Watch: “Infinite Challenge” Forged And GFRIEND Sing Duets And Consume Spaghetti On A Curler Coaster

Watch: “Infinite Challenge” Forged And GFRIEND Sing Duets And Consume Spaghetti On A Curler Coaster

Watch: CountlessDifficultySolid And GFRIEND Sing Duets And Devour Spaghetti On A Curler Coasterilmare42 August 13, 2016 0 Watch: Infinite Challenge Cast And GFRIEND Sing Duets And Eat Spaghetti On A Roller Coaster On August 13s episode of Infinite Challenge, the forged meets up with hit womanteam GFRIEND in Los Angeles to take on a challenge together!

The guys of Infinite Challenge are in Los Angeles in section to assistsatisfy Jung Joon Has mission of riding one of the vital scariest roller coasters in the world. GFRIEND arrives to give them a aiding hand at the theme park first, and theyre all given the added mission of making a song a duet on a ride with one of the Infinite Challenge members. However, Jung Joon Ha and his spouse from GFRIEND could be doing the special mission of dining spaghetti whilst theyre at the roller coaster.

Eunha asks the oppositeparticipants if somebodyneeds to be do the spaghetti mission, and Yoo Jae Suk says she turns outkeen herself. Actually, since weve been here in the United States, Ive had pizza and hamburgers yet I havent had spaghetti, she says, and with that its made up our minds shell be doing the mission with Jung Joon Ha.

Naturally, a lot of the members duets on the roller coaster turn out to be more screaming than singing. Amazingly, when Eunha and Jung Joon Ha attempt to eat spaghetti on the ride, Eunha manages to do it like a pro, as Jung Joon Ha screams and gets his spaghetti all over the place his face, in addition the members of GFRIEND at the back of them!

Watch the scene in the episode of Infinite Challenge below.

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