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BEAST’s Yong Junhyung and Boom reportedly caught camping with mystery female
Beast’S Yong Junhyung And Boom Reportedly Caught Camping With Mystery Female

BEAST’s Yong Junhyung and Boom reportedly caught camping with mystery female

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On the 11th of June, a media dispatch reported that he saw the group at the Hangang River on the 9th during the evening. According to the media dispatch, Boom and Yong Junhyung was sitting with a female that was about 165cm tall who was described as “pretty”.

Boom and Yong Junhyung has been known to have a relationship from attending the famous Ahnyang Arts High School, and have met each other as senior and junior alumni.

Interest was drawn to the odd gathering of people. Boom was charged of illegal gambling last year and was supposedly self-reflecting, stopping all broadcast schedules and promotions.

BEAST's Yong Junhyung Appears In a Mystery Teaser

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Yong Junhyung Appears In a Mystery TeaserBEAST member Yong Junhyung appeared in a unknown teaser.

Yong Junhyung appeared in a short teaser that was released today through YouTube that is about 40 seconds. The teaser included Yong Junhyung lip-syncing a medium tempo ballad song and a silhouette of another men.

The teaser ends with a song title stating "I Hate You feat. Yong Junhyung" grabbing more attention. The teaser especially provokes curiosity since Yong Junhyung came back with "Beautiful Night" recently.

BEAST's "Mystery" Hits No. 1 on China's K-Pop Video Charts

The feat becomes even more special since “Mystery” did not originally have a music video when the track was first released. BEAST only filmed a video on occasion of the group’s “2012 BEAST World Tour – Beautiful Show” that kicked off in Seoul on February 4. The music video for “Mystery” was only released on Valentine’s Day, February 14, through BEAST’s official YouTube channel as a treat to B2TYs and fans worldwide.

“This success tells of how BEAST is popular in China,” a representative from BEAST’s management company, Cube Entertainment told local news agencies.

BEAST 'Mystery' Music Video Number 1 In China
Beast 'mystery' Music Video Number 1 In China

BEAST 'Mystery' Music Video Number 1 In China

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BEAST's music video for the song 'Mystery', released in 2010, has been named number one on China's largest music video site, Yin Yue Tai.

'Mystery' was part of BEAST's debut album two years ago. This song was beloved by Korean fans and the music video has been reedited for BEAST's world tour 'Beautiful Show.'

The Yin Yue Tai site's V chart divides music by area, China, Hong Kong, America, Korea, and Japan. It ranks videos according to popularity and number of views.

BEAST surprises fans with “Mystery” Valentine’s Day gift!
Beast Surprises Fans With “mystery” Valentine’s Day Gift!

BEAST surprises fans with “Mystery” Valentine’s Day gift!

Unlike any other normal video greetings or online cafe messages, BEAST surprises fans with an even bigger greater better gift for Valentines Day. A special music video for the song Mystery (released in their first mini album BEAST Is The B2ST) was uploaded on their youtube channel.

The video also helped in promoting their current BEAUTIFUL SHOW World Tour, in which they have completed the Seoul and Berlin stops. Stay tuned to as we bring you updates and coverage of their concert!

BEAST Reveals Special MV of "Mystery" for Valentine's Day!

The video is a very simple one compared to the group’s other music videos. An unknown hand is shown finger moving through different obstacles and doing stunts with a customized skateboard. Alongside this, there are close up shots of the boys singing to the song.

BEAST is currently on their “Beautiful Show” world tour. The group recently performed in Berlin, Germany last February 12. Their next stop for the tour will be in Shanghai, China on February 25.                                        

BEAST releases MV for "Mystery"

BEAST has just unleashed a special music video for their previous hit track "Mystery". The song, which was released back in 2009, is included on their debut mini-album "Beast is the B2st".

Netizens Lose More Recognize For BEAST Hyunseung As “Rude DIVA” Habit Continues
Netizens Lose More Recognize For Beast Hyunseung As “rude Diva” Habit Continues

Netizens Lose More Recognize For BEAST Hyunseung As “Rude DIVA” Habit Continues

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Share on FacebookShare on Twitter No longer long after his allegedly rude behavior and next apology letter to fans, BEASTs Hyunseung once backunearths himself in the midst ofevery other controversy. Although his team and fellow Cube Entertainment label mate 4MINUTE were scheduled to seem at the I NeedDice Pop match in Macao, Hyunseung reportedly sat out of the developmentbecause ofnon-public reasons. Upon hearing the news, many netizens criticized him for his behavior.

Koreaboo has gathered reactions from Netizens who commented at theusual article from our Korean source. The beneath comments are the maximumneatly liked comments at the time of this article being published.

BEAST’s Jang Hyunseung Receives Complaint for Lacking  Some other Event
Beast’s Jang Hyunseung Receives Complaint For Lacking Some Other Event

BEAST’s Jang Hyunseung Receives Complaint for Lacking Some other Event

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BEASTs Jang Hyunseung Receives Complaint for LackingEvery otherTournament kokoberry March 4, 2016 0 After apologizing about his fresh attitude controversy, BEASTs Jang Hyunseung is in the highlightback for now not attending a BEAST event.

On March 4, Cotai Ticketing published news that Jang Hyunseung is most likely notprovide at the I would likeDice popular concert in Macao because ofa private issue.

The I Need Cube Pop concert is scheduled for March fiveand contours CUBE Entertainment artists. BEAST, BTOB, and 4Minute wereshowed to perform.

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'Signal' Lee Je Hoon's Final Unresolved Mystery
'signal' Lee Je Hoon's Final Unresolved Mystery

'Signal' Lee Je Hoon's Final Unresolved Mystery

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In "Signal" Lee Je Hoon and Jo Jin Woong's last case began.

On the 11th episode of tvN Friday/Saturday drama "Signal" (script Kim Eun Hee, director Kim Won Suk) broadcast on Feb. 26th, Hye Young (played by way of Lee Je Hoon) and Jae Han (played by Jo Jin Woong)'s last case, the In Joo TopCollege Student Incident started.

Hye Young stated to Jae Han that there was once one case left and said that this become the 1999 In Joo High Faculty Student case. He said that this was the last case that Jae Han had left.

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