DramaFever Korean Hottie Jeong Il-woo stars in

DramaFever Korean Hottie Jeong Il-woo stars in "Cinderella and the 4 Knights" - Premieres 8/12

Kicking off the weekend, starting Friday, August 12th, DramaFever will premiere "Cinderella and the 4 Knights" starring Korean hotties Jeong Il-woo and Park So-dam. Wait there might be more! Delivery Monday, August 15th at 4pm EDT and each Monday to follow, audience can sign up for in on an respectable "Cinderella and the Four Knights" Facebook Reside post-show discussion to recap the episode, to gossip about their favourite "knight" and to chat with other lovers or sowhat willtake place next. (www.facebook.com/DramaFever)

Recreating the vintage tale with a Korean twist, this romantic comedy follows Eun Ha Won (Park So-dam), an attractivefaculty student who dreams of converting into a veterinarian. As she works to endcollege and break out living with her evil stepmother, she moves into an exquisite mansion with four handsome, captivatingand robust billionaires. Instantly, her fate adjustments as she is offered to a new lifestylesstuffed with romance, luxury and immeasurable wealth and she is forced to come to a decision which one of the vital billionaires is the easiestfit for her.