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Biodata Pemain Full House 2

HanCinema's Drama Review 'Full House'
Hancinema's Drama Review 'full House'
Super Junior Plays to Full House in Singapore at SUPER SHOW 6
Super Junior Plays To Full House In Singapore At Super Show 6

Super Junior Plays to Full House in Singapore at SUPER SHOW 6

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1. Twins2.Bonamana (Rock ver.)3. Sorry, Sorry (with Heechul on drums)4. First video interlude5. U6. Rap SoloEunhyuk7. Midnight Blues8. 그녀는 위험해 (She Wants It)9. First Talk Segment10. Mr. Simple11. Second video interlude.12. Dont Leave Me (Composed by Siwon)13. Islands14. Third video interlude (Kyuhyun and Changmin)15. My Thoughts, Your MemoriesKyuhyun16. In Kwanghwamen (Chinese version)Kyuhyun.17. 상심 (Heartbreak)Kangin18. 七里香 (Xi Li Xiang)Ryeowook.19. This is Love20. Evanesce21. Fourth video interlude.22. SwingSuper Junior-M23. Second Talk Segment24. AO - Super Junior-M25. Smooth Criminal - Henry26. FantasticHenry27. 挽回 (Rewind)Zhoumi28. Third Talk Segment29. 1+1=LOVEDonghae (feat. Eunhyuk)30. Growing pains. Nice Intro music.31. Fifth video interlude32. Lost StarsSiwon33. Hello = Leeteuk34. Sixth video interlude35. Frozen cosplay contest36. Rokkugo!!37. Seventh video interlude. Dont forget.38. 잊지 말아요 (Dont Forget) Video ver.Shindong39. Fifth Talk Segment40. Too Many Beautiful Girls41. Shirt42. Rockstar43. Lets Dance44. Sixth Talk Segment

"full House" Star Lee Young Eun Confirmed She Is Nearly Three Months Pregnant With Her First Child

"Full House" Star Lee Young Eun Confirmed She is Nearly Three Months Pregnant with her First Child

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They continued, saying, “Lee Young Eun is currently resting following the conclusion of her recent drama, ‘Punch.’” Her only remaining commitments involve the release of her upcoming film, ‘Granny from Hell,’ after which she is expected to focus all of her attention on prenatal care.”

Following her wedding in September of last year, Lee Young Eun appeared in the recently concluded “Punch,” where she played doctor Park Hyun Sun, the sister of the show’s main character, Park Jung Hwan (Kim Rae Won).

'Full House', Former S.E.S member Bada Shares Her Excitement For
'full House', Former S.e.s Member Bada Shares Her Excitement For "antenna" Hairstyle

'Full House', Former S.E.S member Bada Shares Her Excitement For "antenna" Hairstyle

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On the November 19th broadcast of KBS2TV’s “Full House”, the former of S.E.S member Bada attended the program. Coming to this show, Bada has opened up about her past hairstyle, "antenna".

On this episode, Ji- Eun also visited the show and she repeated the Bada’s mechanical greeting, which the idol often used in the past. Bada surprisingly made everyone burst into laughter as she replied: “"It was worse when I was an idol".

She referred to the "antenna hair" in which one or two strands of long hair would be let down the front of the face. She said in relation to greetings, "If the antenna positioned in the center went off to the side, that greeting of the day was probably a failure. When Chief Lee Soo Man had photos taken of me, he would say, "Her front antenna is pretty. If it goes off to the right, it isn’t pretty." He even told me that even when I got out of the car, I had to get off so that the left side of my face was showing."

Eli of U-Kiss To Star In Chinese 'Full House' Remake
Eli Of U-Kiss To Star In Chinese 'full House' Remake

Eli of U-Kiss To Star In Chinese 'Full House' Remake

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In the original k-drama, Song Hye Kyo played Ji Eun, a screenwriter who lives in a house that her father built. It is called Full House. Her so-called friends trick her. They send her away on a fake free vacation and while she is away, they sell her house to a famous actor named Young Jae, played by Rain.

