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f(x)’s Luna and Amber Reveal “Blue Eyes” Teasers for “Electric Shock”
F(X)’S Luna And Amber Reveal “Blue Eyes” Teasers For “Electric Shock”

f(x)’s Luna and Amber Reveal “Blue Eyes” Teasers for “Electric Shock”

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Following Krystal, Sulli, and Victoria’s teaser photos, f(x) has released Amber and Luna’s teasers for their upcoming album, “Electric Shock.” Much like the previous teasers, today’s photos also follow a similar dreamy concept with each member wearing mysterious “blue eye” contacts.

“Electric Shock” will be released on June 10 through online music sites such as Genie, Melon, and Naver Music. The title track under the same name, “Electric Shock,” is reported to be an electric dance track with addictive melodies, featuring fun lyrics about falling in love. The album itself is to come with six tracks, including “Jet,” “Zig Zag,” “Beautiful Stranger,” “Love Hate,” and “Let’s Try.”

f(x) releases Luna and Amber’s teaser photos for ‘Electric Shock’
F(X) Releases Luna And Amber’s Teaser Photos For ‘electric Shock’

f(x) releases Luna and Amber’s teaser photos for ‘Electric Shock’

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After announcing the news of their upcoming comeback and revealing member Krystal, Victoria, and Sullis teaser photos, f(x) has unveiled Luna and Ambers teaser photos for ‘Electric Shock‘.

Although M! Countdown aired previews of the last two members last night, the official teaser photos released are a bit different. Much like the previous members teaser photos, Luna and Amber are also seen sporting the shocking blue colored contacts.

The title track of the album, also titled “Electric Shock”, is reported to be an energetic and rhythmical electronic-dance tune with an addictive chorus. The song compares the emotions associated with falling love to getting “electric shocked”.

f(x)’s ‘Electric Shock’ album covers out + sneak peek of Amber and Luna’s teaser photos from ‘M! Countdown’
F(X)’s ‘electric Shock’ Album Covers Out + Sneak Peek Of Amber And Luna’s Teaser Photos From ‘m! Countdown’

SB Bite: Anna Kendrick Delivers an Electric Shock -

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Seoul Beats Idols Music Film Drama TV Media Style Culture TweetcultureSB Bite: Anna Kendrick Delivers an Electric Shock Written by Fannie On March 28, 2013Just weeks after f(x) showed up at indie music festival SXSW, theyve surfaced again in the Western media and blogosphere, this time in a Funny or Die skit with a new member in tow: none other than Americas sweetheart, Anna Kendrick (most recently of Pitch Perfect fame).

Funny or Die is a popular website that regularly produces humorous videos, oftentimes with cameos from big stars from all over Western pop culture, and Anna Kendrick just happens to be one of the biggest trending stars in Hollywood right now, so while this may only be an internet release, its still a pretty big deal in terms of exposure for f(x). The fact that its a video not meant to be taken seriously makes it all the more better, as put into context, it lessens the pervasive offense caused by bad acting and/or accents (excepting native speakers) that have plagued other more serious K-pop attempts to break into Western media.

Its also interesting to note that there are subtitles for the video in both languages, which makes it so that Korean audiences will also have no problems understanding the video. Eastern pop culture trying to invade the West whilst Western pop culture tries to invade the East could this media match be any more perfect? And seriously, how cute is Victoria?

Krystal graduates from high school + performs
Krystal Graduates From High School + Performs "electric Shock" With F(X) Members

Krystal graduates from high school + performs "Electric Shock" with f(x) members

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During the graduation ceremony, f(x) members Amber, Luna, and Victoria appeared to congratulate Krystal and then the whole group performed “Electric Shock” on the stage. Her high school also gifted Krystal with an award for raising the popularity of the school.

In her interview after the ceremony, Krystal expressed, “I can’t believe that I am already in my twenties now. With my graduation I have finished up my 10s. I am both sad and anticipating the future at the same time.

She stated, “I will consider it a new start and will show everyone a passionate side of myself. Please continue to watch my progress. The other members [f(x)] will come to cheer me on.

f(x) brings ‘1,2,3’ and ‘Electric Shock’ to ‘M Countdown’

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On M Countdown Christmas special, the bubbly and beautiful group came back to the music stage and sang a total of two songs, 1,2,3 and, of course, its hit, Electric Shock much to the delight of the enthusiastic fans in the audience.

f(x) wraps up “Electric Shock” promotions with nine #1 wins
F(X) Wraps Up “electric Shock” Promotions With Nine #1 Wins

f(x) wraps up “Electric Shock” promotions with nine #1 wins

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With Electric Shock, the girls obtained a triple crown by earning three consecutive #1 wins on Mnets M! Countdown, as well as two #1 wins on KBS 2TVs Music Bank, SBS Inkigayo, and MBC MUSICs Show Champion.

When the track was first released, Electric Shock immediately soared to #1 on various Korean music sites real-time charts, as well as on the Daily and Weekly Charts. The album also came in #1 for two weeks in a row on various album sales total charts for most albums sold.

The song also hit #1 on the iTunes Electronic Album Chart in the US and Canada, and the MV received over 10,000,000 views on YouTube within 6 days of being released.

f(x) Wins Nine First Place Trophies With
F(X) Wins Nine First Place Trophies With "electric Shock"

f(x) Wins Nine First Place Trophies With "Electric Shock"

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f(x) has won 1st place on Mnet "MCountdown" for three weeks straight. They also won 1st place for two weeks straight on KBS "Music Bank," SBS "Inkigayo," and MBC Music "Show! Champion" winning total of nine trophies and wiping out the music industry.

Meanwhile, f(x) Sulli will be starring in an upcoming drama "To the Beautiful You" and will be putting her focus on the drama, leaving f(x) to promote as a four member group for the time being.

f(x) to finish up ‘Electric Shock’ promotions and prepare for Japanese debut
F(X) To Finish Up ‘electric Shock’ Promotions And Prepare For Japanese Debut

f(x) to finish up ‘Electric Shock’ promotions and prepare for Japanese debut

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After making a successful comeback with Electric Shock and seizing first place on music programs, girl group f(x) will end their album promotions with their final performance on SBSs Inkigayo this weekend on the 15th. It seems that they will be interrupting their Korean activities for a short while, as f(x) will also be preparing for their Japanese debut for the latter half of the year.

Representatives from SM Entertainment commented, Although we havent come out with a definite schedule yet, we will be preparing [f(x)] for their official Japanese debut during the second half of the year. They continued to ensure Korean fans, [f(x)] will be attending to Korean activities occasionally alongside [their Japanese activities].

Besides Sullis schedule with her drama To the Beautiful You, there havent been other activities scheduled for the group for the time being.

f(x) Remains in the No.1 Spot!
F(X) Remains In The No.1 Spot! "electric Shock" Hottest Song Of Summer!

f(x) Remains in the No.1 Spot! "Electric Shock" Hottest Song of Summer!

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In addition to their win on "Inkigayo", f(x)'s "Electric Shock" remained in their number one spot two weeks in a row in other music programs like KBS "Music Bank" as well as MBC "Show Champion." Also, on Mnet "M Countdown," the "Electric Shock" has been number one for three weeks now and became "Triple Crown" winners.