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Bangtan Boys to bring 'Highlight Tour' to U.s.a. & Canada

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with the exception of that, BTS could be preserving "Highlight Tour" in San Francisco, CA on September 22nd, in Houston, TX on September 24th, in Atlanta, GA on September 26th and in Toronto, Canada on September 27th.

Bangtan Boys are "Dope" workers in new MV

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Bangtan Boys release the music video for their comeback track "Dope" and they are looking very charismatic and handsome in their respective professions" uniforms.

Bangtan Boys release Rap Monster comeback images for "Sick"

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Meanwhile, there are quite few details unreleased yet for their comeback but let"s anticipate more photos of each members in the coming days. See Rap Monster"s charismatic appeal below:

BTS (Bangtan Boys) are "Embarrassed" in special performance video

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This time, they released a special performance video of them dancing to the song, "Embarrassed." Just like the title may suggest, the boys cutely act shy and inexperienced with their aegyo-some dance moves that include sitting on the floor and snapping.

BTS (Bangtan Boys) chant together in recording of "I Need U" chorus

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If you want BTS (Bangtan Boys) to shout at you, "You"re my," (what? sweetheart? love?) to immediately be followed by, "Hate you" (oh...), here"s an awesome video for you!

The boy group released a special treat for fans that will have them smiling goofily. The boys are gathered in the recording studio to shout the lines for the chorus like the ones mentioned above.

Fans celebrate BTS (Bangtan Boys)
Fans Celebrate Bts (Bangtan Boys)"s 700Th Day Since Debut

Fans celebrate BTS (Bangtan Boys)"s 700th day since debut

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The boys are currently enjoying widespread success and growing recognition for their amazing song "I Need U" and equally impressive choreography, expanding their fan base and basking in the love. In celebration of this milestone since their debut on June 13, 2013, fans have "#BTS700Days" trending worldwide.

BTS (Bangtan Boys) surpass 2 million views total on YouTube for "I Need U"

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They dropped the MV back on April 29 through both their official distributor 1theK and their personal channel, and have already accumulated over 2 million views when combining the view counts!

The boys have been continuously expressing their hopes to win #1 this promotion cycle, so it seems their fans are doing their very best to help them achieve their goals!

Bangtan Boys to comeback with 3rd mini album late April

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BTS is preparing for their return with their 3rd mini album which is scheduled on April 29th. "BTS Diss" and "Converse High" will be their released songs.

Bangtan Boys are heading to Australia this July!

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It was first informed and confirmed that Bangtan Boys will be performing in the USA this July for"2015 BTS Live Trilogy in USA Episode II: The Red Bullet."