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Bang Ja Chronicles Ep 1

Big Bang's Taeyang is the following to hide WINNER's upcoming name track

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We're loving this originalbusiness plan of WINNER's label palsfreeing pre-release covers! Following Lee Hi's duvet of one of WINNER's identify tracks, "Baby Baby", is Big Bang's Taeyang!

He sings the similar song, yet of route brings his own taste into it with his exclusive voice, and in the video you'll see him making a song in the recording studio.

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Gummy thinks that she looks as if  Youngster TOP's Ricky and massive Bang's T.O.P?
Gummy Thinks That She Looks As If Youngster Top's Ricky And Massive Bang's T.o.p?

Gummy thinks that she looks as if Youngster TOP's Ricky and massive Bang's T.O.P?

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When the DJs commented that Gummy and Ricky resemble each and every other, Gummy replied, "I think so too. Ricky looks as if T.O.P. And I have heard that I seem like T.O.P a lot." 

L.Joe discussed how he had receivednumerous weight ago year, saying, "Currently, I weigh 54kg (120 pounds). Final year I used to be 50kg (110 pounds) yet 1 gained more weight this year. I am exercising truly hard. I'm operatingin opposition to a objective of 56kg (123 pounds)." 

The contributors also brought up how or not it's already been seven years since they debuted. They said, "The maknae was once just 16 when we debuted but now he is 22." The DJs wisecracked, "Now that you guys are all of age, are you guys going to be called 'Adult Top'?" a hackneyed funny story that the members no doubt accept heard time and againearlier than just drew laughs all of the same. 

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Red Velvet, Taeyeon, Large Bang, And More Win Main Trophies Throughout 30th Golden Disk Awards On January 20, 2016
Red Velvet, Taeyeon, Large Bang, And More Win Main Trophies Throughout 30Th Golden Disk Awards On January 20, 2016

Red Velvet, Taeyeon, Large Bang, And More Win Main Trophies Throughout 30th Golden Disk Awards On January 20, 2016

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Originally, the 30th Golden Disk Awards used to be set to take position in Shenzhen, China yetbecause ofthe big landslide, the award display brought the ceremony back to South Korea for protection concerns.

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Big Bang To Wrap Up A success 'MADE' Global  Excursion In March
Big Bang To Wrap Up A Success 'made' Global Excursion In March

Big Bang To Wrap Up A success 'MADE' Global Excursion In March

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(Photo : Facebook )With 2015 being the year stuffed witha successexcursion stops round the world, Large strike volition wrap up the 'MADE' World Tour in March.

On Wednesday, Jan. 20, YG Entertainment uploaded the picture revealing the major points to the generaldisplays of the tour thru their legit Facebook,

Fans are certain to witness the reside and charismatic performances of hit singles reminiscent of "Loser" and "Bang Bang Bang" on the ones nights.

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'Only About A Year Left For You To look The massive Bang Team On Stage' T.O.P Tells Crowd At 2016 Golden Disk Awards

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Every other awards show, some otherlikelihood for a large hit member to strike worry in the hearts of the K-pop boy band's longtime fans.

Rapper T.O.P started his acceptance speech for one of 3 awards his workforce won at Wednesday's 30th annual Golden Disk Awards in Seoul, South Korea with a promise they would continue to mature just as performers, yet equally people.

"Rather than being flashy outwardly as artists, we may beready totake a glance at our perfect to be stunningat thewithin as we grow up," T.O.P said.

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T.O.P hints there just isn't much time left for large Bang to stand on degree altogether
T.o.p Hints There Just Isn't Much Time Left For Large Bang To Stand On Degree Altogether

T.O.P hints there just isn't much time left for large Bang to stand on degree altogether

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Big Bang indubitably deserved the honors of receiving the awards, and the participants were of course, ever thankfulin opposition to their enthusiasts for supporting them in their acceptance speeches. However, there used to besomething that T.O.P acknowledged that has stuck everyone's attention in particular. 

In his acceptance speech, T.O.P said, "Rather than being flashy outwardly as artists, we cantake a glance at our very best to be gorgeousat theinside of every bit we grow up. Thank you to the entire fans that give a spice up to us. From now on, I suspect there is solely about a year left for you to peerthe large Bang team on stage. In that time, we're going toare trying ever tougher to touch your hearts and solution alongside awesome music." 

Netizens, maximum of whom believed T.O.P may smartly be hinting at one or more of the members' enlistment this year, commented that they are going toat all timesassist Big Bang regardless of what. The head comments read, "Okay in case you are gonna go, then pass and temporarily come back. The individual going might think that point slows down, yet to us, it sounds like they get discharged in no time at all," "It's disappointing but there could benot anything to be done ㅠㅠ they all were givenin combination for the affection of track so I don't have any worries that they're going to walk other paths! It is advisable see them as a complete whenever, and I will also be cheering in your solo works," "Big Bang, congrats on winning triple crown winners!!! Despite the reality thatyou canvisit the army, Big Bang you're my everything~" 

Big Bang announce their ultimate  excursion dates for 'MADE' international tour
Big Bang Announce Their Ultimate Excursion Dates For 'made' International Tour

Big Bang announce their ultimate excursion dates for 'MADE' international tour

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The concert dates are March 4, 3, and 6, 2016. Large Bang began their world tour in Seoul last April, and this is the reason where they're going to be finishing it. The gang traveled to many, many alternative countries for their world tour, and they still have a couple of concerts left in Japan next month.

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BIGBANG breaks yet some other listing for K-Pop with “Bang Bang Bang” MV

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Koreaboo has accumulated reactions from Netizens who commented at theusual article from our Korean source. The underneath comments are the preferred comments at the time of this text being published.

1115, -44 I would love to congratulate them. I'm hopingLarge smash continues their good fortune this year as well~ fighting!!!!

743, -33 This is BIGBANGs class!!! I'm so pleased with them

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Big Bang's 'Bang Bang Bang' MV & Psy's 'Daddy' MV hit one hundred million views!

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YGE tweeted the within track about the firm artists today, adding the congratulatory posters below. "Bang Bang Bang" used to be released in June of remaining year, and a hundred million perspectives is no doubta gigantic milestone. What is even more impressive is the truth that Psy's MV has reached 100 millions views after popping out in overdue November, 2015.

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BIGBANG’s “BANG BANG BANG” Reaches one hundred Million Perspectives on YouTube

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BIGBANGs BANG BANG BANG Reaches one hundred Million Perspectives on YouTubean0ya January 19, 2016 0 The tune video for BIGBANGs BANG BANG BANG — arguably one of 2015s greatest hits — has hit 100 million views on YouTube!

The milestone used to be reached on January 19. To celebrate the achievement, YG Entertainment shared a poster about the 100 million views by approach of its authentic blog and social media.

BANG BANG BANG become released on June 1 as the third unmarried off BIGBANGs MADE Series and has enjoyed giantstatus among enthusiasts and the wider public.

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