She comes back and she"s homeless but she"s not willing to give up on her house. Young Jae lets her live there but she has to live there according to his rules. That"s not easy as she is a slob and he is very neat. Then they have a fake marriage to make his ex-girlfriend jealous and the eventually the two contractually married roommates fall in love.

Group 8 is also the production company responsible for adapting the Japanese manga-based drama "Nodame Cantabile" into "Tomorrow Cantabile," starring Joo Won. They specialize in adapting manga-based dramas, as they were also instrumental in bringing "Pretty Man," which starred Jang Geun Suk, and "Playful Kiss," which starred Kim Hyun Joong, to Korea. The production company"s most famous manga turned k-drama may be "Boys Over Flowers," starring Lee Min Ho and Gu Hye Sun.

U-KISS Eli Cast In Starring Role For Chinese Remake Of 'Full House'
U-Kiss Eli Cast In Starring Role For Chinese Remake Of 'full House'

U-KISS Eli Cast In Starring Role For Chinese Remake Of 'Full House'

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The Chinese remake of Full House will be produced by Group 8 which has worked on many notable adaptations including Boys Over Flowers and the recent release Tomorrow"s Cantabile. The announcement was made by Group 8 on October 17, with media outlet Enews providing the initial English language report. Full House will be co-produced by Group 8 with Asia Media Holdings, which is based out of China.

The selection of U-KISS member Eli to lead the cast is interesting. Eli is a Korean-American member of U-KISS. Beyond his fluency in English, he is also fluent in Mandarin. Eli has limited drama experience but the opportunity to act within an iconic starring role will certainly add to his career.

U Kiss"s Eli To Star As The Male Lead In "full House" Chinese Remake

U KISS"s Eli to star as the male lead in "Full House" Chinese remake

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The drama was based on the popular manhwa series of the same name in 2004 staring Rain and Song Hye Gyo, It received much love and popularity not only from domestic but also overseas fans as it recorded 40% in viewer rating, so many people are excited upon the news of the Chinese remake.

U KISS"s Eli has been confirmed to play as the male lead while the female lead will be chosen through auditions in China. A press conference will be taken place in Shanghai on October 23rd.

U-KISS's ELi Begin Filming For Chinese Version of Korean Film
U-Kiss's Eli Begin Filming For Chinese Version Of Korean Film "full House"

U-KISS's ELi Begin Filming For Chinese Version of Korean Film "Full House"

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The Korean version of “Full House” is based on the original manga named “Full House” by Kim Sung-soo. The romantic comedy series was aired in 2004, featuring the two famous artists Song Hye-kyo and Bi Rain. The movie drew attentions of people with viewer rating of 40%.

Taking up the role of famous actor Bi Rain played for “Full House” in South Korea, U-KISS member Eli has confirmed to play the role of the male character, Lee Young Jae. This movie is the beginning for an important role in Eli acting career.

U-Kiss" Eli Cast As Male Lead For Chinese Version Of "full House"

U-KISS" Eli cast as male lead for Chinese version of "Full House"

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According to the drama production companyGroup8, they"ll be working together with China"s Asia Media Holdingsto produce a Chinese version of the popular drama. The drama originally aired in Korea and starred Rainand Song Hye Gyo, and gained as high as 40% in viewer ratings.

U-Kiss" Eli has already been cast as the male lead, and the female lead will be cast after holding an audition after the production press conference. The drama will start filming in December.

Get Inspired with Park Boram’s weight loss secrets on KBS 2TV’s “Full House”
Get Inspired With Park Boram’S Weight Loss Secrets On Kbs 2Tv’S “Full House”

Get Inspired with Park Boram’s weight loss secrets on KBS 2TV’s “Full House”

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When the MC talked to Boram that he nearly didn’t recognize her because she looked so beautiful in her new song. Boram gave him a smile and replied that her new look was the outcome of rigorous work and exercise. In order to prepare for her debut, Park Boram had exercised diligently for 2 years. Steady diet and exercise. are the keys leading to a perfect bodyline.