying because they stand out too much. Scholarstrust that it's miles their accountability to do smartlyat school and know the answers to the complete thing in class.  

Even even though students fail a elegance or purpose trouble, students do now not accept an option of shedding out. If there is no choice, the scholarmight be transferred into a new school. However, falling by the wayside is never an option since Korea hopes to have a wide% of skilled students.

A student generally wakes up at 6:30AM to get in a position and visit school. Unlike many other countries, school days can last up to 16 hours. Once you have out of category at around 4PM, many students go take personalclassestillmiddle of the night so they are able to make well for school placement exams.

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iKON Drop 1st Eastern Album Simplest  four Months After Legit Debut In Korea
Ikon Drop 1St Eastern Album Simplest Four Months After Legit Debut In Korea

iKON Drop 1st Eastern Album Simplest four Months After Legit Debut In Korea

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(Photo : courtesy of iKON's respectable Facebook page) Simplest4 months after their Korean debut with "My Type," YG Entertainment's latestcrew imageis ready to take over Japan.

In addition to the CD release, iKON will kick offtheir Japanese promotions on Jan. 22. The rookie community volition also hang fan meetings in Tokyo and Osaka. Afterwards, they'll host an arena excursion around the rustic titled "iKON Japan Tour 2016," adding fourteen displays in five other cities.

Prior to their official Japanese debut, iKON gained a warm and welcome reactionright through "iKON Fan Assembly 2015 in Japan iKONtact," their first fan meeting, held in October 2015. In line with Korea Herald, iKONtact brought in an estimated 26,600 fans.

Surviving 'comfort women' and activists continue to protest the new Japan-Korea agreement

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16 feminine activists of Ewha Woman's University's Global Empowerment Program (EGEP) were also provide at the clicking conference, siding with the reliefladies and declaring that "the Japanese government would have to officially ask for forgiveness to those women."

Earlier the similar day at 10am (KST), scholars from 16 universities adding Seoul National University and Yonsei University held a press conference in front of The Foreign Ministry, insisting that the Japan-Korea agreement is unacceptable, that the girl statues can't be removed, and that they call for a assembly alongside foreign minister Yoon Byung Se.

30 women's rights organizations such asKorean Women's Associations United (KWAU), Korea Sexual Violence Relief Center, and Womenlink also made their voice heard in this day, unanimously declaring, "The 'comfort women' agreement excluded the celebrationimmediatelyconcerned and entirely not notedthe reality and preventative measures asked by the surviving victims and the organizations. Therefore, the Japan-Korea agreement is null."

Netizens in love with Kim Yoo Jung’s new profile photos
Netizens In Love With Kim Yoo Jung’S New Profile Photos

Netizens in love with Kim Yoo Jung’s new profile photos

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Kim Yoo Jungs agency Sidus HQ, which also these days released new profile photographs for label mate and fellow former kid actress Kim So Hyun, unveiled the recent photos to fans, who were surprisedthrough her breathtaking attractiveness and aura. In line with netizens, the young actress is arising very well, and is going getting prettier as she grows older. As they showered her with compliments, many netizens also begged the actress not to get any cosmetic surgery, as shes already easiest equally she is.

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