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Ailee Heaven Music Video Meaning

Ailee Releases Music Video for "Heaven" (Japanese Ver.)

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After wrapping up promotions for UI in Korea back in August, powerful vocalist Ailee looked to Japan to advance her music career! The talented artist is currently signed under YMC Entertainment and joined hands with Warner Music Japan to release her Japanese debut single, Heaven. The single will be available for purchase starting November 6.

Fans on YouTube have appreciatively noted, I love that her company takes her [music] seriously! Instead of just translating the song, they re-arranged it for this new market! and The music does fit [with] most Japanese pop tunes and I love it!

B2ST’s Kikwang Feature in Ailee “Heaven” Music Video Teaser

Ailee released her debut song Heavens teaser video. Although she maybe a rookie in the K-Pop industry shes well known for charismatic performances and exceptional vocals. She is starring in the KBS drama Dream High 2, alongside SISTARs Hyroin and T-aras JIyeon.

The song written and produced by Wheesung, was composed collaboratively with Iggy and Seo Yong Bae. The digital singe will release on February 9.

Ailee releases her debut music video, “Heaven”

Ailee attracted much interest after she blew the audience away with her rendition of “Halo” by Beyonce on MBC‘s Chuseok special, ‘Singers and Trainees‘. She is currently starring in the KBS 2TV drama, ‘Dream High 2‘, and will now kick off her debut promotions on major music programs.

BEAST Lee Ki Kwang Appears on Ailee's "Heaven" Music Video
Beast Lee Ki Kwang Appears On Ailee's "heaven" Music Video

BEAST Lee Ki Kwang Appears on Ailee's "Heaven" Music Video

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The teaser shows Ailee and Lee Ki Kwang looking at each other as lovers. Ailee looks like an innocent girl in love, while Lee Ki Kwang is wearing a black suit. During the music video however, it is suggested that there is some kind of love triangle going on.

Ailee recently appeared on “Dream High 2,” her music, dance, and acting skills are all beginning to gain recognition. The song "Heaven" was written and composed by Wheesung before he last for his military duties.  

Lee Joon & Ailee Look Like A Real Couple In Music Video
Lee Joon & Ailee Look Like A Real Couple In Music Video

Lee Joon & Ailee Look Like A Real Couple In Music Video

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Her agency YMC Entertainment stated, "Ailee and Lee Joon met for the first time through this music video shoot. As soon as they met they had to go into acting like lovers, so there were many awkward moments and NG scenes. However, they immersed themselves in heartwarming love scenes to a heartbreaking farewell scene. Their great emotional acting received praise from the staff."

"Singing Got Better" is a song about Ailee and Lee Joon, who fostered a short but beautiful love while doing music together. Later they break up. Thereafter, Ailee succeeds, and relives the painful moments of her past.

Ailee said, "I was really flustered having to start acting in love as soon as we met, but Lee Joon, who has more acting experience, really helped me. Thanks to him I quickly overcame any awkwardness and was able to seriously get into the scene. I really enjoyed the shoot."

Music Video ReView: Ailee's U&I, Does the Formula Work?

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In the video, we also catch some very minor details, like how the video plays off of the lyrics. I don't know exactly how intentional this is, but during the first verse, Ailee sings about how she no longer smiles because of the person she is singing too, and true to her word, she doesn't smile throughout the video until the moment she slides the ring off of her finger-- which I can only assume is a gift of some sort from the ex lover. This scene is later in the video, around the bridge of the song, right after make up finishes her prepping her eyes (which also is right where the lyrics state something about Ailee tired of crying, or having no intention of crying-- details). She slips the ring off, gives her reflection a brief smirk, and then leaves the ring on the table while she proceeds with her life baggage-free.

There's nothing much to say about the dance, Ailee isn't exactly known to be a great dancer. She is, however, a heavy belting singer, and if there is one final thing the song should be credited for, it's the fact that it utilized her vocal range well.

Ailee releases video teaser for Japanese debut single ‘Heaven’

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On September 5th, Warner Music Japan released a teaser video for Ailees Japanese debut single Heaven on its official Youtube channel. The single album will be the translated version of her Korea debut single of the same title released in February of last year.

According to her agency, Ailee been preparing for her debut in Japan and she has even been learning Japanese. After introducing her single to the Japanese market, she plans a full-scale activities throughout Asia.

Singer Ailee Performs On KBS's Music Bank Despite Injured Ankle [VIDEO]

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Ailee injured her left ankle on Wednesday, leaving many fans to wonder if she would be able to appear in a scheduled performanceThey say the show must go on.

Ailee injured her left ankle on Wednesday, leaving many fans to wonder if she would be able to appear in a scheduled performance on the Korean Broadcasting System program "Music Bank"on Friday to celebrate the release date of her new album "A's Doll House."

But a representative from the singer's record label YMC Entertainment told the South Korean publication Sports Chosun that Ailee was determined to perform.

Ailee Rocks the House in "U&I" Music Video

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Rising K-Pop diva Ailee has unleashed the music video for UI,  the title song from her second mini album, “A’s Doll House.”  

The mini album contains six tracks: UI, No No No, Rainy Day, Ill Be Ok, Relationship Rumor, and How Could This Happen? Ailee covers a range of genres in the album, from punk, pop, contemporary RB,  slow tempo RB,  and hybrid soul.

UI is composed and written by Shinsadong Tiger and Kupa, and emphasizes Ailees power house vocals through a funky rhythm and strong brass intrumental.

BoA Releases Music Video and Clip for "Between Heaven and Hell" from "Shark" OST

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Best of Asia singer BoA released the music video for Between Heaven and Hell from the drama Shark OST through her agencys official SMTOWN YouTube channel. SMTOWN also released a complimentary clip from the drama where the song is heard.

Between Heaven and Hell is a hauntingly beautiful ballad sung by the singers distinct and signature voice. The music video is a compiled mostly of the scenes with the young Han Isoo and Jo Hae Woo characters. Son Ye Jin and Kim Nam Gils adult portrayal of the characters also make an appearance. 

The drama clip is from the scene where Son Ye Jin remembers a romantic moment she had in the forest as a child as Kim Nam Gil watches from behind a tree.