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Big Ep15 Recap

You Who Came From the Stars / You From Another Star Ep15 Recap
You Who Came From The Stars / You From Another Star Ep15 Recap

You Who Came From the Stars / You From Another Star Ep15 Recap

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SY gets the text and reaches over for her phone, but suddenly time stops. MJ goes over to delete the text but cant figure out her code to access the phone. his clean freak side gets distracted and reaches over to remove lint from her hair. time resumes so she catches him doing that with his fingers on her hair strands. they stare at each other. he asks are you feeling a little better. she slaps his hand away and asks what did you just do? she switches from banmal to jondae.  MJ: nothing. SY: you just suddenly showed up in some else’s room. how did you show up?  did you really teleport? he says sometimes when I’m in a hurry or when there is traffic. SY: this is really ridiculous. she sees that he has her phone so he gives it back. she says  how she was about to check her text. what were you going to do with my phone? MJ: I wasn’t going to do anything.  she tells him to leave. he asks arent you going to look at your text. SY: what? MJ: you said you were going to check your text. SY: it’s none of your business. will you please leave.  we don’t have this kind of relationship -I said even if we run into each other don’t act like we know each other. do you not take my words seriously? she typed in her access code and is about to check her text, but he stops time again while she was speaking and takes her phone back and deletes his message and puts her phone back in her hands. she looks and says what is this – it’s gone. he leans over to see and says it’s gone? SY: whether it’s there or not. I will take care of my problem myself so leave now. MJ: i heard you made a contract with S C. that’s what your mother said. SY: yes. I did something so what. MJ: you are going to break the contract right? SY: why should I? MJ: what? SY: there is no reason not to -they are going to make an agency just for me. i’m grateful.  MJ: no you cant – break it.   SY: what difference does it make to you. MJ: you said you wouldn’t make that contract too. she asks how do you know that cuz I told that to HK at my home. how do you know? HK wouldn’t have told you. MJ realizes he has been caught.  she asks if he has the ability to overhear what others say. MJ: it’s not like I listen in on everything. she suddenly remembers all the confessions she said in her place – when she said -am I brooding over that kiss with that person now. then when she said threw a fit and kicked her pillows saying he said nothing is left – he never once liked me – that awful jerk – how do I get revenge. then how she told her mom – if you bother that person I will just live with him. SY worries - starting from when and how much he heard. suddenly she looks up and asks -by any chance- can you hear what’s going on in showers and bathrooms -are you a pervert. he gets outraged and says what are you thinking right now? I told you I don’t listen to every useless thing. just sometimes when I focus I can hear a bit – otherwise it’s too exhausting so I cant live. SY: so you don’t take a peep or anything? MJ: what is this woman – how can she see a person like that. I am not that kind of person. SY: how would I know when you are an alien. what you might look at when you go around here and there. MJ:  I said I don’t. she throws her pillow at him and says get out you alien pervert. MJ: while living this is the first time I had this kind of accusation. I am not a pervert! * she doesn’t look that convinced. maybe if he hadn’t snuck in to erase his text then he might have a moral high ground to stand on, but right now he has nothing.

HK’s dad asks why HK isnt waking up. the doctor explains about his condition. he takes a guess for how long it will take for HK to wake up – if it goes past that it wont be good so just wait and see

when JK goes back into HK’s room, MJ is waiting there in the dark. JK: what is it. MJ says i heard you made a contract with SY. JK says yes I did – I manage her schedule and work. but dont worry too much- for your sake I wont get rid of her. why? did you come to stop that (contract). MJ says: if I reveal everything about you to the world -what do you think will happen?  this accident – this accident – not just chun SY but you put your younger brother in danger too. JK: try revealing it, but you are someone the world cant accept. if my identity comes out, your identity has to come out too -between the two – which one do you think will be more surprising? to people – what’s more scary than a murderer/killer is a monster. MJ asks how many were there – chun SY, Han yura, before then how many did you kill or try to kill. why are you doing something so dangerous?  you already have so much. JK: DMJ listen well.  there are a lot of people in the world but there are just a few that you need. the rest exist like bugs. sometimes those bugs hinder your way – so when they do that it’s better to wipe them out so I can go out front. that’s not evil- it’s to help and consideration for the sake of many others. but you are the one I need the most. if you can fix your heart a little, everyone can be happy. you can lend me your ability and I will watch your back. then there is nothing we cant do. of course the one you want to protect so much – SY – will be safe. how about it? MJ says i will think it over. on the condition that you dont mess with anymore people. JK says ok – you must still not trust me enough. think it over well. this promise I will be sure to keep

Spoiler "Sweet, Savage Family": Episode thirteen Recap

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Hyeon-ji told Seong-min, "Couple rings are a should if we determined to make it official". She was onceproud ofthe hoop on her finger. Seong-min told her that his father got herehouse from lock-up and Hyeon-ji said, "That's a relief. It's a would have to to take suffered so much and I am sorry because I believe that's on account of me".

