Teesa Houston of KOLAJ Talks Music, K-Pop Crossovers and More

Teesa Houston of KOLAJ Talks Music, K-Pop Crossovers and More

Teesa Houston KCON(Photo : Leah Westbrook)KCON 2016 L. a. presented via Toyota promised to be the maximum important and best. With a 3-day conference and 2 stellar concerts whose lineups boasted some of the most up to date acts in K-Pop, KCON delivered on that promise, treating lovers from the around the world to a Hallyu enjoy like no other.

While there were many moments over the process the weekend that made the convention memorable, none stands proudrelativelyup to the fantastic performances throughout the evenings M Countdown concerts. Every artist and workforce who conductedthe ones nights delivered stellar performances, all memorable in their own right. Yet ITused to be the special stages, in which artists made authentic and ceaselesslyunforeseen appearances on-stage, that left a more lasting impression.

One such degreecame about during Eric Nams functionality on Sunday night. After wooing the crowd with his candy vocals and captivating smile, Nam turned into joined onstage by a string of special visitors which integrated ASTROs rapper, JinJin, f(x)s Amber and Teesa Houston from the yank EDM duo, KOLAJ.

AdvertisementWe were readyto sit down down down with Ms. Houston and communicate a little about her music, the creatingacclaim for K-Pop and the chance of doing more crossover paintings in the future.

KPZ: You latterly released your hit unmarried Into You with Eric Nam, which is fantastic, by the way. Whilst you offsetgot to workin this track, did you've any concept that it is going to exist and so well-received?

Teesa: Well first off, thank you. "Into You" is one of thesebright experiments that ended up turning out amazing! I suspectall and sundry was a little hesitant in the beginning because this type of collaboration was unprecedented, but since it is been so smartlygained nosotros feel very accomplished.

KPZ: Fuse has categorised KOLAJ as an upstart EDM duo while YoungsterFashion has stated your tune has a uniquetaste of music that may translate from an evening out with your buddies to an off-the-cuff hangout by the beach. In short, you'll be able tousuallyconcentrate to their music any time. How does a duo with such a wide musical base come to work with a K-Pop artist like Eric Nam? Did you ever think youd be making this form of musical crossover?

Teesa: We arein fact quite pleased with being just a little undefinable and having a valid of our own. This collaboration, which got here about thru Eric's brother, Eddie, allowed us to mission even extra into very unexpected overseas territory. We had no clue letstake onsuch a crossover, but or not it's been successful, and we will have even created a new sound along the way. I ambeginning to think my abilityis simplyblending cultures in combination lol

KPZ: Prior to this collaboration, had you had any exposure or expertise amongst K-Pop? Was this anything altogether new for you or were you accustomed to the genre beforehand? Once you were familiar beforehand, which teams are your favorite?

Teesa: Mike and i'vein reality been large fans of K-Pop throughout the years. We really wrote a song for kpop boyband, VIXX "Ottokaji". I enjoyed SHINee, Ladies Generation, Big Bang (I have a largeoverwhelm on T.O.P). And in reality a new fan of the sweetnessWomen since they begangamblingtools ;)

KPZ: You played Into You with Eric Nam during Sunday nights concert, at KCON and I realize this was your debut mainstage performance. How did you're feeling about that? Were you nervous? Excited?

Teesa: I'm incredibly stoked and commemorated because I reallyknow the way passionate and livelyand various Kpop fans truly are! I oddly wasn't that nervous, even if the Staples Middle is ridonkulous...I was just super amped! Being there beside Eric acting and feeling the audience's energy, it was in order that incredible.

KPZ: Was this your first time at something like KCON? What are your mind on it? Did you had a possibility to journey any of the convention itself?

Teesa: I really went to KCON LA two years ago because VIXX was performing and I sought afterto look what it is all about. It's grown so much, even since then! The KPop culture is exciting and addicting, which is why I believe the convention has been such a successaround the globe!

KPZ: Do you notice yourself doing any other K-Pop collaborations in the future? Are there any groups or artists youd love to operate with? If so, who?

Teesa: We truthfully never have a clue who we're collabing with next lol...But we are open! We know there are masses of talented Kpop artists out there. So G-Dragon, T.O.P, CL, hit us up for some K-Trop!!!

If you werent capable of attend KCON 2016 LA this year, dont worry, that you couldtake a glance at Eric Nam and KOLAJs performance here.

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