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Album & MV Review Ryeowook - 'The Little Prince'

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Ryeowook, arguably a phase of K-Pop royalty himself, has released his long-awaited debut solo album 'The Little Prince.' He is one of 4 lead vocalists for Super Junior, in addition a member of subunits Super Junior K.R.Y and Super Junior-M.  He also has the respect of having his face on a Chinese postage stamp (along with Kyuhyun, Siwon, and Donghae). Here isthe primaryfree upat the group's newly introduced label SJ.

Opening with a smooth number, it sets the tone for a lot of the remainder of the album. It is a little more stripped down than the alternative ballads in this disc, with just a touch of orchestral grandeur close to the end. It showcases Ryewook's voice rather properly and is a nice listen. The lyrics give an explanation forto a lady that she is his gentle in the world.

is a connection with Antoine de Saint-Exupéry's ebook of the similar name. He puts himself within the narrative, and sings about speaking to the Little Prince. It isa just right looking ode to a breakup, the usage ofone of the vital imagery from the book, like the flower. The SuJu singer unleashes his voice about 3 mins in, and his pitch soars high. You'llpractically feel him crying as he sings, giving this musica lot of emotional punch.

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Yoo Seung Woo is too adorable for words in his 'Pit A Pat' album preview

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Yoo Seung Woo's preview video for his candy and sentimental album 'Pit A Pat' is going beyond your standard album preview. The audio snippets are accompanied with matching video of Yoo Seung Woo singing, and no longerjustpictures of his album jacket.

There are a overallof fivegorgeous songs adding his identifytune "Whatever" ft. Crucial Star. He looks adorable in the video, and every and every person of his songs has a sweet sound with a guitar base.

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BIGBANG’s G-Dragon to feature in Baauer’s debut album release

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This might now not bethe primary fourth dimension that G-Dragon worked with the yanklistingmanufacturer and artist. He up to now featured in G-Dragon’s track “Coup D’Etat” with Diplo. However, this may additionally increasingly G-Dragon’s first time to be featured in his foreign release.

BIGBANG’s G-Dragon to feature on Baauer’s debut album release

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This is most likely notthe primary fourth dimension that G-Dragon worked with the yankchecklistmanufacturer and artist. He up to now featured in G-Dragon’s track “Coup D’Etat” with Diplo. However, this might increasingly G-Dragon’s first time to be featured in his overseas release.

Album & MV Review IMFACT - 'Lollipop'

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This song is the outlier, sounding a little other from the alternative songs. It may well behighest characterized as a rap ballad with piano. It does the alternating croons and raps thing, but the refrain sounds noticeably different, highlighting the vocal strengths of the alternative members, and the key verses are raps. Jian, Ungjae, and Leesang had a hand in the composition here. It is a lonely song, contemplative, speaking about how folks are afraid to observe them, and how they would like to cry as a result of it.

I like how this album holds together overall. They manage to do a perfectactivity of varying the compositions without straying from the pop structure. The sole matterI'll ask is that the hooks be more prominent, anything to chant at residepresentations would be nice. They have gotwere givenpossible -- or not it'sobtrusivethe lads own talent, and will have to be happy with what they penned.

Essentially a high-school hijinks MV, the boys are doing all types of things, from gambling pranks in the toilet to disrupting music elegance by hanging on a record. The entirewhilst we cue the dance sequences, them in schoolboy uniforms just aboutyour complete time. It's hardly the most unique thing I have seen.

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Top K-Pop Teams Win Global Product Design Awards For Album Covers
Top K-Pop Teams Win Global Product Design Awards For Album Covers

Top K-Pop Teams Win Global Product Design Awards For Album Covers

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(Photo : SM Entertainment )K-pop continues to gain reputationround the world, and maximumcurrently for what enthusiasts see instead of what they hear.

SM Entertainment teamsGreat Junior, f(x), and EXO walked house alongside3 of the most prestigious design awards at Germany's 2016 iF Product Design Awards this week.

SM Entertainment took the grand prize for excellence in the packaging design category. The special edition of Super Junior's 7th album This Is Love, EXO's first 2013 Christmas EP Miracles in December, and f(x)'s contemporary fourth studio album 4 Wallsall snagged honors.

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WINNER to hang a reside countdown correct  ahead of their album drops
Winner To Hang A Reside Countdown Correct Ahead Of Their Album Drops

WINNER to hang a reside countdown correct ahead of their album drops

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WINNER's professional comeback is type of here. Yetahead of then, you'll be in a position tostay up for their reside countdown 'EXIT AWARDS' via Naver's 'V' app!

This could be like their 'ENTRY NIGHT' appropriate earlier their pre-release "Pricked", and the members will be capable of watch their MV releases with their fans.

WINNER's album 'Exit Move : E' drops February 1. Be certain you watch the live show, and remain tuned for more pre-release covers till then.

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Ryeowook's album 'The Little Prince' tops 6 iTunes charts!
Ryeowook's Album 'the Little Prince' Tops 6 Itunes Charts!

Ryeowook's album 'The Little Prince' tops 6 iTunes charts!

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As of January 28, his mini-album is no 1 in 6 Asian countries, adding Japan, Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia. The album could also be 3rd in Indonesia, 5th in Mexico and 6th in the Philippines. 

Ryeowook will start his comeback performances with 'M! Countdown' on January 28, in addition 'Music Bank', 'Show! Tune Core' and 'Inkigayo'.

SM and YG Entertainment win giant for their album ideas at “iF Design Award 2016”
Sm And Yg Entertainment Win Giant For Their Album Ideas At “if Design Award 2016”

SM and YG Entertainment win giant for their album ideas at “iF Design Award 2016”

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Meanwhile, YG Entertainment also obtained their own design recognition from iF Design Award 2016 and won a overall of nine medals for their design and album packaging for WINNER’s WWIC concert album and inviting collection, iKON’s debut branding and Welcome Back album, Epik High’s Shoebox and FEAST, Taeyang’s RISE complete package, YG Family’s Concert in Seoul reside CD and YG’s collaboration with Woori Bank.

This isn'tthe primary time that either agencies were recognised for their design ideas as organisation awards those that consolidate prestigious and ingenious concepts to their tune and artists.

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Jo Kwon to in all probability  liberate new solo album in February
Jo Kwon To In All Probability Liberate New Solo Album In February

Jo Kwon to in all probability liberate new solo album in February

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After outdated reports confirming that Jo Kwon is getting readyto pass back equally a solo artist having filmed for his song video with EXO’s Suho, the firm released an update about his imaginable comeback date. In step with the agency, “Jo Kwon targets to retune as early as February, however, a date is still indefinite.” 

The comeback wonrather a buzz in the past after Jo Kwon showed his collaboration with Suho thru his Instagram account. He remaining promoted as a solo artist since I’m Da One in 2012 and “ON The nice Day Like This” last year, and his first set of promotions following 2AM’s disbandment.

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