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2NE1's Dara And large Bang's Taeyang Either  Obtain Fendi Gifts
2Ne1's Dara And Large Bang's Taeyang Either Obtain Fendi Gifts

2NE1's Dara And large Bang's Taeyang Either Obtain Fendi Gifts

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(Photo : Sandara Park @daraxii)Italian luxury modellogo Fendi used to betypeample to give 2NE1's Dara (Sandara Park) and massive Bang's Taeyang (Dong Youngbae) matching gifts a couple of days ago, and either idols took to Instagram to precise their thanks.

Taeyang turned into first of the 2 idols to post a snapshot of his Fendi gift. On January 11, he posted a photo of what seems to bea customizededition of the Fendi computer virus charms which arethe entire rage this provide day and noticed toted via celebrities like Kylie Jenner. The gift was emblazoned with a capital letter 'T' which is the primary letter in Taeyang.

Then on January 14, Dara also shared to her Instagram fans a photo of her own Fendi gift, this time with the letter 'S' which is the 1st letter of her genuine first name, Sandara.

Big Bang's Taeyang reaches every other milestone on Instagram!
Big Bang's Taeyang Reaches Every Other Milestone On Instagram!

Big Bang's Taeyang reaches every other milestone on Instagram!

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All you Taeyang fansmight know this already yet the singer lately hit four million(!) followers in his Instagram. Taeyang even uploaded a screen shot proving so, together with the caption "Youngbae welcomes you!" and the hash tag "4m." 

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Korean Police Officials Carry out Dance Regimen To important Bang's 'Bang Bang Bang'

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(Photo : YouTube user Oksana Milko) Large smashcrowned the song charts when they released their MADE Series anthem "Bang Bang Bang" final year, yet you lotin reality know you'vesuccessful song when even the Korean police are making dance cover videos of it.

On Jan. 4, YouTube user Oksana Milko uploaded a video of the Korean police dancing to the preferred boy group's name track, or even doing a impressiveactivity at following the group's hard-hitting moves.

"Seriously though, they are all such just right dancers" and "I just think, all of Korean other people can dance?" acknowledgedmultiple the top-rated comments on the uploaded video.

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Gaon releases their 2015 chart with Large Bang, EXO, BTS, & more charting!

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The chart is divided into Digital, Download, Streaming, and Album. The maximumon a typical basisnoticed artist at the charts used to be Big Bang, no longersudden as the kings of K-pop had an unbelievable amout of hits that had all and sundry jamming in 2015. EXOalso took over the physical album chart, and Baek Ah Yeon, Zion.T, and hyukohappeared all over as well.

Big Bang - Bang Bang BangLarge Bang - LoserBrown Eyed Soul- You In The similar fourth dimensionBig Bang - Bae BaeZion.T- DevourBaek Ah Yeon- Mustn't Have...EXO- Call Me Little onehyukoh- Wi Ing Wi IngMaroon 5- SugarIU, Park Myung Soo- Leon Downloads Best 10:

Big Bang - Bang Bang BangBrown Eyed Soul- You In An analogous TimeBig Bang - Loserhyukoh - Wi Ing Wi IngZion.T - EatBaek Ah Yeon - Shouldn't Have...Big Bang - Bae BaeZion.T - Yanghwa BridgeIU, Park Myung Soo - LeonIU - Center Streaming Peak 10:

K-pop songs via Large Bang, A Pink, G-Friend and more are blasted to North Korea

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This is in line with North Korea's newest nuclear test, as the rustic claimed to have effectivelyperformed its first hydrogen bomb test. The date, January 8, also coincides with North Korea's young leader Kim Jong Un's 33rd birthday.

You may neatly be wondering if those songs were in particularselected for their which means in the lyrics. A defence ministry reputablejust explained,"We have decided on a assorteddiversity of the latest popular hits to make it interesting."

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'Me Gustas Tu' Through Gfriend, Large Bang's 'Bang Bang Bang' Among K-Pop Songs These days Being Blasted At South Korea's Border

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(Photo : YG Entertainment) North Korea will have attracted global worry this week after generatinga large bang in a blast that the country's leadership claimed was once a hydrogen bomb verify (a claim widely disputed by skill of the globalnetworkin accordance with lighter than expected seismic activity, consistent withthe recent York Times).

But come Friday, South Korea had unleashed their own Giant Bang, blasting the K-pop boy band's summer destroy "Bang Bang Bang" at the border thru a mammoth speaker machine as retaliation for Preferrred Leader Kim Jong Un's obviousstrive at a display screen of vitality in his country's northeast coast on the week of his 33rd birthday.

Other Hallyu hits on the South Korean military's playlist integrated Gfriend's unmarried "Me Gustas Tu," and Apink's 2012 tune "Let Us Just Love" written for the South Korean tv comedy series "Protect The Boss," the United Kingdome-newsletter the Dad or mum reports. Viral making a song sensation Lee Ae Ran could also be included in the sonic assault, in conjunction with news reports and panel discussions on human rights, the AP said on Thursday.

Big Bang Unlock Eastern Song Videos For 'Bang Bang Bang' And 'Loser'

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The Japanese releases are element of the group's ongoing in a foreign country activities. Big Bang are showed toattendthe Golden Disk Awards at the Shenzhen Bay Sports Middle in Shenzhen, China on Jan. 20 and 21. They're going to alsoattendthe 5th Gaon K-Pop Awards in February.

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Korean Police Officials Duvet BIGBANG’s “Bang Bang Bang”

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Korean Police OfficialsDuvet BIGBANGs Bang Bang Bangkiddy_nights January 6, 2016 0 What does your stereotypical police officer glance like? A frightening by-the-books individual that you dont even wish to make eye touch with? Any individual who remains in the police cruiser and munches on donuts the entire time?

Well, think again, because after staring at this video, it's doubtless you'll not look at police officers the similar way as you've got before. In the video below, a set of Korean police officers do a canopy of BIGBANGs Bang Bang Bang. Amazingly, they are very much in sync, and they'rerelatively amazing dancers! The sectorwishes more police officers like these.

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Big Bang liberate Eastern PVs in their hit songs 'Bang Bang Bang' and 'Loser'

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They're necessarilythe similar MVs edited to be shorter in length, yetit is going to feel like an entire new enjoypaying attention to these amazing songs in Japanese.

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Big Bang, SHINee And BEAST Among Performers For 30th Golden Disk Awards
Big Bang, Shinee And Beast Among Performers For 30Th Golden Disk Awards

Big Bang, SHINee And BEAST Among Performers For 30th Golden Disk Awards

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"For the 30th anniversary of the Golden Disc Awards, we are getting ready performances on a greater scale than weve ever done," acknowledged the rep, as reported by potential of Soompi."Twenty of the head artists in K-pop can be attending the ceremony."

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