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"Dad's Friend" (2016)Directed by capacity of Lee SeulWith Lee Soo-min-II, Ahn Se-hee, Wang Hoon-ah, Lee Hyeon-jeong-II,...SynopsisSeok-ho whose wife kicked the bucket 10 years ago, does not have youngsters and is living an easylifestylesat the outskirts of Seoul running an agricultural agency. His gums get started hurting one day yet the dentist say there would possibly benot anything wrong with him. However, the pain gets so bad it hurts his head sometimes. Seok-ho becomes sad, thinking that here's what 'aging' is. On his 55th birthday, his one and simplest friend Byeong-sik invitations him to his area and makes him a birthday dinner. There's Se-hee, Byeong-sik's daughter who is all grown up now and Seok-ho feels funny at the sight of the full-grown girl. Meanwhile, Se-hee and her boyfriend make plans to get their hands on Seok-ho's cash and be triumphant in coming near him. However, her boyfriend betrays her and she witnesses her divorced father having an affair with somebody else. She comes to a decisionto move bad but she has no where to go. Then she thinks of Seok-ho who is at all times on her side. She starts to feel more than convenience for him and so does Seok-ho but he still misses his wife and he cannotdo this to his friend so he tries to forget about her...Will Seok-ho who is terminally in deficient health and Se-hee be in a position to be together?Release date in Korea : 2016/08/18