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4minute’s Sohyun finds that she maintains touch with the 94-line

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On February 11th, Sohyun at the aspect ofthe remainder of 4minute seemed as guest on Kim Shin Young’s radio show, where she was once asked about the 1994 line. Consistent with Sohyun, “I do still meet with Krystal, Jiyoung, Suzy and anything else of 1994 line.” 

However, as they were too busy to lookeach and every other a lot, she exhibits that she currentlyhave become close with Dohee instead.

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4minute promises to give out unfastened hugs if they win #1 for “Hate”
4Minute Promises To Give Out Unfastened Hugs If They Win #1 For “hate”

4minute promises to give out unfastened hugs if they win #1 for “Hate”

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On February 11th, 4minute made an appearance for MBC FM4U’s Live On Air where they mentioned what they are ready to promise after theysucceed inthe head spot on music programs. To this, Hyuna published that, “If we win first place, we promise to visit Myeongdong and give loose hugs for an hour.” 

4-minute workout promises to burn 600 calories
Are 4minute eyeing first place?
Are 4Minute Eyeing First Place?

Are 4minute eyeing first place?

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4minute seemed on 'Kim Shin Young's Midday Song of Hope' on February 11, where they discussed winning first position for their new release, "Hate."

DJ Kim Shin Young asked them what they would do if they were given start place on a song show, and HyunA said, "If we get first, we may bein a position tocross to Myungdong and give out unfastened hugs for an hour."

When asked if they were feeling ambitious about rankings, they replied, "Of routewe have got ambitions for rankings. However, it isn't that we want to become maidenregardless of what. We are satisfiedso long aswe are in the pinnacle ten."

4Minute Promises to hang  Unfastened Hug Tournament If They Achieve First Position on a Track Show
4Minute Promises To Hang Unfastened Hug Tournament If They Achieve First Position On A Track Show

4Minute Promises to hang Unfastened Hug Tournament If They Achieve First Position on a Track Show

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4Minute Promises to hangUnfastened Hug Tournament If They Achieve outsetPosition on a TrackDisplay ilmare42 February 11, 2016 0 On February 11’s episode of the radio show MBC FM4U “Kim Shin Young’s Hopeful Music at Noon,” ladyworkforce 4Minute stocks what they plan to do if they take housethe primary place prize at a music show.

When DJ Kim Shin Young asks them about their plans, HyunA replies, “If we reach first place, it'll existjust right if we went to Myeongdong and held a free hug event for an hour.”

Kim Shin Young also asks if they are ambitious about their song’s ranking. 4Minute replies, “Of routewe've got ambition about the ranking. Yet nosotros don’t think we indubitablywant to get first place. It may bewonderful if shall we just be in the pinnacle ten.”

4-minute workout promises to burn 600 calories

4Minute Steps Up with Act. 7

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4Minute Steps Up with Act. 7Written by capacity of Qing On February 8, 2016A year after shedding Crazy, the women of 4Minute are back with Act. 7, helmed by a identifytune that continues their mission into trap music. Gayoon has once back taken fee of the styling for this mini-album, drawing from hip-hop fashion, like she did for Crazy. Im no longer familiar sufficient alongside hip-hop to remarkin this from a socio-cultural standpoint, yet from a classy standpoint, the maximum importantcolors used are visually and symbolically effective.

The songs play up other meanings that red, white, and black are related with. Thru its spirited rejection of an ex-lover, Hate brings out the emotional intensity and caution effect that red produces. Canvas inspires a alternative emotion associated with red—passion. As a result of the innocence that it connotes, whiteness hints at emotional vulnerability, which comes via in No Love, Blind, and portions of Hate. The sense of energy symbolised by black runs all through the mini-album; irrespective ofthe feelings expressed, the personae are in control, whether in starting up break-ups or taking their dating a step further.

The EDM trap title track Hate kicks off the mini-album on a sturdy note. Gayoon delivers a marvel opening this isairy yet keeps emotional rawness, accompanied by a pared-down piano instrumental. The central rhythmic motif is presented in Hyunas subdued rap verse, and Jihyuns bridge conveys wistfulness. The lyrics, co-written by Hyuna and Jiyoon along two lyricists, urges a lover to stand a failing relationship and settle for the wish tospoil up:

4Minute's So Hyun Units Denim Sports wear In Sure
4Minute's So Hyun Units Denim Sports Wear In Sure

4Minute's So Hyun Units Denim Sports wear In Sure

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(Photo : Sure)(Photo : Sure)(Photo : Sure)4Minute's maknae is all grown up! Singer-actress So Hyun had a shocking solo pictorial for the February factor of Sure.

