Son Ho-joon and Lim Ji-yeon's

Son Ho-joon and Lim Ji-yeon's "Blow Breeze"

"Blow Breeze" is coming at the 27th this month.

MBC announced that the drama has in the end been set for liberate on August 27th.

Son Ho-joon and Lim Ji-yeon are leading the drama in conjunction with Oh Ji-eun and Han Juwan. Son Sook may be going to be making a unique appearance. She takes on the role of Soon-ok, mom of Dae-hoon played through Han Gap-soo. She'll be in the primary two episodes of the drama in a North Korean dialect.

"Blow Breeze" is a drama about circle of relatives and hope.

The drama is directed by Yoon Jae-moon and written by Kim Sa-kyeong.