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Hwang Jung Min, So Ji Sub, and Song Joong Ki to Celebrity in a New Historic Film

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Hwang Jung Min, So Ji Sub, and Song Joong Ki to Megastar in a New HistoricMovie JiwonYu January 14, 2016 0 Actors Hwang Jung Min, So Ji Sub, and Song Joong Ki are showed to star in a new historical film Battleship (tentative title).

The production corporate of the film said on January 15, Battleship is according tothe japanese colonial generation where 400 Joseon folksattempt tobreak out a battleship to which they were forced to board. This film is directed by potential of director Ryu Seung Wan, who also directed Veteran.

Hwang Jung Min will play the role of Lee Kang Ok, who used to be scammed into boarding the battleship thinking that he's going to Japan. So Ji Sub will play the role of Choi Chil Sung, who brought peace to your entire Jongno house alongside his scuffling with skills. Song Joong Ki will play the role of Park Moo Young, who forums the battleship to rescue the folkcollaborating in the independence movement.

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Celebrity couple announces marvel marriage plans
Celebrity Couple Announces Marvel Marriage Plans

Celebrity couple announces marvel marriage plans

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Although the couple just these days announced their marriage plans, they published that the would be if reality be told getting married in only a few days, with the personalrite scheduled for January 16th. At the scoop of the Reply 1994 actors marriage, many fanatics sent their congratulations to him, yet some fans also added that theyre also unhappy that he'll be permanently off the market.

Koreaboo has accrued reactions from Netizens who commented at theusual article from our Korean source. The under comments are the maximumsmartly liked comments at the time of this article being published.

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Dream Celebrity Entertainment Looks Into Criminal Action After Tahiti Member Ji Soo Exposes Indecent Proposal From 'Sponsor'

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The messages are allegedly from a guy who calls himself a "middleman" and who tries to install an arrangement between the pop star and his client, a guy who is willing to pay Ji Soo for normal dates with him. In the message, the intermediary tries to cajole Ji Soo to satisfy amongstthe alternative human beingeveryday in substitutefor two million KRW (approximately $1,600 USD) per "date."

Ji Soo stated that she again and againomitted the messages, yet the guy continues to push the deal, or even negotiated for 1 million KRW ($830 USD) "normal dates" that mightcome with "shopping and having dinner together."

"Her father's a detective" and "Whoever that broker is, he is in problem now... her father's a detective," were some of the comments left by fans, as translated byNetizenbuzz.

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Jung Il Woo, Ahn Jae Hyun and Park So Dam to in all probability celebrity in drama 'You're The First'

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Park So Dam lately starred in the drama 'Because It is the showtime Time' and has acted in many films. We are assuming readers know who Jung Il Woo and Ahn Jae Hyun are, but should you don't, Jung Il Woo recently starred in 'Diary of an evening Watchman' and Ahn Jae Hyun in the drama 'Blood'.

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Nine Muses Display  Self belief In The Celebrity
Nine Muses Display Self Belief In The Celebrity

Nine Muses Display Self belief In The Celebrity

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(Photo : The Celebrity)(Photo : The Celebrity)(Photo : The Celebrity)(Photo : The Celebrity)The Nine Muses (9 Muses) contributors starred in "Under The Skin" for the January factor of The Celebrity.

The stars donned attractive black ensembles, like sheer bodysuits and sleeveless dresses, via brands like Tom Ford and Bershka. In line with the magazine, the pictorial allowed everyperson member to polishand featurea utterly uniqueattractiveness moment.

During the interview, the beauties mentioned the framephasethat provides them the maximum confidence. Sojin chose her transparent skin, Hyuna most well-liked her long legs, Hyemi admitted that she likes bringing attention to her narrow waist and Minha showed off her neck in a dramatic closeup. Meanwhile, Kyungri decided on her lips because many lovers accept complimented them often.

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T-ARA rumored to be getting in a position for a collaboration with Taiwanese celebrity Jay Chou?

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The rumor going round theinternet is that T-ARA may be starring in the song video for the League of Legends soundtrack Jay Chou is decided to release. However, officials revealed that there are not any such plans in the works and they have gotno longer heard anything elsein terms of this. This type of collaboration would now not come to a wonder though, as CEO of T-ARAs Chinese corporate Wang Sicong is reportedly the president of Chinas Cellular Gaming Visitors and has played a circular of the sport amongst Jay Chou himself in September.

