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★VIDEO one hundred Years Of Korean Attractiveness In 1 Minute

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Share on FacebookShare on TwitterAs a phase of their one hundred Years of Attractiveness video series, the team at has created a brief video superbly illustrating how Korean cosmetic in either the South and the North has evolved during the last100 years. 

Starting with a colonial-era glance from the start of the twentieth century and finishing amongsta phenomenaltrendyappearance from today, the video even splits once it reaches the 1950s to turn how makeup and type has evolvedone at a timearound the borders of North and South Korea.

The 1950s marks the historic split into the ROK (South Korea) and the DPRK (North Korea), with the South wearing a glamorous old-Hollywood look in stark contrast to the Norths militarized fashion.

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“A Hundred Year’s Inheritance”: Lee Jung Jin’s birth mother revealed!
“A Hundred Year’S Inheritance”: Lee Jung Jin’S Birth Mother Revealed!

“A Hundred Year’s Inheritance”: Lee Jung Jin’s birth mother revealed!

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May 25, the 41st episode of the MBC weekend drama “A Hundred Year”s Inheritance” featured Yang Choon Hee (Jeon In Hwa) discovering that Lee Se Yoon (Lee Jung Jin) is her biological son.

This episode revealed Yang Choon Hee coming across a diary at Baek Sul Joo”s (Cha Hwa Yeon) house that had been sent by the orphanage. Yang Choon Hee begins to read the diary and discovers a 30-year-old secret about Lee Se Yoon”s birth.

Baek Sul Joo had switched her own son with Yang Choon Hee”s son. Her son had been deathly ill. After 30 years, Yang Choon Hee had found out about the secret in the diary of the head nun at the orphanage. Shocked, Yang Choon Hee murmurs, “Sul Joo switched my child?” and rushes out of Baek Sul Joo”s house.

Yoo Ah In in hot demand with another casting for new film 'Hundred Years War'
Yoo Ah In In Hot Demand With Another Casting For New Film 'hundred Years War'

Yoo Ah In in hot demand with another casting for new film 'Hundred Years War'

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According to movie industry insiders, Yoo Ah In is looking over a casting offer for new film "Hundred Years" War" and going over the details before signing the contract. The film will be directed by "All About My Wife"s director Min Kyu Dong and produced by Lotte Entertainment. It has been reported that the actor received the casting offer last year but only recently made up his mind to go for it.

As if Yoo Ah In didn"t have enough on his plate already with his starring in upcoming JTBC drama "Love Affair", which will premiere in March, and shooting for his other film "Veteran", if confirmed, the actor will take on three projects back to back.

[Spoiler] "a Hundred Year's Inheritance" Ends Happily

[Spoiler] "A Hundred Year's Inheritance" ends happily

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Meanwhile, KBS 2TV weekend drama "Lee Soon-sin is the Best" rated 27.5% and MBC "Gold, Appear!" rated 16.9%. SBS "The Secret of Birth" and "Wonderful Mama" rated 6.4% and 7.7%.

[Spoiler] "a Hundred Year's Inheritance" Lee Jeong-Jin Stops Breathing

[Spoiler] "A Hundred Year's Inheritance" Lee Jeong-jin stops breathing

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He called Hyo-dong (Jeong Bo-seok) and told him that he would like to see his mother for the last time, then Hyo-dong told him where she was.

"a Hundred Year's Inheritance" In First Place All Weekend

"A Hundred Year's Inheritance" in first place all weekend

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According to Nielsen Korea, MBC "A Hundred Year's Inheritance" rated 28.6%. This is slightly more than the previous episode's 28.3%. "A Hundred Year's Inheritance" beat KBS 2TV "Lee Soon-sin is the Best" and came in first all weekend.

"Lee Soon-sin is the Best" failed to set a record. It rated 27.9% which is 4.7% more than the previous day but not enough to take back the throne.

Meanwhile, MBC drama "Gold, Appear!" rated 16.8% and SBS "The Secret of Birth" rated 6.8% while "Wonderful Mama" rated 6.4%.

Sim I-yeong comes back with
Sim I-Yeong Comes Back With "a Hundred Year's Inheritance"

Sim I-yeong comes back with "A Hundred Year's Inheritance"

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Sim I-yeong starred in the drama as Kim Cheol-gyu (Choi Won-yeong) wife Ma Hong-joo and added fun to the drama. However, she left to Paris on the thirty-eighth episode at the end of a long conflict with chairwoman Bang (Park Won-sook).

Sim I-yeong will be in the drama until the end. She could meet a happy ending and put an end to her loneliness. Netizens welcome this news of her come back.

Meanwhile, Sim I-yeong is in the middle of filming the movie "Precious Love" and has been set to star in the SBS drama "Goddess of Marriage".

[Spoiler] "a Hundred Year's Inheritance" Yoo Jin Gives Up Marrying Lee Jeong-Jin

[Spoiler] "A Hundred Year's Inheritance" Yoo Jin gives up marrying Lee Jeong-jin

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However, on the day of the wedding, she cried listening to the voice mail sent to her phone by Yang Choon-hee (Jeon In-hwa). She trusted Lee Se-yoon but she was concerned about getting married without the blessings from their parents.

She watched Lee Se-yoon from behind as he looked for her and begged, "Your mother is in danger and was taken to the emergency room. She tried to kill herself. Go to Seoul. We can't get married like this. We won't be happy".

"a Hundred Year's Inheritance" Lee Jeong-Jin And Yoo Jin Reveal Wedding Shots

"A Hundred Year's Inheritance" Lee Jeong-jin and Yoo Jin reveal wedding shots

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The weekend MBC drama "A Hundred Year's Inheritance" is at the peak of its phase with the secret of Lee Se-yoon's (Lee Jeong-jin) birth out. During all this, Min Chae-won (Yoo Jin) and Lee Se-yoon's wedding pictures have come up on the 7th.

This scene was shot in a church in Incheon. Yoo Jin is wearing a white dress with a wreath on her head and Lee Jeong-jin is looking at her with loving eyes in a suit.

Another picture shows Lee Jeong-jin preparing water for her to wash in and Yoo Jin is waiting with a happy smile on her face. This makes many wonder if they eloped.

[Spoiler] "a Hundred Year's Inheritance", The End Of Choi Won-Sook

[Spoiler] "A Hundred Year's Inheritance", the end of Choi Won-sook

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Joo-ri had risked a lot to pay back against Se-yoon. She had used much of her assets on marketing and used cheap ingredients to make noodles. When metal was found in the main ingredient, mugwort, Joo-ri and her mother Bang Yeong-ja (Park Won-sook) were in danger. Yeong-ja had even expanded her business by using loans and was arrested by the police.

Her wealth was also being investigated altogether and the episode ended with Bang Yeong-jae getting arrested. An end had finally came to Bang Yeong-ja and her daughter, Joo-ri, who have been causing a public rage.

Meanwhile, "A Hundred Year's Inheritance" is based on the story of an old noodle factory which reflects on the way human's live, tangled up like the noodles.