Watch: Jackson Is Certain GOT7 Will Lose All Their Fanatics With Their “Ugly Dance” On “Weekly Idol”

Watch: Jackson Is Certain GOT7 Will Lose All Their Fanatics With Their “Ugly Dance” On “Weekly Idol”

Watch: Jackson Is Certain GOT7 Will Lose All Their Enthusiasts alongside Their Unsightly Dance On Weekly Idolilmare42 August 11, 2016 0 Watch: Jackson Is Sure GOT7 Will Lose All Their Fans With Their Ugly Dance On Weekly Idol On August 10s episode of Weekly Idol, Jackson cant assistyet get worried when he unearths out that the gang is in reality going to be placing on an ugly dance for fans as a penalty!

After Yugyeom lost a game in the displays5th anniversary special closing week, the crew is tasked with acting an ugly dance in front of the JYP Entertainment building, where a big crowd of fans has gathered. The guys give an explanation for to BamBam, who wasnt ready to join in in the former episodes filming, that theyll have to place on truly ugly funny faces as they perform.

How many seconds do we want todo that for? asks Jackson, and hes stunned when Yugyeom tells him it's going to exist for all the song. Wait a minute, in front of our fans? We already dont have many fans, if we do that, were going to lose them all!

After they all watch Yugyeoms hilarious ugly dancing from Weekly Idol for inspiration, they are attempting to make a decision what song to perform. Will have to nosotros do Park Jin Youngs ‘Dont Leave Me? jokes Jackson, as theyll be performing in front in their fans. However, when they notice that the songs 4mins long, they trade their minds.

Meanwhile, Jackson turns out to be stewing over something. He then without notice bursts out with, Grasp on. Shall weconsider this back first. Our fandom that weve worked so demanding to gain over the last two and a part years… lets have religion in this again.

The other contributors crack up at his involved plea, and then the communitycomes to a decisionto accomplish their song Girls Women Girls, with every of them most effective doing an ugly dance throughout their own part. Naturally, the members with more singing parts are less glad than the others.

We want toask for forgiveness first to the viewers, says Jackson. This mayharm their eyes. Leader JB then officially apologizes on GOT7’s behalf, and the overallorganization bows deeply to their audienceprior to making Jackson cope with his oldstersby the use of a video message.

Watch the guys rehearse and then carry out their ugly dance in the clips below!

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