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Lee Joon bares his attractive back for 'The Celebrity'
Lee Joon Bares His Attractive Back For 'the Celebrity'

Lee Joon bares his attractive back for 'The Celebrity'

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These days, he is busy practicing action scenes for OCN's 'Vampire Detective' whilstwaiting for the premiere of his film 'Key of Life' for which he used to bethe major actor.  In the interview for the January issue, he printed what he's been up to in fresh years for the recent drama he becamerunning on.  "I got here here after action school, so I am limping," he explained.  "The action for 'Vampire Detective' is anythingI have never done before, so it is difficult.  It's a restrained form of action like in the motion picture 'The Guy From Nowhere.'  I do notwish to inconvenience other productions, but I stay getting engaged with the movie and drama filming."

He also went into his true mind on his acting, stating, "Honestly, I'm the sort to don't have anyself assurance and get nervous.  However, I cannot becomestuck being nervous, so I keep watch over my brain when I film.  I'm still scared to peer my works.  It's awkward and embarrassing.  However, whether I do smartly or badly, if I am gettingvia a production, I be told something.  Life, after all, is something in which you read moment by bit as you mature.  That section is fun."

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How Seolhyun Turned into a celebrity in one Year

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This year's maximum searched famous person on most sensible portal Naver used to be Seolhyun of lady band AOA, who also debuted as an actress. She changed into especially popular among young men. Her lead comes as anything of a marvel since she was in huge partdifficult to understand for the primary3 years after AOA were givenbegan in 2012. On Jan. 19 this year, Seolhyun first captured serious attention with her first appearance at the panel of truthdisplay "Brave Family" on KBS. Overnight searches jumped 30 times. The "survivor"-style show, which puts up celebrities in a faraway village overseas, brought out the most productive in Seolhyun, who charmed audience alongside boyish and unaffected demeanor that incorporatedno longer washing her hair for three days and catching a chook with her naked hands. Then she gave the impression on form staple "Running Man" on SBS in early July, and searches jumped again. One Televisionmanufactureracknowledged such methods on the terrestrial channels "have transformthe most effective gateway to stardom for budding celebrities, so at the moment they come ready with methods to take hang of people's attention". Many searches center of attention on her figure. In May, she was forged every bit the "Face" of a telecom company, and a advertisement that showed off her frame was a big hit. The corporate gave away 60,000 posters of Seolhyun to customers, that have beenlong past in a trice, or even a life-size cutout was stolen from a store. In the saturated marketplace for manufactured combos, increasinglyin theirindividuals gain stardom now not with making a song and dancing yetthru2nd jobs. Seolhyun too has now seemed in a movie and starred in a soap opera, being cast prominently in KBS drama "Orange Marmalade" in May. Even if it racked a trifling two % viewer ratings, the prove brought her compliment for her acting. At the finish of November, she won a "popular star" award at the 36th Blue Dragon Film Awards for her role in "Gangnam Blues", plus a new commercial showcased her in a red mini get dressed that proved very best eye-candy for the net community. Seolhyun has been fast to money in on her newfound stardom, securing the exclusive modeling rights for no fewer than five primary brands.

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Yoo In Young to celebrity in new MBC drama that would air next year!
Yoo In Young To Celebrity In New Mbc Drama That Would Air Next Year!

Yoo In Young to celebrity in new MBC drama that would air next year!

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The stunning actress Yoo In Young, who has seemed dramas comparable to 'Mask,' 'You Who Got here From the Stars,' quite so much ofmotion picturesand diversity shows, used to bethese daysshowed for a new MBC drama!

The actress's firmmentioned on December 28, "Yoo In Young changed into recently provento look in 'Goodbye Mr. Black.' She will be able toget started filming for the drama soon."

After she is done filming for 'Oh My Venus,' Yoo In Young will dive immediately into filming for 'Goodbye Mr. Black.' Sounds like Yoo In Young never rests!

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Younha Praises G-Dragon's Artistry In The Celebrity
Younha Praises G-Dragon's Artistry In The Celebrity

Younha Praises G-Dragon's Artistry In The Celebrity

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(Photo : The Celebrity)(Photo : The Celebrity)(Photo : The Celebrity)Younha starred in "On the Boulevard Movie" for the January factor of The Celebrity.

The star posed on a bridge overlooking traffic and big edifices for a grainy pictorial with a spontaneous theme. The beauty's cloth cabinetincorporated an AllSaints jumper, Opening Rite flared skirt and SUECOMMA BONNIE platforms with remark lettering.

During the interview, Younha mentioned fellow entertainers that she reveals inspirational. She revealed, "Although our domain names are different: G-Dragon. He issomeone who has conviction in regards to thebox he needs to enter. He has an obtrusive identity and appeals to the country amongst his amazing presence."

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