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Big Bang’s “Monster” ranks first on Chinese music video site #bigbang
Big Bang’s “monster” Ranks First On Chinese Music Video Site #bigbang

Big Bang’s “Monster” ranks first on Chinese music video site #bigbang

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A local official for the site said Big Bangs record is very rare, in that only two music videos have ever gained a 100 score in 2012 and they are all Big Bangs music videos. Music videos for Bad Boy and Monster earned a 100 score in 2012.

According the sites real time chart, music videos for Fantastic Baby and Blue ranked 8th and 10th. As a result, three Big Bangs song entered the Top 10 list.

Big Bang members drew a lot of attention from all over the world thanks to their unique appearance and hairstyle and unconventional special effects in the music video for Monster.

BIGBANG Takes 4th Trophy for “Let’s No longer Fall in Love” By way of “Music Core,” Performances from Girls’ Generation, HyunA, SG Wannabe and More

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BIGBANG takes their fourth win with “Let’s Now not Fall in Love” on a music display at the August 22 episode of “Music Core.”

BIGBANG, Simon Dominic, and Wonder Girls went up opposed to each and every other, with BIGBANG taking the win. They were not to be had to be there this week.

There were also performances from Girls’ Generation, HyunA, SG Wannabe, Juniel, VIXX LR, Wonder Girls, T-ara, Baechigi, B1A4, NC.A, Yoo Seung Woo, Kim So Jung, ZPZG, Yeon Boon Hong, and Nop.K.

It’s BIGBANG’s 3rd Win With “Let’s Now not Fall in Love” on “Music Bank” + Performances from Girls’ Gneration, Juniel, HyunA, VIXX LR and More

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BIGBANG lands their third win on a music display with “Let’s now not Fall in Love“!

On the August 21 broadcast of KBS music display “Music Bank,” BIGBANG and B1A4 competed for number one, with BIGBANG popping out on most sensible in the end. BIGBANG changed into once not to be had to look on “Music Bank” this week.

BIGBANG Takes 1st Win for “Let’s Not Fall in Love” on “Music Core,” Performances from SHINee, Wonder Girls, and More

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South Korea celebrates the 70th anniversary of its Independence Day today, August 15, and with that, MBC is aired a different episode of its weekly music rating show, “Music Core.” Jooheon of MONSTA X joined this week as a different MC.

BIGBANG, SHINee, and the sweetness women competed for first position with BIGBANG’s “Let’s now not Fall in Love” taking its first win over SHINee’s “Married to the Music” and beauty Girls’ “I Feel You.”

There were performances from SEVENTEEN, BAECHIGI, MAMAMOO, GFriend, A Pink, GOT7, DICKPUNKS, Wonder Girls, SHINee, BEAST, SONAMOO, B1A4, and Nolza.

BIGBANG Dominating<b>Major </b>Music Charts for<b> 3rd </b>Day in a Row With “MADE Series E”
Bigbang DominatingMajor Music Charts For 3Rd Day In A Row With “Made Series E”

BIGBANG DominatingMajor Music Charts for 3rd Day in a Row With “MADE Series E”

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“Let’sNo longer Fall in Love” and “ZUTTER” haven’t budged from first and2nd place, respectively, on eight daily music charts, MelOn, Bugs, Mnet, Genie, Naver, Olleh, Monkey3, and Soribada, since their release. And this isn't to mention theirsturdy performance abroad. “ZUTTER” has taken first place at the iTunes singles charts in Hong Kong, Cambodia, Macao, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Vietnam, and Mongolia.

Currently on their global tour, BIGBANG just wrapped up a concert in Shenzhen, China on August 7 and is slated to make stops in the United States, Canada, and more for ageneral of 15 countries and 70 concerts.

BIGBANG Gets 2nd Win With “Sober” on “Music Core” + Comebacks by Girls’ Generation, Girl’s Day, and More

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BTOB, BIGBANG, and SISTAR were the contenders for first place on this weeks episode of MBCs Music Core. BIGBANG won first place making it their second win with Sober. The group was not present at the show. BTOB received second place while SISTAR got third place respectively. Girls Generation and Girls Day also made their comebacks.

Naul, BIGBANG, and EXO Top Gaon Music Charts for First Half of 2015
Naul, Bigbang, And Exo Top Gaon Music Charts For First Half Of 2015

Naul, BIGBANG, and EXO Top Gaon Music Charts for First Half of 2015

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Notably, EXO has sold 1,197,934 album units so far. Naul topped the charts in three areas- digital, download, and streaming. Davichi and Huh Gak continued to be popular with their singles, and Mad Clown is making a name for himself as a top seller. Unfortunately, no girl group was in the top 10 for album sales. Red Velvet is the first girl group to enter the album chart at 20th place with their The 1st Mini Album Ice Cream Cake selling 40,651 units.

BIGBANG  has reportedly  dominated the Domestic Music Charts  thanks to the hit song called  “If You” and “Sober”
Bigbang Has Reportedly Dominated The Domestic Music Charts Thanks To The Hit Song Called “If You” And “Sober”

BIGBANG has reportedly dominated the Domestic Music Charts thanks to the hit song called “If You” and “Sober”

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BIGBANG has dominated the music charts once again with their new songs If You and Sober.

When YG Entertainment released the MADE Series-D on July 1, If You claimed the number one spot on eight different music charts including Melon, Mnet, and Genie as soon as it was released.

Sober ranked right below in second place in those eight charts and BIGBANG proved their popularity yet again, not to mention that their MADE Series-M and MADE Series-A albums in May and June dominated music charts as well.

BIGBANG has reportedly wowed people with the introduction of the music video for the song called "Sober"

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According to an insider source, the decision to not release a music video for If You may be based on either or both logistical and musical reasons. While working on their MADE project, BIGBANG has been simultaneously on their world tour so schedule-wise they have been extremely busy, the source said. But more than that reason, If You is the saddest song that BIGBANG has released since their debut in 2006, so a music video wasnt filmed.

Moreover, If You is a song that touches hearts, the source explained, The music video wasnt filmed for this song with the intention of [having listeners] focus on the music itself.

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BIGBANG  has wowed fans with the revelation of the filming process for the music video for BANG BANG BANG
Bigbang Has Wowed Fans With The Revelation Of The Filming Process For The Music Video For Bang Bang Bang

BIGBANG has wowed fans with the revelation of the filming process for the music video for BANG BANG BANG

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On June 19, YG Entertainment uploaded the making video of BIGBANGs BANG BANG BANG music video through Naver TV Cast, as a part of its MADE DIARY with NAVER project.

Unlike the actual music video, BIGBANG members seem very playful and the atmosphere seems very light in the making clip. They even start doing Yoo Jae Suks signature grasshopper dance and have fun playing around with each other.