Meanwhile, "Sweet, Savage Family" is a human comedy about a guy who is the leader of his gang outdoor of the homeyet is in the lowest rank at home.

Spoiler "Remember": Episode 7 Recap

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Gyu-man heard that Jin-woo (Yoo Seung-ho) changed intotrying to finda girl who made a favorable remarkfour years ago. He told Soo-beom to move and kill her without any individual knowing it. "Four years ago, my father handledsuch things as this for me, yet this time I'm going to do it on my own".

Soo-beom said, "I can not do it. I will do the restaside from kill a human. I cannot do it anymore". Gyu-man raised a stick and hit him, smiling whilst he did.

Spoiler "The Merchant: Gaekju 2015": Episode 28 Recap

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Gil So-gae became asked to kill Jo Seo-rin (Han Chae-ah) by Mae-wol (Kim Min-jeong) so he ordered a sniper to kill the girlprotecting a child. Then he sent squaddies to Chunga to arrest Jo Seong-joon (Kim Myeong-soo) who was once his enemy.

Bang-geum who was shot, died in Jo Seong-joon's palms after saying, "We had a just right time back in the day with you and Man-chi when we carried a load on our backs. I used to be happiest then and I reputable you. I'm sorry, my dear, for our pitiful Man-chi".

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MAMA 2015 Red Carpet Recap: Seventeen Kick Things Off With Special Performance, Monsta X And EXO Nab Pre-Show Awards

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(Photo : screen shot)The 2015 Mnet Asian Track Awards have in the end arrived and the maximum importantevening in K-pop kicked off with the at all timesa laugh and fashion-filled red carpet pre show.

Hosted through Moon Hee Joon, Shin A tender and Z.Hera, loverslooking at from house were encouraged to stay an eye on everyone's fashion, with are livingballoting open for the most efficient Asian Taste honor.

Seventeen kicked off the pre-show with a distinct red carpet performance. In spite of the small stage, the 13-member workforce delivered a lively, dance-heavy number to pump the crowd up.

Live Recap The 2015 Mnet Asian Song Awards

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Live Recap The 2015 Mnet Asian Track AwardsSylphid December 2, 2015 0 Are you in a position for the 2015 MNET Asian Music Awards? Happening tonight, December 2 in Hong Kong, the developmentcapabilities this years best acts in K-Pop. We willbe expectingto look many amazing performances all over the eveningand rather a lot of other special surprises.

Expected functionality lineup: BIGBANG, BTS, CL, EXO, f(x), GOT7, iKON, JYP, Puppy Shop Boys, PSY, SHINee, Taeyeon, Zion.T, San E, Seventeen, Monsta X, HyunA, Jessi

Things to seem out for:Comeback stages: BTS Run, PSY Daddy and CL Hi Bi ches.EXO will expose Korean editionin theirEasternunmarried Drop That.Who will win the crowd of death?: Male Artist of the Year BIGBANG, EXO, BTS, SHINee, Super Junior, ShinhwaWhere are the entirewoman groups? Solo stages through Taeyeon, HyunA, and CL.Will BIGBANG carry outGreatLittle one at MAMA for the fourth year in the row?

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Recap: Five Memorable Moments from GOT7′s Fanmeet in Manila
Recap: Five Memorable Moments From Got7′s Fanmeet In Manila

Recap: Five Memorable Moments from GOT7′s Fanmeet in Manila

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One of the games GOT7 played with the fans is the pedometer game or as the boys like to name it, the “Shake Shake” game. Every member is teamed up with a fan and they have got pedometers strapped to their fingers which they wish to shake for 30 seconds. The participants did the rest and the entirety to get a high score– from swinging their arms madly to wreck dancing to just simple flailing around the stage. Youngjae had numerous arm action going on and were given a ranking of zero. Thus, the protest that his pedometer was broken.

Long prior to GOT7 happened, JB and JR made their debut as the duo JJ Task with the track, “Bounce.” GOT7 closed the fanmeet and taken down the home by singing THAT track.