According to the magazine, "Kwon So Hyun used to be never one to rush. Slowly and often she has concerned about changing. Now drawing closer to twenty-three, the youngest 4Minute member is ready to draw attention and display a new side!"

The photoshoto revolved around workout and sportswear. So Hyun modeled washed-denim looks that incorporated Levi's jean short-shorts, YMC informal tees, and Calvin Klein undies bra tops. Her hair changed into loose to sing their own praises her new pink-purple highlights.

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4Minute’s HyunA Is Blessed With Just right  Denims in CLRIDE.n Campaign
4Minute’s Hyuna Is Blessed With Just Right Denims In Clride.n Campaign

4Minute’s HyunA Is Blessed With Just right Denims in CLRIDE.n Campaign

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4Minutes HyunA Is Blessed With Just rightDenims in CLRIDE.n Crusade ehk38 February 7, 2016 0 4Minutes Hyuna is CLRIDE.ns muse once again.

In a new campaign for the freshinformalmodel brand, the singer models the brands denim line Rubber Jeans. HyunA doesnt wanta lot more than a plain white tee and killer heels to rock her thin jeans.

Model Yang Hong Suk also participated in the photo shoot, and the 2stay things spicy, consistent with the suggestive campaign theme In the elevator were~.

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G.NA Stocks Video of BTOB’s Hilarious Duvet of 4Minute’s “Hate” Stocks Video Of Btob’s Hilarious Duvet Of 4Minute’s “hate”

G.NA Stocks Video of BTOB’s Hilarious Duvet of 4Minute’s “Hate”

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G.NA Stocks Video of BTOBs Hilarious Quilt of 4Minutes Hateorionight February 7, 2016 0 Singer G.NA has shared a hilarious video of BTOB supporting 4Minutes comeback by way of jamming out to their latest song.

G.NA shared the video to her non-public Instagram account along side the caption, #4minute #hate #BTOB #support Hahaha as expected #thisisthebest hahahaha #yay #fighting.

In the video, BTOB members Hyunsik, Changsub, Eunkwang and Peniel make hilarious faces to the camera, then make a wave-like dance in time with the music. Its wonderfulto peer the fellow label associates cheer each and every other on!

4Minute Stagnates with “Hate”

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Its clear that 4Minute is attemptingto imitate the luck of remaining years Crazy. Thats 4Minutes total tactic for comebacks: unlock one track with solely new sound, if it does well, get back months later with a track that follows the similarprofitable formula. Just glance at 2014s inquisitive trio of Whats Your Name? and its follow-ups Is it Poppin? and Whatcha Doing Today?

With the fulfillment of 2015s Loopy information technologybecomejust atopic of time prior to a sibling track appeared. For Hate 4Minute not only stuck with the unmarriednote title, semi-appropriated aesthetics, old brass sounds, but also the chant-style repetitive chorus. Unfortunately, Hate does little to build on what made Crazy successful, and throws fans into the opposing camps of love it or hate it.

Its not just the musicality of the chorus that reasons Hate to disappoint, theres also the jarring impact of the converting aesthetics. The intro scenes are full ofwealthy imagery of flowers, thorns, blindfolds, desert-scapes and gorgeous close-ups of the members. There are evident symbols in the pictures that lend a hand make the emotion of the lyrics. But, just like with the track, the wholeartful imagery is desertedall through the chorus as the members don track matches and scowl at the camera. In every of the chorus shots, it looks as if the members of 4Minute fell into an early 2000s Missy Elliot music video a reality only heightened by Hyunas pig tails.

Spectacular Performances From Dal Shabet, 4Minute, G-Friend, And More For The February 6, 2016 Episode Of 'Music Core'

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(Photo : Twitter )MBC's Music Coreis back with fantastic performances from some of your favourite K-pop stars. Whilst the teams performed, loud fan chants and screams were heard.

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