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[Video] Added Korean drama 'Choice of the Future' episode 2
[Video] Added Korean Drama 'choice Of The Future' Episode 2
[Video] Added Korean drama 'Choice of the Future' episode 1
[Video] Added Korean Drama 'choice Of The Future' Episode 1
Upcoming Korean drama
Upcoming Korean Drama "the Future Choice"
Upcoming Korean drama
Upcoming Korean Drama "an Angel's Choice"
Korean Scholars  Make a choice Which Idols They would like as Their Classmates
Korean Scholars Make A Choice Which Idols They Would Like As Their Classmates

Korean Scholars Make a choice Which Idols They would like as Their Classmates

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Korean ScholarsSelect Which Idols They would like equally Their Classmatesharmonicar January 5, 2016 0 College uniform corporate elite polled a general of 388 elementary, middle, and primefaculty students; asking them which idol they would love to have as their classmate. Students were in a position to vote for 2 weeks at the companys respectable SNS page ranging from December 15.

Boy Groups:1. BTOB 73.2 percent2. BTS 9.54 percent3. Block B 4.64 percent4. Other 4.38 percent5. EXO 3.87 percent6. Seventeen  2.58 percent7. INFINITE 1.89 %

Girl Groups:1. Red Velvet 46.9 percent2. GFRIEND 20.9 percent3. A Pink 8.2 percent4. Other 7.5 percent5. Oh My Girl 5.9 percent6. April 3.6 percent7. Lovelyz 2.3 percent8. 4minute 2.1 percent9. TWICE 1.3 percent10. Girls Generation 1.3 percent

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MBC Expanding  Choice of Its Drama Awards Categories
Mbc Expanding Choice Of Its Drama Awards Categories

MBC Expanding Choice of Its Drama Awards Categories

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MBC ExpandingSelection of Its Drama Awards Categoriescrystalcove December 15, 2015 0 Its no longer a sight you continuouslynoticed in other awards ceremonies in other countries, yet in South Korea, you commonly see one award being given to two people. In 2008 at the MBC Drama Awards, for example, MBC gave out the head award – the Daesang – to Kim Myung Min and Song Seung Heon. This doesnt just take place for dramas or simply at MBC, but also at the Entertainment awards and at other broadcasting networks. Those joint awards are a double-edged sword that make no personsatisfied and there are at all timeslawsuits after such an tournament occurs.

This year, MBC is providing a method tothe ones complaints, even supposing whether it is going toif fact exist toldpaintings is to be determined. The broadcasting network has created two new categories for its drama awards – Most sensible 10 MBC Drama Stars and Easiest Supporting Actor. The pinnacle 10 MBC Drama Stars awards will be awarded to actors who have whose shown talent, demanding work, and megastarvitality this year, and the most efficient Supporting Actor award might be given to an actor who showed exceptionalskill and presence in their supporting roles. MBC has also pledged to reduce double awarding. (Note: Unless specified, the observe actor is explained as an individual (either male or female) who acts.)

The MBC Drama Awards take position December 20 at 8:55 p.m. KST. Currently, online vote casting is happening at its website for the recognition Award, Most effective Couple Award, and This Years Drama Award.

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[VIDEO] Lee Yoo Ri Nabbed The Awards For Daesang, Drama Of The Year, And PD's Choice Award At "2014 MBC Drama Awards"

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Actress Lee Yoo Ri came out as big winner of the “2014 MBC Drama Awards.” The actress has nabbed the awards for Daesang, PD’s Choice Award, and Drama of The Year.

[Hancinema"s Drama Review] "mother"s Choice" Episode 2

[HanCinema"s Drama Review] "Mother"s Choice" Episode 2

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The main reason all of this is so effective is that the drama really does powerfully beg the question of what we would do in So-yeong"s situation, and that"s really not a pleasant topic to think about. None of the characters here are really evil, even if one turns out to be understandably vicious and spiteful. Maternal protection is the conflict here- without that, this would be an open-and-shut case. In this way "Mother"s Choice" effectively challenges the idea that were this situation to happen to us, it really would be as unique as we would want to pretend.

As a final note, don"t go into "Mother"s Choice" expecting the kind of cinematic power you"d get from something like "Mother - 2009". Effective as the performances are, this is definitely a television production. It uses cheap tricks rather than profundity to make its emotional strikes. And that"s entirely the point. It"s arrogance that causes these tragedies to happen in the first place. Let"s not be so daft as to think arrogance is what"s going to get us out of it too.

"Mother"s Choice" is directed by Kim Jin-geun , written by Jeong Do-yoon and features Oh Hyun-kyeong, Jo Yoon-woo, Ji Eun-sung, Jeon No-min and Hwa Young.

[Hancinema"s Drama Review] "mother"s Choice" Episode 1

[HanCinema"s Drama Review] "Mother"s Choice" Episode 1

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This drama aims to discuss a very difficult, very politically incorrect question. How does a woman in the modern world, with all the right trappings of feminism reconcile the fact of these beliefs with increasably unshakable evidence that her son is, in fact, one of those people who would do something so horrible as to violate and terrorize a woman against her will? Let"s not pretend for the moment that correct political beliefs produce perfectly egalitarian children. It"s a nice sentiment but it defies the sheer scale at which these crimes continue to occur.

The worst about this is that there"s nothing really all that wrong about the family presented. Nobody"s perfect, after all. The best we can really do is try the best as possible. Indeed, it"s pretty clear that the teenage son has some moral scruples, just not enough to avoid getting in with the bad crowd that does awful things like drink beer and have a girlfriend over while his folks are gone.

This particular part about the prompt behind "Mother"s Choice" may inspire some eye rolls. That stuff was the the moral ranting of our grandparents wasn"t it? But unfortunately enough, the drama presents an alarmingly plausible set-up for how people, particularly young people, ever get such a terrible idea as to try to have sex with a woman who"s been blacked out. Part of the unspoken implication is simply that she won"t remember anything that happened, since it"s not like pregnancy"s a possibility.

Hwa Young
Hwa Young"s First Drama, Sbs "mother"s Choice"

Hwa Young"s first drama, SBS "Mother"s Choice"

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Although she must"ve felt awkward and nervous in a new environment, she got along well with actress Oh Hyeon-kyeong and asked advice from the director and such. She was passionate about her first actual act and monitored herself closely.

Hwa Young said, "I am worried and anxious at the same time. I will work hard to live up to the expectations although I have a long way to go".