At the fanmeet’s press conference, the community was asked if they would truly like a cute or attractive thought for their next comeback. Some of the members spoke back “sexy” and the audience agreed. Jackson corrected that and said “No, because THAT’S WHAT WE ARE!”

Recap: All Things Soompi @ KCON LA
Recap: All Things Soompi @ Kcon La

Recap: All Things Soompi @ KCON LA

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Giveaways:We like free stuff, you (most likely) love loose stuff,every person loves loose stuff! To celebrate this universal love, we held raffles and flash giveaways all weekend for special pieces like signed GOT7 CDs, exclusive B2ST figurines, and other signed goodies.

Viki: We invited ourbuddies from Viki to chill at our booth for the weekend, and you'll be able to bet they didn’t come empty-handed! With swag bags and signed 2NE1 t-shirts, Viki brought more a laugh for KCON attendees and helped us out a ton at our booth. thank you Viki~

Click the numbersunderneath for more exciting Soompi events anda possibility to win some Soompi swagwhile you couldn’t make it out to LA: Related Pages: 1 2 3 four 5

Weekly Recap: 
sour tensions, social media shutdowns, and disbandment of your 
favourite lady crew?
Weekly Recap: Sour Tensions, Social Media Shutdowns, And Disbandment Of Your Favourite Lady Crew?

Weekly Recap: sour tensions, social media shutdowns, and disbandment of your favourite lady crew?

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WINNER"s Mino taught us all a lesson that we truly want to observe what we say (or, in Mino"s case, rap) either now and then. On a contemporary appearance on " display Me the money four", he turned into once pay attentiond rapping, "Mino goals the entire daughters, spread (your legs) like you"re at the gynecologist." shocked at the offensive lyrics, audience demanded an apology for the lyrics, causing him to thing a public apology thruout the WINNER reputable Facebook page. at the alternative hand, for some, that turned into once now now not adequate. The "Korean  arrangement of Obstetricians and Gynecologists" released a remark at their web site online, where they demanded an apology from Mino, as Mino"s lyrics now now not maximum competitive "sexually humiliate all ladies of Korea yet they also defamed Korean ladies"s fitness, in additi at the four,000 obstetrics and gynecology doctors registered in our association, who give scientific exam and remedy round the clock, 2 four hours an afternoon for 365 days a year to cope with the fitness of ladies and the hot lives ( small children) that might also additionally just be wearing on Korea"s long term in the 21st century." thank completey, either Mino and YG Entertainment sent in formal letters of apology to the association,

while rap has turn out to be a genre here's now now infamous for being profane and jarring either now and then, Mino did take a touchy subject and function it in a negative, vulgar spotmild. Let"s hope that Mino truly has learned his lesson!

while EXO-Ls are seeking to stay positive referring to Tao"s pleisureige as an EXO member, a flurry of social media job appear to indicate at tensions between Tao and other participants. each person now now spotted when Tao went on an unapplying spree and unapplyed eitherone on his Instagram account. To make subjects even more startling, Baekhyun and Chanyeol unapplyed Tao at their Instagram accounts. Tao also deleted the word "EXO member" from his Weibo account.

Weekly Recap: A tragic loss, GG with GG, and controversy that
Weekly Recap: A Tragic Loss, Gg With Gg, And Controversy That "rang A Bell"

Weekly Recap: A tragic loss, GG with GG, and controversy that "rang a bell"

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The Korean entertainment world has been rampant with dating news and it looks like T-ara"s Jiyeon and actor Lee Dong Gun have joined the ranks of new celeb couples! It was reported that the two became interested in each other after filming a Korean-Chinese joint production. Both Lee Dong Gun and Jiyeon"s agencies confirmed that the two are indeed dating. The singer opened up about her budding relationship with the actor as she told the reporters on the July 7 airing of "The Show Season 4," "It still hasn"t hit me, and I really don"t know."As for her fans, she commented, "Fans are people who always give me strength. This is the beginning if our relationship, so I"ll be thankful if you look upon us kindly. I"ll work harder as well." Jiyeon even took to her fan cafe to write a heartfelt message to her fans. She asked them to "watch over us and cheer us on," and promised that she will work ever harder to return their love.

Sones had much to celebrate in the month of July with the return of their favorite girls! You know who I"m talking about. Girl"s Generation dropped their new song called "Party," an upbeat, catchy summer dance track that makes for an incredibly fun listen! The MV for "Party" surpassed 1 million views in a matter of six hours on YouTube and took over the music charts as soon as it was released, achieving nothing short of everyone"s expectations as one of the biggest girl groups in the K-Pop scene.