DIA Finds Harry Potter-Themed Comeback Teaser

DIA Finds Harry Potter-Themed Comeback Teaser

DIA Unearths Harry Potter-Themed Comeback Teaserkokoberry August 11, 2016 0 DIA Displays Harry Potter-Themed Comeback Teaser On August 12, DIA published their first teaser for their September comeback.

The symbolcomprises the writing Mr. Potter COMING SOON 2016.09.12 DIA. At the middle is a picture of Harry Potter with seven palms pointing at him. The seven fingers constitute the contributors of the crowd and are painted in more than a few Harry Potter-themed decorations.

MBK Entertainment showed that the teamcan becoming circular again and their thought will be Harry Potter. Their identifytune is Mr. Potter and maydiscussthe sentiments of one-sided love for Harry Potter. The song is the paintings of manufacturer Shaun Kim who is the top producer of Brothers Records.

It seems as althoughlovers will be in a position to sit up fora metamorphosis from DIAs newest promotions with At theStreet this September.

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