Park Shin-hye's posts apology referring to nail art,

Park Shin-hye's posts apology referring to nail art, "I sought after to conceal my inferiority"

Actress Park Shin-hye used to be criticized for her 'nail art'.

Her nails gave the influence to be polished in an episode of the SBS drama "Doctors".

Critics say performing in the drama with her nails polished displays how much she does notnotice more or less her role as a doctor.

Park Shin-hye then posted on August 10th, "I will ensure my nails are blank in the remainder4 episodes". She then posted an image of her polish-free nails.

"I handiestsought afterto conceal the inferiority about my nails. If this makes every person uncomfortable then I can erase it. It is no large deal. It be hot out. Do not get heated over nothing".

"I have an unsightly thumb, yetI will just carry outtougher every bit my persona to hide it. Please are now not makingnon-public attacks over a thumb".

However, this post resulted in more criticism. Netizens are pointing out that her attitude is the issue this time.

The actress erased portions of her post and apologized once again. Still, critics could not get over it so she erased the post completely.