Pro Pointers For Taking a look Your Very best From One of Korea's Leading Good looks  Mavens EXCLUSIVE

Pro Pointers For Taking a look Your Very best From One of Korea's Leading Good looks Mavens EXCLUSIVE

(Photo : Leah Westbrook)Thousands of lovers of Korean culture and entertainment poured into the Los Angeles ConferenceMiddle this beyond weekend, to join in in the world's greatest Korean fan convention, KCON 2016 U.s.a. presented through Toyota.

Advertisement Whilstthe key draw for maximum attendees was, undoubtedly, the impressive lineup of Korean actors and idols scheduled to make an appearance over the process the weekend, many in attendance also expressed a preparedpassion in Korean good looks products being showcased at the convention. With lines stretching around the convention hall, it issimpleto peer that thosecosmeticcorporations were a successamong convention goers.

(Photo : Leah Westbrook)In spite of a irritating schedule, the stunning ARITAUM reps were willing to take a minute to speak amongst us about their products and give us some insider tips about how to seem your best possiblethroughout these hot summer months.

KPZ: Many of our readers will now not beaccustomed to the ARITAUM brand. Are you in a position tolet us knowa little or so the company, the brands and the goods yous carry?

ARITAUM: ARITAUM comes from our Korean parent company, AmorePacific, which as been around since 1945. Aritaum carries many brands, including: IOPE, Laneigne, Mamonde, ARITAUM, Hanyul and Sulwhasoo, here in the U.S. The Aritaums in the U.S. are reasonablyother than the ones in Korea. The ones in Korea don'traise Sulwhasoo, yet nosotros do. We have got about 1000retail outlets in Korea and you know Korea is a beautiful small country so that isnumerous stores. We adoreto name ourselves the Sephora of Korea and we these days possess 70 stores here in the U.S.

KPZ: We all know that these hot summer months will also beactuallytough on our skin. Which products would you suggestnot to only lend a handoffer coverage to US from the harsh effects of the sun but also stay UStaking a look bright and refreshed?

ARITAUM: What so much of folks brand mistakes with in the hot summer months is they skip on skin care because they believe that or not it's too heavy. What you actuallywould like to make is transfer to a lighter skincare. You at all timesare searching to receive a serum and a gel cream, in order thatit is not too sticky but you are still hydrating and feeding your skin and then SPF is glaringly very important. We are very noted for our IOPE air cushions, that have SPF 50. So what you need to have to do is feed your skin first and then shield it.

KPZ: What are some of this summer's most up to date beauty trends?

ARITAUM: It is the ombre look. The ombre lips gloss. So we have the IOPE dual lip blender which provides you with that glance with one swipe. So usually, while you practise an ombre look, you will have use 2 colours merely with this, you get 2 colors in 1.

KPZ: Which products would you put forwardfor buying these looks?

ARITAUM: With the exception of the lips, we have Shine Fix Eyes which are very glittery shadows that might construct your eyes pop, as smartly as our famous air cushions. Of path for skincare, our best-seller is the Bio Essence, it puts antioxidants back into your skin that you lose for the ones who age.

KPZ: You be offeringa wide rangeof goods and every personcontinuallyturns out to have their own list of favorites. That are your hottest items? Which are your individual favorite?

ARITAUM: Our preferred item is the cushion foundation, especially the IOPE air-cushion. In the IOPE air cushion we have lots of finishes, so we have herbal cover, intense quilt and matte. My non-publicfavourite is the matte as itsupplies you the most policy and it also gives you a slight powdery end for those those thatwould possiblyunlike the dewy look.

KPZ: If there may just besomethingindividuals love, it's getting an insider's guidelines on how to search your best, so I just must ask: Do you've any methodsyou'lllove toproportion with us?

ARITAUM: I suspectthe largest thing with Korean beauty is ranging fromthe interior out. So if in case you have a healthy base, once you have healthy skin, whatever you wearit's going toappearancesuch a lot better. So we're all about having a healthy base, feeding your skin, clarifying your skin, and then striking makeup directly totoughen what you already have.

KPZ: You've were given this booth install here at KCON, in addition a pop-up store, and you have been providing makeovers by K-Beauty professionals all weekend. How has the reaction been so far?

ARITAUM: It's been amazing! We have now been having lines the block. We in reality have an IOPE makeup artist from Korea who flew over here only for this event. She was once very hard to get and we're very lucky to have her and she's just so professional. We had a workshop with her the day earlier than this and the response become amazing.

KPZ: Where can folksin finding your products, once KCON has ended? Do you have stores situated here in the U.S.?

ARITAUM: Yes we do. We've 70 stores here in North America. We do not need e-commerce yet but if you were given to there is ashop locator so you'll be able tolocate the store that's closest to you.

(Photo : Leah Westbrook)With such much offantastic products to make a choice from, it's effortless to see why ARITAUM has change intoone of the crucial leading brands in Korean beauty and why their booth was one of the freshest stops at KCON 2016 LA.

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