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Bigbang Fantasic Baby

BIGBANG’s “Fantastic Baby” Sets Checklist With 2 hundred Million YouTube Views

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BIGBANGs GreatToddler Sets Checklist alongside2 hundred Million YouTube Perspectives orionight January 26, 2016 0 BIGBANGs 2012 hit Fantastic Baby currently makea big milestone, earning the crowd the honor of being the primary male idol staff to surpass 200 million views on YouTube.

BIGBANG recently reached any otherpurpose just closing week, as BANG BANG BANG reached one hundred million YouTube views on January 19. Theyre also bestthe 2d one Korean artist to ever hit the 200 million view mark, following label mate PSY (whose video for Gangnam Taste stands at 2.5 billion views, and is YouTubes maximum viewed video in history).

Few other Korean artists have reached the a hundred million mark – Super Junior, Girls Generation, HyunA, and 2NE1, to calla couple of – yet BIGBANG is the 1st idol community to make it beyond 200 million views. Congratulations, BIGBANG!

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BIGBANG’s G-Dragon Is Next Up to hide Winner’s Upcoming Tune “Baby Baby”
Bigbang’S G-Dragon Is Next Up To Hide Winner’S Upcoming Tune “Baby Baby”

BIGBANG’s G-Dragon Is Next Up to hide Winner’s Upcoming Tune “Baby Baby”

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BIGBANG’s G-Dragon Is Next Up to hide Winner’s Upcoming Tune “Baby Baby”ilmare42 January 24, 2016 0 BIGBANG member G-Dragon is the following artist up to the mic in Winner’s hide project!

YG Entertainment has been uploading short covers of Winner’s identify track “Baby Baby” before the song’s planned liberate on February 1. So far, the song has been covered by way of Zion.T, Dean, and Winner’s fellow YG artists Lee Hi and BIGBANG’s Taeyang.

Winner will be making their comeback on February 1 with their mini album “Exit Movement: E, which capabilities their double title tracks InfantChild and Sentimental.

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BIGBANG’s T.O.P  has wowed  people with the  cutest  baby picture  of himself
Bigbang’S T.o.p Has Wowed People With The Cutest Baby Picture Of Himself

BIGBANG’s T.O.P has wowed people with the cutest baby picture of himself

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BIGBANG member T.O.P recently shared an adorable photo of himself as a baby.

On April 25, he posted onto his personal Instagram account, “Good morning! Today is the concert!” referring to the group’s highly-anticipated comeback concert.

Along with this caption, T.O.P uploaded a baby photo of himself dressed in a hanbok (traditional Korean clothing), as he stares into the camera with big, bright eyes. His distinct facial features and adorable looks have been receiving much attention from fans.

BIGBANG’s “Fantastic Baby” Is Featured in New “Pitch Perfect 2″ Trailer

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The song is already hugely popular, as it has garnered over 140 million views on YouTube, making it one of the top five most viewed K-pop music videos ever. Its also spent over 112 weeks on Billboards World Digital Songs Chart. The track comes off BIGBANGs 2012 mini-album Alive.

The Pitch Perfect films are known for showcasing current pop hits, although it is not yet clear whether or not the song will also be included as part of the soundtrack of the sequel.

Even though much of the songs chorus is in English, the trailer does include several lines of its Korean verses as it plays over clips from the upcoming film.

8 Adorable Baby Photos of BIGBANG Leader, G-Dragon
8 Adorable Baby Photos Of Bigbang Leader, G-Dragon

8 Adorable Baby Photos of BIGBANG Leader, G-Dragon

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Yesterday was G-Dragons birthday! Just think, 26 years ago GD was born Kwon Ji Yong and BIGBANG was only a scientific theory. Who knew he would grow up to become the leader of one of the biggest groups in K-Pop, an awesome rapper, and of course a fashion icon?! One things for sure, GD was always cute with a gorgeous smile and sharp distinctive eyes even as a child! Just check out these super cute photos of the birthday boy from way back in the day!

8. GD was totally stylin with like three different hairstyles at once. The small bang/fringe at the front, the spikes up top, and the mulletyes the mullet in the back.

6. Years later and girls are walking around in outfits just like this! #TrendSetter

BIGBANG’s ”Fantastic Baby” Over 100 Million views!

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Will 2NE1 be capable to reach this many views, making it the third artist for YG Entertainment? Blackjacks, do what you got to do!

BIGBANG’s “Fantastic Baby” MV Hits 100 Million Views

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BIGBANG spent much of 2013 focusing on individual activities and their Japanese Dome Tour, and they’re like to be just as busy this year. T.O.P is currently filming the movie “Tazza 2” and Seungri will take on a role in SBS drama “Angel Eyes.” Daesung is preparing for his Japanese Arena Tour which will begin in June, while Taeyang is also in the midst of preparation for his solo album. Leader G-Dragon is likely to be working on BIGBANG’s new album.

BIGBANG have announced that they will be making a comeback this summer. This will follow two years after their last release in 2012, “Alive.”

BIGBANG's "Fantastic Baby" Earns Two Gold Medals on Youtube
Bigbang's "fantastic Baby" Earns Two Gold Medals On Youtube

BIGBANG's "Fantastic Baby" Earns Two Gold Medals on Youtube

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The music video for "Fantastic Baby" once again proved their tremendous popularity with over 8 millions views in just a week. The music video was awarded by Youtube, earning two gold medals of the "Recently Most Popular" and the "Trending" awards. The "Recently Most Popular (Gold)" medal is given to videos which have had high engagement over the past seven days, including views and likes, while the "Trending (Gold)" medal is given to the videos that have received huge attention over the last week and are currently seeing exceptional growth in viewership.

Back in February, BIGBANG also earned themselves two gold medals for their music video "Blue," for having received over 8 millions views in less than a week. "Blue" won  the "Recently Most Popular (Gold)" and "Trending (Gold)" medals making it a total of four gold medals earned by BIGBANG since their comeback this past February.

Yang Hyun Suk stated regarding the popularity of BIGBANG on Youtube, "'Fantastic Baby" seems to be BIGBANG's most popular track. BIGBANG is finally back with their trademark sound with "Fantastic Baby," which marks BIGBANG's return to their electro sound already five years after the release of the popular "Last Farewell."  We're thrilled to have received such explosive response after so long."


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