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Aoa Youkyung

AOA’s Drummer Youkyung Wishes Hyejeong a Happy Birthday

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In the uploaded video, AOA Black (AOA’s band unit) drummer, Youkyung, left a brief message, wishing Hyejeong a happy birthday. Yookyung expressed, “Hello, this is Ace of Angels Yookyung! It’s been a long time since I’ve greeted everyone, but I’m here to celebrate a very happy day. Today is Hyejeong’s birthday! Hyejeong, I wish you a happy birthday and I hope you enjoy this special day. Everyone, please congratulate Hyejeong on her birthday, and next time, I will show you all a better side of Yookyung. Thank you!”

Meanwhile, AOA celebrated the group’s second debut anniversary yesterday, following their official debut into the music industry on August 9, 2012. Happy 22nd Birthday to AOA’s Hyejeong!

Happy birthday to AOA's Youkyung

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Birth Name: Seo You Kyoung Stage Name: Youkyung Angel Name: Y Birthday: March 15, 1993 Label: FNC Music Group: AOA Position: Drummer, Half Angel Height: 167 cm Weight: 48 kg